News 10Nov11 – Update 2340 hrs. Eastern

California Appeal Court Limits Traffic Stop Automobile Searches



Texas scientist makes strands of ‘invisibility cloak’


The Anointed, The Elect and The Damned




Torture surges in Mexico’s drug war, rights group says



We ask a OPD officer why he had his name badge covered…




Egypt closes Great Pyramid of Giza following rumors of 11/11/11 rituals



History of Veterans Day



Why Should Veterans Day and Memorial Day Be a National Holiday If The US Government Sees All Former Military as Terrorist?‏



U.S. seeks new Keystone pipeline route





  1. Torture surges in Mexico’s drug war? No way! Really?!!!!!!!!!

    From the sound of things, the cops and military goons are still taking it easy on their victims. Water torture and cattle prods? That’s nothing as compared to what the cartels do.

    Remember the story about “The Stew Maker”. You don’t suppose he was the only one, do ya? Lol.

  2. Oh yeah,

    I almost forgot that we made it through the emergency alert system on the 9th. With the number of doomsday emails I got, I figured the whole world was going to end on the 9th.

  3. Yep, but a ton of people were wanting me to hop on the fear-mongering band-wagon like many other do, and waste a bunch of time dodging the chunks of falling sky.

    Instead, we passed in two more counties a complete take-over of land, ROW and road networks from federal agencies. But of course, that is a pro-active approach, why would people want to do any work?


  4. I was in the dining room when the emergency alert went off. Lol.

    I remember when I was a boy in Minnesota, we used to have those things all the time, but they were the sirens and the tone on the television and radio. Hot damn! Those things were loud!

    I wish I had one of those sirens. I’d wake up my neighbors with a roar like a teenaged-heavy-metal-elephant-gun — just for the hell of it!


  5. “The Four Steps Towards England

    “My ancestry hails from the British Isles. I am one hundred percent Anglo Saxon on both sides of my family. Nearly every Brit I’ve met in my travels was polite (and often wonderfully witty). My father fought side by side with Brits in the Pacific Theater in WWII and his praise for their courage and honor was unbounded. I was raised an Anglophile, a person who truly appreciates the people and culture of Great Britain. However, I haven’t yet visited Great Britain.

    “And now, by choice, I never will.”

    Great article…


    Blow up the Brits — and take Israel with them.

  6. Mudjack :
    So, you’re just gonna kick him in the balls, are ya?
    Tim Larkin discusses the dynamics and science of achieving groin injuries in violence. Part one of a two part series. Some of this stuff is hilarious. A must see for all violence practitioners.

    And here’s part II of Tim Larkin’s discussion on the crushing of testicles.

    I must warn those who might be squeamish, some of this is graphic material…