News 08Jan11 updated

Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D, Az) Shot In Tuscon – in the head.




Update: There were initial reports that Giffords was dead but the hospital continues to say that she is in surgery and alive:

Update II: There are reports that at least one person has died, an aide to Congresswoman Giffords. Additionally, there are confirmed reports on Fox News Channel, via the Department of Justice, that a total of 19 people were shot and five are confirmed dead.

Update III: At a just concluded news conference, a doctor said that he is “very optimistic” for Giffords’  recovery. There is one confirmed death, a child.

Update IV: Capitol Police report that a 22 year old male named Jared Lee Laugner of Tuscon is in custody and was the shooter.


The Gulf of Mexico is Dying


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Another way to rake in funds…




Woman, 64, guns down intruder



Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans

Internet 2.0/national ID card prologue


“There’s no chance that “a centralized database will emerge,” and “we need the private sector to lead the implementation of this,” he said.”

Enter Zionist entrepreneur


The unfortunate shooting and deaths that occurred in Tucson WILL BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY VARIOUS SCUMBAGS TO FULFILL THEIR PERSONAL AGENDAS – and that includes talk-show hosts.  It is also unfortunate the amount of attention being paid to one figure who is “serving” her country (much more press than any soldier, airman, marine or sailor gets when injured or killed serving) then all but ignoring the little girl who was killed.  This alone is a sign of how this tragedy will be used by megalomaniacs to seek more control and erode more of our freedoms.  Another indicator is the statement by the House that this is an attack on all of us, along with the notable point of the shooters name changes, his statements, methodologies and comments in social networking sites as well as his conscience dreaming (read mind control input)… “Nearly all the people, who don’t know this accurate information of a new currency, aren’t aware of mind control and brainwash methods. If I have my civil rights, then this message wouldn’t have happen (sic).”  Also take note of the instant responses from the “experts” in our society, already crying aloud for more safety, more controls, more restrictions.  All of this is a replay of the Clinton regime, just like so many of the talking heads out there in the talk radio circles – too many similarity’s to ignore!  Oh yeah, and piss on Sheriff Dupnik, an obvious tool.

YouTube Channel’s



AZ shooting targets US congresswoman, kills 6


strange internet trail of ‘loner’ Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged Tucson gunman


Suspect posted anti-government messages on YouTube, MySpace


Notice the second paragraph






Obama Renews Commitment to Complete Destruction of the Middle Class




  1. Already starting to hear reports on identifying Jared Lee Loughner with being “anti-federal government”.

    House Speaker John Boehner – “Acts and threats of violence against public officials have no place in our society”

    After reading the ADL reports you had on hear, seems like there’s gonna be a big crackdown on what you can say on the internet.

  2. I feel worst for the 11 year old girl, yet Obama nor any other political leader has mentioned her. Prayers to all victims and their families.

  3. On a more somber note, there are some interesting facts to be considered:
    – the gunman, no matter his motivations, could have no idea that a point-blank head shot victim of his would survive
    – the puppet-masters apparently aren’t bothering to have their “tools” take their own lives after an operation
    – grotesquely fascinating that the child victim was born on 9/11, 2001
    – Congressman Cantor (GOP…like it fucking matters) now says health care vote is delayed
    – lastly, am I to understand that not ONE SINGLE AMERICAN as either a witness to this event or as a journalist covering the story has taken the time to interview an eyewitness? Or is it just not something that is printable at this stage of a slow coup?
    This is beginning to feel a lot like the last couple of years of the Clinton Administration, a parallel I drew last time I commented here.

  4. As for the rest shot and/ or killed in the massacre: they’re a bunch of victims. Period.

    Give up your guns and stop supporting your rights and you can become a victim, too.

  5. @Mudjack

    Nine years old, born on 9-11, now her funeral is planned to be protested by Baptist Bastard Phelps of Kansas. I’m sure some of my fellow Hog riders will be there to manage things. Heartbreaking.

  6. The Phelps family has gotta be CIA. They’re here to help get rid of free speech, just like Wikileaks.

  7. Don’t go on the defensive over this shooting business, folks. Big, huge, giant mistake.

    Everyone concerned should be down at their local gun store today buying a new gun and a shit-load of ammo for it as a rational, reasonable response to this violence.

    Attack. Period. Get more guns, carry more guns, buy more bullets and spread more of the goodness, ignore the media bullshit.

    Activate — NOW. Shoot back. Nothing has ever been won by going on the defensive. Let this fear-mongering media garbage roll right off your backs. It simply does not exist. They sway the public opinion — and so do we. They play their games — we play ours.

    Our game is OFFENSE.

    If you are not a member @ JPFO and GOA — you should be ashamed of yourself.

    If you do not own a gun and carry a gun, you do not belong here. You are part of the problem and not part of the solution.


    “The Great Object is — that EVERY MAN BE ARMED.” — words by Patrick Henry — emphasis by Mudjack

    And by EVERY MAN — I do mean every man on the planet.

    Been thinking about buying a gun lately? Today is the proper day to do it.

    Get up, get off your ass, and get moving. Go get what you want.

  8. One of us standing there with a gun could have stopped Jared Lee Loughner cold possibly before he even got started. One unarmed person standing there vigilant could have stopped the whole thing before it started. Victims, with the exception the little one, of course, got the way they are for a reason — and it’s not a good one.

    Do not apologize to them for who we are. Make sure they all know we are not Jared Lee Loughner and would have nothing to do with the likes of him.

    Defense wounds are found on corpses.

  9. Those people killed, again, with the exception of the little one, have no one but themselves to blame. They disarmed themselves, they WANTED to be disarmed in fact. Cried for it, begged for it — and ultimately got what they wanted. They should have no complaints.