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  1. The only possibility of getting back to a “normal”economic society is to either barter, or to reinstate US notes with gold reserves while making some of the fed reserve notes in circulation worthless or illegal(the ones illegally printed, the ones used in the bailouts, the ones used in wall street ventures since Glass-Steagel was repealed, etc…$30 trillion plus)

    If you have a situation where fed reserve notes can be converted into any currency, such as bitcoin, or gold, or whatever, all of the fake reserve notes on the planet right now can be used to mop up that new currency being used.

    The problem with waiting too long before we do this is that all of the fake fed reserve notes on the planet right now can be used to crash all property values by simply flooding the market, and then by stealing all that property at cents on the dollar when everyone sells their property.

    Please voice alternative opinions.

  2. I’m going to donate a turd to the ‘craft’ and I challenge all of you to match or beat it.

  3. The other problems with bitcoin or anything online is that it can all be shut down with the flip of a switch. The problems with interest or being deflationary are fine for any currency…so I don’t see that as a problem.

    There could be a problem using precious metals at this point, since the NWO has bought up the world supply with the fiat currency

    The problems w bitcoin are that it represents fiat currrencies, and can be shut off.

    These hurdles are way too big to consider using it IMO.

    • I got me supply of silver — which means they don’t own the world supply.

      Buy silver, kids. It’s that simple.

      Buy, buy, buy.

      Did I say, buy silver?

      They can do whatever they want with that paper shit. And there isn’t anything — not a motherfuckin’ thing — you can do about it. They can print as much as they want whenever they want for whatever purpose they want and spend it any way they want and decide the value of it at the same time and they control literally and completely the entire economy in this manner…

      But there’s one thing and only one thing they can’t control…


      Buy silver.

      Gold works, too.

      Did I mention, buy yourself some silver? Oh, well, in case I forgot, buy yourself some silver.

      Seriously — buy yourself some silver.

      • Yeah, I am trying to figure out how “they” have the world supply because I seem to have some buried.

          • “Buy and Ignore market.”

            Yes. That is exactly right.

            Here’s why…

            Think of money in terms of physics.

            The economic system is literally nothing more or less than a long circuit of HUMAN ENERGY that consists of the workmen, the roads, goods and services you see every day of your life going on all around you.

            It’s that simple. That’s all it is.

            We transfer the goods and services, i.e., the human energy from one to another in a simple exchange in which one gets value in exchange for value.

            When you exchange paper for something of value, the buyer has been defrauded. When you exchange something of value for paper, you have cheated yourself. You cheat yourself and others whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not because the paper is worthless. There is nothing that can be done about the fact that paper is worthless.

            Whatever gave you the idea that paper is worth anything at all?

            What’s happened is the long circuit, i.e., the money, i.e., the cable we use to transfer the goods and services has been hi-jacked by a non-transparent entity (The Federal Reserve). They decide how much of it we get, if we get it, and what it’s value will be. We have no say in the decisions they make, nor do we know when they will make them or how they will make them.

            That is nothing less than complete control.

            As The Founders envisioned, money was to be coined by government, in broad daylight — to avoid all this bullshit of not knowing what was being done with the money and how much of it there is or how much of it there will be, how much needs to be put in and how much needs to be taken out, etc.

            When you get paper in exchange for something — you get literally nothing, i.e, DEBT in exchange for your goods or services.

            Debt = NOTHING.

            What happens when you collect debt, i.e., nothing instead of value for your goods and services?

            Yup. Eventually you run out of goods and the ability to provide your services.

            You get ruined.

            Since paper is worthless, i.e., is DEBT — we are all eventually going to be ruined by it. Since the entire country runs on this debt — the entire country will eventually stop running.

            Enter: you and your little pile of silver and your skills and your stockpiles — anything you may have that is of tangible value.

            When the long circuit of energy shuts down, i.e., no gasoline to power the automobiles, no power from the power company to run the factories and office buildings, no electric lights to light up the towns, no big trucks running the highways with tons of goods for distribution, no trains doing same, etc. — this leaves you, and hopefully your neighbors, with all your little stockpiles of goods and skills to trade among one another — to start your only little SHORT CIRCUIT of flowing energy to help each other survive and build up again — or whatever y’all decide to do with yourselves and your goodies. Hopefully you won’t do anything fucking stupid like start shooting each other up and ruining what little you have left — which is probably exactly what you’ll do anyway.

