News 05/31/12 – Updated 2259 Hrs. Eastern

Chagas: The New AIDS of the Americas


Group says Russian arms ship reached Syria, U.S. condemns it
The 1st must be null and void again…
Black Earth pastor gets 2 years in prison in child abuse case
Federalized Local Police: More Armor, Deadlier Force, Less Honor
General restricts war-zone photography
Does this have anything to do with the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words”?
California 9/11 fund raided to plug deficits, finance other programs
Another PSYOP to gather in money from the sheeple.
Back To Eden Film



  1. Japan, China bypass US in currency trade


    This week saw yet another move from the Chinese government to internationalize its currency and eventually overtake the dollar.

    The latest? Direct foreign exchange between the Chinese renminbi and the Japanese yen. In other words, when the two nations trade, they’ll no longer need to use the US dollar as an intermediate currency.

    China is Japan’s largest trading partner… yet a massive 60% of their mutual trade right now is transacted and settled in US dollars. When Honda in Japan buys supplies from a Chinese company, the two would ordinarily close the deal in US dollars. Until now.

  2. ‘Rich families could sponsor poor ones, Pope Benedict XVI suggests’

    “His suggestion that families from rich countries could act as sponsors for families from poorer ones drew enthusiastic applause from his audience.”

    I’ll volunteer. The pope can sit on my Royal Doulton porcelain throne and I’ll occupy his golden throne. Same shit anyway….

    • Yes, I really liked it as well. No time to set one up this year but it certainly looks like something I’d be interested in getting prepared for the future. Very cool idea.


      • It was very inspiring. I believe you guys posted a video about growing with an aquaponics system in a green house heated year round by compost heaps and the guys had incredible yields of fish and produce.

        Unfortunately, I’m a broke recent college graduate who lives in a rather urban environment. Hopefully before this year is over I’ll be able to move somewhere or have some more income to start a garden like this.

        • Email me and I can help you out with some more materials. There is a model plot at the Eagar studio that we had to close for lack of funds, but it is still doing good and thriving.