News 10/21/11 – Updated 2350 hrs. Eastern

More on keystroke capturing


Smartphone malware could identify words typed on nearby keyboards



Napolitano: Homeland Security Dept. Allows Illegals to Work


Fast and Furious Scandal Cannot Be Contained‏



Preacher’s doomsday forecast fizzles out … again


I wonder if this guy remembers the biblical punishment for a false prophet?


Police Union Punishes DA’s Office for Not Illegally Charging Woman Who Recorded Cops



Louisiana Makes It Illegal To Use Cash For Secondhand Sales




Drivers face drug checkpoints on highways near Flint


Dictator’s death raises questions about the future of the oil-rich country‏


We are only in there for the gold and one of the worlds most expansive and intricate fresh drinking water networks.


Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland


Fisker Karma Electric Car Gets Worse Mileage Than an SUV



The Jinn Is Out‏




Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide‏


This is a Constitutional Emergency – Patriots For America Supported Immediate Action


Extended : Could this be the spark that starts the war?




More Fed easing hurts jobs long term


Fed’s Kocherlakota-inflation is domestically driven


Fed’s Fisher – not inclined to expand Fed MBS





  1. I see that Louisiana has decided to help its black markets thrive and to turn more honest men into criminals. Not only for drugs, gambling and what-have-you, but now for buying and selling flea market items as well.

    Way to go, Louisiana!

    This reminds me of when I was a teen. My dad didn’t like that my grades weren’t all they could be. Somewhere in the dark recesses of his measly little socialist, niggefied brain, he developed the bright idea that my guitar picking was in the way of me getting good grades. So he took my guitar away and hid it, thinking that it would force me to do better in school and beg for my guitar at the same time.


    I made sure the grades sunk to an all-time-low, much lower than they already were, if that was at all possible, and I also found out where he hid my guitar and I started to play it again anyway. Then he found out that I was skipping school more than ever and still playing my guitar…

    His next dumb move was to force me to put my guitar in its case and place it in his truck so that he could take it to work with him each day and ensure that all access to my six-string was cut off completely.

    That didn’t work either.

    The same day I put my guitar in his truck was the same day I snuck the old man’s keys, got into his truck and took the guitar out of the case and hid it under my bed.

    He drove to and from work for three months with an empty guitar case, all the while thinking he was depriving me of my black Stratocaster and forcing me to do better in school. Meantime I was skipping school more than ever and picking to my heart’s delight. I formed several rock and roll bands (I was too young for the Bluez back then) and played anywhere I could find electricity, young nymphs and people drinking lots of booze and doing a variety of narcotics. I was straight myself. I didn’t do any drugs or booze until I was well into my twenties and had found out that the world of adults and the world away from my socialist upbringing was not at all the rational world I thought it would be, but that it was more stupid and insane than ever and more stupid and insane than anything I experienced at home in my childhood…

    I digress…

    Eventually, he decided that my doing better in school was a hopeless cause and he took the guitar case out of his truck and handed it back to me, shaking his head.

    The point is, Dear Readers, I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do, regardless. I cannot be stopped.

    Getting caught? Getting beat? Everybody’s got to take a beating sometime.

  2. Louisiana article really pissed me off. that guy should hang a sign in his window that says “we accept cash”

  3. eric :
    Louisiana article really pissed me off. that guy should hang a sign in his window that says “we accept cash”

    Aw, come on, now! Don’t get pissed! Get happy! Behind every cloud there’s a silver lining.

    What the “open market” will not allow — the black market will provide.

    Go out and find your market!


  4. eric :
    the dollar says ALL debts public and PRIVATE. they can’t legally pass a law like that.

    They can do anything they want — and they will.

    The more desperate they become — the more ridiculous it’s all going to get.

    You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

    • Actually, you’re correct Mudjack! Legal and lawful are indeed two different things.

      Can anyone provide a good short explanation of the difference? First correct answer (I’ll have Doyel be the independent judge on this one) gets a free single DVD mailed to them postage paid from the HOTT Canadian studio. This a very good fundamental principle to understand so let’s hear your answers!