            The end of the world? No. Just the end of the world as you know it.

            Is there life after death? Yes. When you die, the world goes on living without you. Everyone is expendable. Life and living it is entirely up to you…

            In the event you have no stockpile of silver and other goodies and you don’t know how to do jack because you are lazy and fat don’t like getting off your ass and doing something and you can neither fend for yourself or work for your supper or pull a neat trick out of your basket of goods and services — your new Chinese debt-collectors and masters will find something for you to do — or maybe they’ll just shoot you. Hopefully they’ll decide to just shoot you and not torture you. If they don’t — you’ll wish they did.


            Survival is not enough. We must thrive. When you build a bridge that needs to hold fifty tons, you don’t build it to hold fifty tons, but five hundred tons. Wealth must be created in order for men to survive on earth. The measures you have taken can only be emergency measures and the short circuit can only last so long, and especially when it will be pilfered and sapped by hangers-on, looters, moochers and outside entities seeking to destroy it.

            You are either living or you are dying. There is no static existence. There is no “state of grace” the religionists like to fantasize about. We haven’t fallen from this or that state of perfection. We have not yet to achieve it. Life is for the living and living is good.

            Dying is bad and we don’t like it, for it is our very nature to live.

            The only reason men are alive on this earth is because of the men who understand some part of how it works and because of the men who use that knowledge to kill the enemies of life.


            Americans have defaulted on this and taken it for granted, the most magnificent creation among men the world has ever seen. This incredible blast, this long circuit and living, thriving fountain of FREE human energy that has existed for only a very, very short time on earth, that has engulfed the entire world and freed more men than at any time in human history – handed over wittingly or unwittingly (makes no difference which) to a handful of fat-cat bankers and their stockholders in exchange for…

            … a pile of worthless paper.

            Not to mention the cost in lives, in blood shed in their wars of aggression against peoples of the earth who have done absolutely nothing to anyone.

            You fucked up, America. Big time.


            “Buy and Ignore market.”


            “Buy and Ignore market.” translates into: do the right thing — no matter what, every chance you get.

            Understanding money is one of the most important things you will ever do in your lifetime. Your individual life and the brotherhood of man counts on it.

      • I’d like to mention that folks should have lots of other things to trade besides silver. Mudjack knows what silver is really worth, and so do I but it’s not everyone out there who’ll want your silver in times of not-so-plenty.

        Get yourself some cigarettes, coffee, tampons, maxipads, toilet paper, wine kits, beer brewing kits, water filter kits, propane, and anything else you might think people can’t live without. When dry goods are hard to come by you’ll be better off with that stuff than silver or gold. Unless you know someone who has lotsa food and dry goods they’re willing to trade for your coins. In any case, spend those FRNs! Don’t save anything in FRNs beyond a couple of hundred bucks. You’ll be better off buying physical goods! Remember – quality goods only.

        What do you think Mudjack?


        • Absolutely, positutely! The admin is so right on I can hardly believe it!!!!!!!

          You forgot to mention guns and bullets however.

          And also, when you buy your silver — ALWAYS TAKE DELIVERY! Don’t trade your FRN or electronic digits for more paper BULLSHIT! ALWAYS TAKE DELIVERY!

  4. I’m betting this was already covered here a while ago: during childhood Obama was nannied by a tranny named Turdi in Indonesia.

  5. Doyel :
    Yeah, I am trying to figure out how “they” have the world supply because I seem to have some buried.

    I misspoke a bit. Since the banks have a majority of the metals, not the entire world supply, doesn’t it make sense that they could possibly dump metals on the market for a few years, driving the value down during that period?

    I think it is a great long term strategy to hold metals and that an underground market will develop

    • That IS what is going to happen and the stupid sheeple will sale their metals and they will buy it back up dirt cheap. Ignore the market until the world ends and then you’ll be a king.

  6. about the “Man Losing 22,000” article….

    Would carrying a pay stub or something similar be a way to prove large amounts of cash is legitimate?

    I know the only way around this is knowing your rights, but if they keep a large sum like that even for an hour, it’s a situation in which interest should be owed.

    • I’m not Mr. Money Baggs or anything, it’s just anytime I hear about something like this my mind jumps to “How to get around that”

    • Forget the paystub idea, that is simply a band-aid approach and a jusification to not be aware of your rights.