News 07Dec10-PM

TSA refuses to release inspection reports about X-ray machine safety



FBI plant banned by mosque – because he was too extreme



U.S. drops push for Israel settlement freeze


China schools US on standardized tests.




  1. I heard that. In some of the hotels here in Vegas, we use dogs for sniffing out all kinds of things, from bombs to people to bedbugs. Dogs can be trained to do all manner of things, even hump your leg, if you like.

    A dog is indeed man’s best friend.

    The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs.

    Too bad they can’t use dogs to sniff the passengers boarding planes. It would be better than having the niggardly TSA agents doing it. Of course, it would never work, but it is a nicer to think of a German Sheperd going up my butt than some embicile. I could hardly blame the dog for being a dog. We can however blame a TSA maggot for insulting the dogs and trying to rise to their level, which, of course, cannot be done.

  2. Hell, yeah. Luke Scott is my hero. You just don’t hear this kind of talk anymore by celebrities. Articles like this one should be slapped on the front of every newspaper and Web site across the country 24/7/365.

    And Luke Scott isn’t just talking it, he’s living it.

    And Luke Scott is 100% correct: barry was in fact not born in the United States and he is a liar.

    Well done, Mr. Scott.

    I don’t even like baseball anymore. But if more people like Luke Scott were playing the game, I might develop an interest all over again.

  3. I liked the story on how China is kicking everyone’s ass in every way. Getting older has it’s benefits. I remember a time when I was reading articles and watching newscasts that talked about how in the world the rest of the world was going to catch up with us in education. Now, it is we who are struggling frantically and in vain to catch up with the rest of the world — and still falling farther and farther behind with every day that passes.

    Asia is the future. They have all our machines and factories, our education, our knowledge, our nukes, our money, our military — everything.

    And the newscast is correct. Their power and wealth will spread throughout, not only the rest of China, but all of Asia.

    The Mestizo friends I work with here in the big city are always joking with me that I ought to learn more Spanish. I tell them they better forget about Spanish and start learning some Chinese. Of course, the first mistake they make when they hear me say that is that they think I am joking. The second error is that they don’t try to understand that I’m not joking.