News 02/14/12 – Updated 1857 Hrs. Eastern

A Lot Off The Top



Taxpayer Haircut: Senate barber bailed-out $230k



Veterans Administration Further Injures PTSD Veterans‏

Online surveillance critics accused of supporting child porn‏


Ginkgo Biloba: The Living Fossil



“Paul: Time to Take Down Santorum’s Disguise”


Similar laundry lists could be made for any candidate…buyer beware.


New Hampshire Weighs Ban on Scents Worn By State Workers


Check out this comment from the article…

“does the scent also include the stink of utter laziness one smells  when you walk into most government offices ?   just asking.”

Obama’s Budget: The Numbers Don’t Add Up‏


An agency-by-agency guide to Obama’s budget


Celiac Disease: Unhealthy or Healthy Response To Wheat?



Arizona bill would nullify health care act in its entirety


Anti-Gun Justice Becomes Victim of Armed Robbery‏



Arizona bill would fund militia‏


Hey, I know some guy who testified for this on the floor of the Senate 3 weeks ago.


Officer threatens to make up evidence after arrest of innocent men


Rising Black Social Pathology

2 million dead Americans on active voter rolls





  1. Proposal would prohibit foreign laws in South Carolina courts


    I wasn’t aware that a proposal was needed to ignore and prohibit foreign law…Well good, maybe now they can ignore or prohibit the law of nations or the law of the sea, maybe even get rid of the “national” forests that are in that state.

    for a reference;
    a map of “federal lands” in the united states (can see individual states too)


    “Federally-owned and managed public lands include National Parks, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges. These are lands that are held for all Americans.” <–what a bunch of Bullshit

  2. Yes it is a bunch of bullshit in our thinking, but rather truthful in their sense of reporting. For instance, they are held in the Federal Land Trust for disposal unless ceded by the state legislatures and documented as Category 1 Jurisdiction. Managed is also the proper term when applied to Category 3 and 4 lands and until the State Legislatures grow some balls, like the states who have our Statehood legislation on the floor right now, then they might as well be classified as Category 1 and “owned”.

    Here is the breakdown for South Carolina:

    #1 1,840 acres
    #3 50,574 acres
    #4 534,802 acres

    #1 3,840 acres
    #4 110 acres

    #4 49,756.7 acres

    So, you can clearly see that the state of South Carolina already holds legislative and criminal jurisdiction over 99.2% of the land in question. Now they just need to do something with that authority.

  3. My hotmail account is not working I wonder if it is because of the Bill passed in Canada today that allows the government to spy on us? Fucking Harper.

    • Hotmail isn’t working anywhere…I know because the studio has already gotten calls from other places and it seems that if Hotmail doesn’t work then that is a sign the Illuminati have declared WW3, or something along those lines.

      • Hahahaha more like another step to the end of our freedom as we know it in good ol Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought that.