      • Lawful means sanctioned by law or permitted. It has to do more with the substance of the law and with ethic principles. Legal pertains to the administration and practice of law, is more implied and has to do more with the appearance of law.

          • Legal because it is more open to interpretation and more removed from ethic principles and natural law and can be used to further different agendas that are contrary to natural law and people’s rights. There are many legal loopholes, questionable rules and regulations, etc.

          • You should be more concerned whether or not something is lawful, rather than if it is legal or not.

            I see Lana owns a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary as well.
            Good for you, every one should own one, lest we be ignorant of weasel words, and case law.

          • I meant to say legal can be more easily misused and that’s why we should be more concerned about it as far as the danger present, I don’t know if that’s what you meant or if I made that clear.

            I don’t own Black’s Law Dictionary, I should really get it though. But I did finish reading “The Law” today and that was great! “Taxes=legal plunder,” I knew that already but I’ll always remember that phrase now. Also, here’s a good quote from there:

            “The law has been used to destroy its own objective: It has been applied to annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain; to limiting and destroying rights which its real purpose was to respect. The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.”

          • “The Law” is a great book. Wish more Americans had the principals of Mr Bastiat.
            Also i just purchased a copy of “As a Man Thinketh” I hope it is as good as your review states. Any book labeled as “potentially life-changing” is worth at least one read.

  5. lawful, is the substance of law. In that if something is lawful it is authorized or not forbidden by law. legal, is the form or technical manner in which the law is followed or applied.
    lawful carries an ethical and moral connotation, while legal is merely compliance.
    I paraphrased Blacks Law Dictionary(4th edition).
    Must give credit where it is due.

    Mudjack is absolutely correct.
    The more desperate they become, the more brazen their acts will be.
    The only positive I see is that it will be far more difficult to hide their
    true intentions. Hopefully, all the people that have been
    ignorant, or apathetic, of the reality around them will snap out of it and accept the truth of the situation.(doubtful)
    I certainly won’t hold my breath or wait on them in any manner.

  6. Legal generally pertains to legislation (or statutes) which are usually enacted (but not limited to) by politicians (or congress/parliaments, overseas) – although congress can indeed still change the ‘law’.

    The term lawful (and the law ) pertains to inherent rights, accepted historical principals and doctrines, which includes common law. Common law require that there be a victim (harm to person, property or fraud) whereas in general the breaking of legislation does not even require a victim, except of course the poor State!

    The US Constitution is the LAW and reigns supreme above all others.

    On the other hand when for instance one applies for a license one agrees to abide by all the legislation enacted (in the say the ‘automobile legislation’) as a license is simply a contract that you agree to be bound to, including its terms and conditions. So if you have a automobile license, you are agreeing to abide by all the road rules found in that contract. However, even though it may be legal the contract could still be deemed to be unlawful, as per the Constitution or the Law.

    Some say that when one is born, one’s contract with Federal Authorities is their birth certificate. It gets pretty messy so won’t even begin to try and explain or indeed show my ignorance.

    Anyway, probably not the best explanation but is in layman terms and is what I understand at about the difference between the law and legislation this stage. I live o/seas so may be different federally or in some states/jurisdictions.

  7. http://www.metro.us/boston/local/article/1004701–occupy-boston-protesters-have-their-hands-out

    “We cannot buy wine, tobacco, or salt without paying the tax. And a part of the tax that we pay is given by law—in privi-leges and subsidies—to men who are richer than we are. Others use the law to raise the prices of bread, meat, iron, or cloth. Thus, since everyone else uses the law for his own profit, we also would like to use the law for our own profit. We demand from the law the right to relief, which is the poor man’s plunder. To obtain this right, we also should be voters and legislators in order that we may organize Beggary on a grand scale for our own class, as you have organized Protection on a grand scale for your class. Now don’t tell us beggars that you will act for us, and then toss us, as Mr. Mimerel proposes, 600,000 francs to keep us quiet, like throwing us a bone to gnaw. We have other claims. And any-way, we wish to bargain for ourselves as other classes have bar-gained for themselves!” – Beggars and vagabonds, Bastiat’s The Law

  8. I actually think that they are not “desperate” but rather, they are displaying confidence. Everywhere you turn, there are gross violations of liberty, and nobody, nowhere in any significant numbers stands up to fight for it.

