News 09/21/11 – Updated 2223 hrs. Eastern

LeRoy Schweitzer, Former Leader Of Montana Freemen Anti-Government Group, Found Dead In Colorado Supermax Cell

TSA Agent Charged With Statutory Rape

Russian VIP auto convoy ‘kills four pedestrians’


Notice the name and motto of the website?


Children filmed in ‘disturbing cage fight’


Cage fighter ‘ripped out heart of training partner’



Obama to meet Palestinian leader amid U.N. crisis


Earth to satellite: When will you hit — and where?


Federal Public Land Policies Bashed at Capitol Hearing



Topography of religious faiths (mouse over states)


Dad who burned, beat his son, then stuffed him in oven gets light sentence because of son’s plea

U.S. building secret drone bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula, officials say


GOP Congressman Scraping By on Only $400,000 After Taxes


The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You


The Mind-changing Myths of AVATAR


Additional warning: U.S. Gives Yale Researcher $3.9-Million in Tax Dollars to Develop ‘Avatar’ Sex-Ed Video Game for Kids: “…a division of the National Institutes of Health is giving Dr. Lynn Fiellin, an assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine, $3.9 million over five years to develop a video game to teach ‘sex, drug and alcohol negotiation and refusal skills’ to children 9-14 years of age. The game will feature ‘virtual characters or avatars‘ that are guided by the children playing the game to make decisions about whether to engage in behaviors that put them at risk of being infected with HIV.

“…the ‘avatars’ in the video game will not actually engage in sexual or other high-risk activity on the child’s computer screen. ‘The avatars engage in role playing, having conversations in which they refuse to engage in risky behaviors.'”[9] See Sex Ed and Global Values


US Federal Reserve ramps up stimulus



Father seeks to sell himself, under China’s one-child policy




  1. Were Twin Towers felled by chemical blast?

    “If my theory is correct, tonnes of aluminium ran down through the towers, where the smelt came into contact with a few hundred litres of water,” said Christian Simensen, a scientist at SINTEF, an independent technology research institute based in Norway.
    The official report blames the collapse on the overheating and failure of the structural steel beams at the core of the buildings, an explanation Mr Simensen rejects. Given the quantities of the molten metal involved, the blasts would have been powerful enough to blow out an entire section of each building, he said……”

    Pretty sure WTC7 was not hit by an aluminium plane even though explosions were heard, seen and felt by witnesses.



  2. ‘Body liquefaction technology a green alternative to cremation’

    “A Florida-based technology company has invented an eerie alternative to burial or cremation – body liquefaction.

    Called “Resomation”, after the Greek word “resoma” meaning “rebirth”, the technology is exactly as creepy as it sounds……

    The makers of the chamber claim the process produces a third less greenhouse gas than cremation and requires one seventh the energy.

    Resomation founder Sandy Sullivan says the technology was developed in response to the public’s increasing environmental concerns”


    The process is apparently alternatively known as alkaline hydrolysis, or for HOTT listeners Osiris, 13, and the Phoenix.

  3. Ha! We just realized that the footprint of WTC 1, 2, and building 7, are the same as the footprint of the Khufu, Kafre, and Menkaure Pyramids @ Giza. Menkaure would be Building 7, of course………

  4. Sweet. Loved hearing the Federal Jurisdiction programming tonight. Good stuff. Haven’t heard it in a while. I gave my copy away. Will have to ante up soon and get a new one.

  5. JRV :
    EPA to property owner: ‘Your land is our land’
    $40 million in fines pending over plan to build new home

    “This land is your land, this land is my land, this land is his land, this land is their land, this land is her land, this land is everyone’s land, this land is Jim’s land, this land is Mary’s land, this land is the South American Swamp Rat’s land and the spotted owl’s land and the creek minnow’s land, this land is the EPA and FBI’s land, from the east and west to the north and south and from the midwest to the southwest — this land was made for everyone except for you and me.”


    Note: the poor people and scenery in the video… Perfect.