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Priest Removed From Ministry Due To Sex Abuse Allegations Now Works At PHL
It’s sad to say, but he’ll fit right in.
Secretary’s Manual – Mother Council of the World



Mother Council of the World Current Members Contact Information

New Vaccine Made From Dog Cells May Trigger Allergies To Dogs
Laws, Loyalty and Lies – A Soldier, President Clinton and the United Nations


  1. I have two similar internal masonic documents I found in an old house my former boss let me stay in when I briefly worked in Louisiana after hurricane Gustav. One is a welcoming document, congratulating the mason on successful completion of the master’s degree. And the other is titled “Resolutions 2001” which discusses a lot of the inner workings of the organizations, similar to the one posted here, only this one runs down a list of issues the organization has/had, and then poses the resolutions to the problems. One of the issues discussed is the dwindling number of members in the Louisiana branches. Very interesting read. I can possibly scan it if anyone is interested.

    • I was hoping you would make it over to the library project in NM and NV as I have some 5,000 books from the Mysteries in .pdf but we need someone with lot’s of time to upload, tag, post, etc.

      Get with me on that one.

  2. Australia: Fire extinguisher used to snuff out Eternal Flame


    Quite bizzare and disrespectful. No idea who this guy was or indeed his motive.

    However, some may also find it disrespectful that lost servicemen and their loved ones also have to endure memorials that consist of eternal flames, obelisks and pyramids that are missing their capstones along with other symbolic masonic influences on a continuing basis.

    • I hear ya. I hate that shit. Vandals suck ass.

      Some fuck a few years back ruined Stevie Ray Vaughan’s statue in Texas with spray paint.

      One night a couple years back, late, on the way home from work, five little gang-banger fucks were spray painting my elderly neighbor’s block wall for the umpteenth time that month. The little pricks would spray their fake-tough-guy bullshit on the wall and next day the old woman would be out there covering it over with her paint and roller.

      I came round the corner, saw what they were doing, clicked on my brights and my flashers and commanded: “Every one of ya! Drop the paint and get on your faces NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!”.

      They all shook little the little yellow pricks they really are and dropped like flies. “Hands behind your heads and lock your fingers together and DON’T MOVE!”.

      I called 911 and the coppers came and dragged them all away. It was a beautiful thing.

      And the graffiti stopped ever since.

      One of the brats, as he was being put into the squad car said, “What the hell? Dude, you ain’t even a cop! I thought you were a cop!”

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      • I’ve heard you yell before. I realize why the dogs show respect! Keep making them shake in their stolen footwear Mud! Good on ya.

        • I know, you’d never believe it, but I used to be the meekest, mildest thing you ever met in your life. I never said shit. Peace at all costs. Even if it costs me everything I got. No conflict. Peace — no matter what.

          If I raised my voice, it voice only cracked from weakness.

          If I stood up for myself in an argument, it meant I was only being “too aggressive” and always backed down.

          People who didn’t know me back then always look at me when I tell them that story with a big surprised look. “What?! YOU were like that?! No fuckin’ way! You’re the loudest, most obnoxious, potty-mouthed asshole IN THE WORLD! You? Quiet? Meek? Mild? What the fuck?! You’re kidding me!”

          Nope. Not kidding.

          I trained my voice myself. Now, I can shatter eardrums and/or put the fear of God in someone — whichever I prefer. Fun, fun, fun.

          Crank out the decibels. Gits ’em every time.

      • Yeah, there was a little old lady down the way who wanted to have fun with her little grandchildren so they carved a pumpkin together for all-hallow’s eve. I was in my front yard and saw the little ones come out yelling while two boys came running down the street from just having smashed their creation. I clipped the derelict at a full run and knocked down a portion of the neighbors fence with his body. Then I set my German Shepard on him to guard him while the family decided what to do to him. He pissed his pants right there in the yard and I had a scout meeting to go lead so I left the Shepard on him and took off. He had to do shit work around the park for several weekends as punishment and we ended up friends when he got older and graduated H.S. He told me at dinner that I turned him around that day from being a lifelong derelict to a decent person (and he said he is scared of German Shepards to this day) HAHAHAHAHA.

    • I respect combat veterans and agree with ya’ll on vandalism, but I think having an eternal flame memorialize fallen soldiers8 is more disrespect than any vandal could ever do. I’m proud of this guy, saved the video, and will watch whenever I’m feeling “down.”

  3. Calcium pills ‘double heart attack risk’

    Here’s the study: Associations of dietary calcium intake and calcium
    supplementation with myocardial infarction…..’

    “Conclusions Increasing calcium intake from diet might
    not confer significant cardiovascular benefits, while
    calcium supplements, which might raise MI risk, should
    be taken with caution.”


  4. “Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.” — William Blake

  5. Biden said the graduates at West Point -whose 2012 class motto was “For More Than Ourselves” – would have to be ready to adapt their counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism and other training to new horizons, “from cyber space to outer space.”

    “This is your destiny, to lead your country. You are the leaders of your generation, the 9/11 generation, which I predict will go down in history as the finest generation this nation has ever produced,” he said.


    • Why is it that these rap videos about William Cooper get so many views but the actual broadcasts he did barely get past 2,000 views?

      • Because the people that often claim to be “awake” or “waking up people” are generally lazy slugs. A short mix of bullshit is easier on them than an hour of research.

        • That’s what I was thinking as well. I’m just curious as to whether they actually believe that they’re waking people up or if they’re intentionally misleading them.

    • Judging from what i know and how much stuff like this I listen to, not one of them have everything right. KGR’s verse in this song is the most “truth” on the whole album. It’s funny, I think the rapper William Cooper just read BAPH and ran with the name, I don’t think he’s ever heard any of the broadcasts. There isn’t one sample on his album of W.C. talking but it’s riddled with Alex Jones samples. I think these guys mean well, especially from this little “click” of rappers but they aren’t completely “illuminated” like one would be after listening to the MB Series. Plus a lot of the NY rappers are taught to hate the “adepts/illuminati” but follow the same doctrines put out by people like Malachi York, and Noble Drew Ali.