News 11/09/11 – Updated 2305 hrs. Eastern

Building Down Instead of Up?

As above, so below…



Wis. Cop Will Keep Job Despite Admitting to Have Stolen $5k‏


I wonder what would have happened to any of us?


Government fines jailed Border Patrol agent’s family


Obama Strengthens Ties to Islamist Parties‏



Senate bill powers up state online sales taxes


The Fed Wants to Be Your Facebook Friend


The Fed needs to get tea-bagged


Report: Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Fired From NRA For False Accusations Of Sexual Assault



And once again…

Has The Federal Government Attached GPS to Your Car?


Too Many Republicans … Aspire to Be Frugal Socialists






  1. Kurzweil: I’ve actually been writing an essay on how my predictions that I made in the late 1990s in The Age of Spiritual Machines for 2009 have fared. And 90% of them are correct and some of them became correct very quickly. They looked like they were years away to many people and then a month later, they’re there.

    Like high-quality speech recognition on cell phones, or a translating telephone that would convert from one language to another, or augmented reality. Late in 2009, augmented reality applications started appearing on the iPhone. You can point your iPhone at a building and it will recognize the building using image recognition and GPS, and then access a database through wireless communications to essentially allow you to see inside the building. You can see there’s a Starbucks in there and so on.

    Recently someone actually put out an application that you can point at a person and there’ll be a little pop up that’ll give you information about that person. I think if we go forward, augmented reality and virtual reality are going to become the next major wave over the next five years or so.

    We’ll be putting displays in our glasses, writing images directly to our eyes, creating a virtual display that hovers in the air that can overtake the entire visual field of view and replace it for full immersion virtual reality where we feel like we’re in that environment, not just looking at a screen.

    Or augmented reality where you’re in real reality and virtual reality at the same time, particularly where the virtual component is constantly commenting on the real component. We’ll get used to that and wonder how we ever managed without it. There will be constant pop-ups giving you information about people, places, and buildings. We can see the forerunners of that already.


    Will we use our own abilities? Where will our own retentive memory be or our mind?

  2. Michele Bachmann is one of those frugal socialists. She supports things like the “Patriot” Act and the progressive income tax. She can piss off.