News 09/30/11 – Updated 1750 hrs. Eastern

Florida Teen Murder Suspect Says She’s a Vampire


– “the people involved in the July murder of 16-year-old Jacob Hendershot were in a vampire cult.”


UN average sallaries have risen dramtically


– Joseph M. Torsela, “That is not a break from ‘business as usual’ but a continuation of it,” Torsella said in a speech in New York to the UN.


Us military chaplains performing sam sex marriages



Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death: Nadarkhani Refuses to Convert


Russia says no to Kalashnikovs



CIA Drone Strike in Yemen Silences al-Qaeda’s Most-Effective English Voice



Glenn Greenwald on Killing of al-Awlaki: “The Due-Process-Free Assassination of U.S. Citizens Is Now Reality”



GE Moves 115-Year-Old X-Ray Unit’s Base to China to Tap Growth




    • This is a response I got from a friend of mine who is a physicist at a major lab:

      I asked him:

      Nutrinos are faster than light?


      Does this completely mess up the relativity theory, or are sub atomic particles beholden to a different set of dimensional laws?

      ———- Forwarded message ———-

      Subject: Re: what do you think about this?

      “So far, we only know *italian* neutrinos travel faster than light :) Other labs don’t have the time resolution to see this, one way or another. It’s quite possible the usual notions of relativity remain intact, even with this discovery- relativity only demands no information propagate faster than light. But neutrinos are weird- they’re chiral, meaning they come with a definite handedness, and we furthermore only tend to see one of those “handedness-es”.

      Chiral tend to be anomalous- the symmetry can be written for a single particle state, but implementing the theory for the many body quantum field breaks the symmetry, and one then requires some holographic action at one dimension higher. The dynamics of such systems are poorly understood…

      But seeing the one handedness is strange indeed. Nima Arkani Ahmed thought maybe neutrinos aren’t confined to our 4D world, they wonder around in higher dimensions, the left handed ones visiting us only every so often, the right handed ones never.

      There’s all kinds of weird ideas about what a neutrino is, although I don’t think anyone’s ever tried to use such a model to predict the weirdness seen in italy, largely because a model predicting this kind of behavior would usually be thought to be unphysical.

      So, you know, fresh meat. But, first, everyone’s waiting to see the result verified…


  1. “eliminationg” the BATFE is a bullshit scheme to get the sheeple to believe something good was done by the administration. Their duties and “laws” will be spread amongst multiple agencies who can’t be trusted any more than the current one and it will make any form of “oversight” even harder.


  2. When the article mentioned spreading the responsibilities to other Federal agencies like FBI and DEA, I thought, “Corruption.” Abolishing the Federal alphabet soup of agencies is the righteous approach to take.

  3. When I read the article and DOJ consider “eliminating” BATF and placing the “rules” and “regulations” onto other agencies I thought, ‘Corruption.’ Through and Through.

  4. Would be nice if the 20% of Americans everyone wants to tax would use some of that hard earned cash to expose the tax fraud.

    However, they would probably just argue for fairer rate for everybody, and a national sales tax would be implemented.

  5. The thing I am worried about is if they pass some sort of legislation eliminating the capitol gains tax and making an even tax percentage across the board, then said legislation could wind up being passed “legally”, and end any possibility of avoiding the income tax. I suppose not, but I am just trying to think of how this could end up screwing us any more than it already has…

  6. It’s baaaaack….

    ‘Giant ozone hole opens over Arctic, scientists say’
    “Part of the source comes from man-made chlorine-based compounds, once widely used in refrigerants and consumer aerosols, that are being phased out under the UN’s Montreal Protocol…..But the loss itself is driven by deep cold….”

    Although: ‘NOAA: Ozone hole will begin to close in the next decade’


    ‘Ozone theory has holes’