    We are now in the time, and have been for awhile, called the “Revelation of the Method.” As their schemes pick up more steam and nears the culmination, we will see ever more brazen acts against society and they will tell us how they are doing it; that is why I think people like Alex Jones are allowed (or, put into place) to scream so loudly; he sensationalizes the elites agenda, which makes it seem as if they are more powerful than they are.

    Desperate is certainly not how I would classify their actions, though.

  9. Great discussion.

    Desperate is how I would describe them. Desperate men are always foolish, grasping, audacious. They can’t wait to get their hands around your throat, which is the essence of what they are really, desperately trying to do.

    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face…FOREVER!”
    – George Orwell

    All they need to do what they do is your permission, which they have. And so long as they continue to have it they will continue to use it.

    You see, they don’t want their laws to be obeyed. Quite the opposite in fact. They want their laws to be broken — so they can stamp their boot across your face. The more men they can turn into criminals — the more boots they can wear and the more men they can stamp. The more laws they pass — the more it becomes impossible for men to continue to remain alive without breaking them — and the more men they can stamp — and so it goes in their desperate struggle for “Liberty Equality and Fraternity” — where everyone is a desperate lout — just like they are.

  10. @Mudjack,

    I absolutely agree, the powers-that-be want everybody to disobey their law; in fact, from the news stories I see in the mainstream media, they are pushing people to mass protest or riot, in order to clamp down even further.

    I guess I just see the desperate part only in that they are pushed into a corner; from my experience, those of us who love liberty are pushed into a corner: fiscally, politically, socially, and academically we are the minority. Even those that claim to love freedom know Alex Jones, but ask them who Bill Cooper was and you get a blank stare.

  11. Freedom is the natural state of man. There is nothing anyone can do about the fact that he is born free and that he remains free. You don’t need Bill Cooper or Alex Jones or anyone else to know and understand that. You need to think for yourself.

    Men are desperate because the do not know or understand the nature — of ANYTHING.

    They do not earn or produce or create to make a living, but they know that things must be produced in order for them to go on living. In order for them to remain alive, the only they option they have is to seize the products and services that make it possible for them to remain alive. This was easy for them to do for a long time, especially in America. But now goods and services and the thinking men of action who produce these goods and services are becoming more and more scarce — which means they need to crack down harder and squeeze whatever they can get out of whoever is still has something for them to squeeze. The moochers and looters know this somewhere deep in the recesses of their dumbed-down brains, but they do not know it as a matter of fact. Their response to their situation is not a response at all, but a reaction to their own fear and panic — desperation.

    They know that something is wrong in the world, something very wrong with their systems, but they are not intelligent enough nor thinking enough to identify it. They react with the only means they have at their disposal: force.

    The use of force is not the act of a just society and just men. The use of force is the act of desperate men in a desperate struggle, as in a war or battle for one’s life.

    Thus the controllers are desperate men in a desperate struggle fighting each other and those they control over scraps that don’t belong to them in the first place. They not only have to keep squeezing, but must also cover their trail and ensure that no one knows that they are being squeezed and that it is they who are doing the squeezing. Seizing the machinery of government (their only “legal” or “legitimate” means of forcing people to do what they want) has always been the best way to do this. But now that is getting harder to do and so they must crack down even harder — and so it goes — until something breaks and there is nothing left for them to crack down on.


    You may think to yourself, “Don’t they know that if they keep taking and taking that there isn’t going to be anything left for them to take?”

    Yes, they do. And that’s the goal. They’re going to get it all. Every bit of it.

    You see, they don’t want you to live in slavery. You are already are a slave and are under their complete control for the most part. That was easy to do and that has become rather boring. What they really want is for you not to live at all.

    They’re desperate.