News 05/09/12 – Updated 2110 Hrs. Eastern

Parents: Rule’s half-baked

Just more proof that almost any administration, administrative arm, bureau, agency, “board” or body of government is an enemy of The Republic, needing to be disbanded and tried for treason.
Just a reminder…
Activist Dismisses Jury Nullification Indictment
“Super-Soldiers” Fight Disease With Bionic Implants
“The military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, announced plans to create nanosensors that monitor soldiers’ health on the battlefield and keep doctors constantly abreast about potential health problems.”
Environmental groups collecting millions from federal agencies they sue, studies show
We have covered this in workshops and seminars and how to fight back.
Hegel’s spirit has been real busy lately…
Iranian naval admiral: ‘If needed, we can move to within three miles of New York’ – Iran can easily incapacitate U.S. aircraft carriers: general


Man sues city over seizure of house with underground shelter
Some of you may remember us sending this out when it first occurred
The Globalization of Hollow Politics
West Virginians Picking Inmate Over Barack Obama in Primary
Uncle Sam: Let’s Make a Deal
Fed clears China’s first US bank takeover
U.S. military snipers are changing warfare
Why Jews Hate Guns


  1. Farage: We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, even revolution

    Could spend all day listening to this UK politician (Leader of the UK Independence Party and EU member of parliament) as he generally gets his anti EU message across and this is certainly no exception.

    • I don’t know much about this gentleman, but this particular speech makes a whole lot of sense. Would love to see more sensible folks over there speaking similar statements.

    • Atta boy!


      Ya gotta love that!

  2. Billed as the most important and substantial military exchange visit with the United States in nine years, the grand tour from Friday through Thursday by a large Chinese military delegation –led by Defense Minister Gen. Liang Guanglie –received royal treatment at the Pentagon this week.


    U.S. defense and military authorities appear eager to establish a credible and reliable means of communication with the highest echelons of the world’s largest and strongest military. And the Pentagon’s method is to try to make the Chinese happy by allowing visits to key U.S. military facilities.

    “The Americans are giving us a very substantial agenda, allowing us to see their front-line units, especially front-line operational units,” said Rear Adm. Yin Zhuo of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on China’s state television May 5.

    “The Americans normally don’t let other countries’ guests see their front-line units,” he added with glee.

  3. I am working my way through my, “Statehood: The Territorial Imperative” videos for the second time around. There’s a ton of information to research. I am reading the books at the same time.

    The deeper I go, the deeper it gets.

    Again, I have to stress the point Bill Howell often stresses in his discussions, which is the destruction of our language.

    Two of the most important things necessary to lead people to ruin? Destruction of their money and destruction of their language.

    Yes, if we keep on the road we’re now traveling — we’re finished.

  4. Mudjack :
    Atta boy!
    Ya gotta love that!

    If only Americans would wake up to the Roman Fasces and Roman Mace in the Halls of Congress, the American Flag with the Yellow fringe, and the symbolism of the Capitol Building and Washington Monument.

    Aren’t the Roman Fasces and Mace symbols from the Roman Empire (Vatican) and the very same symbols used in Nazi Germany?

    Isn’t the American flag with the yellow fringe (in front of all US courts, and the one used when GW Bush was inaugurated) the flag of a military jurisdiction? (Obama did not have a flag at his)

    Aren’t the Capitol Building and Washington Monument (the Obelisk) exactly the same as the buildings at the Vatican City, and in the inner city of London? Will we wake up to learn who our true masters are?

    Aren’t Wash DC, Vatican City, and city of London – all city states? Each with their own governments and sovereignty unto themselves?

    It is true folks. We are controlled and are subjects of the British monarchy and the Roman Empire.

    Please let me know if you disagree.

    • I hate those fucking Brits. Always have. Every time I hear an English accent, I want to puke.

      I’m with the French. They got great food and the women love to fuck and don’t give a damn who knows about it. Why, just this past winter, while working the cafe, I was hit on by a foxy Quebecer who couldn’t wait to get me out of the office and into her hotel room. I turned that bitch every which way but loose and she loved every minute of it and asked for seconds. Yummy. Atta girl.

      Fuck those stuck- up British cocksmoochers.

      I’ve always laughed my ass off at the so-called “British Invasion”. They sent in that fucking faggot, Eric Clapton, called him “God” and turned him loose to help pussify America. But we sent in Jimi Hendrix to London Town, who ate that ass-clown for a late-evening snack. Hendrix smoked that wanker so badly that Clapton wasn’t even five minutes into the number and set down his guitar and walked off stage, not having a clue what to do; his yellow English guts spilled and laid bare all over the Killin’ Floor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd-Jahb5vi0

      Django Reinhardt wasn’t a true French (born in Belgium), but lived there most of his life and was considered “French”. He had only two ugly fingers (the rest were burned up in a fire) on his left hand to work with and he could smoke Clapton’s ass any day of the week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooYmovGaFQU&feature=fvwrel

      And of course, we’ve got New Orleans, which is always so wonderfully and completely out of any kind of control, and America is definitely horse country anyway.

      A lion is about as useless as a set of teats on a bore hog.

      Eat shits Brits.

      You don’t control me.

      • don’t forget about Bono from U2, who was just knighted and ate dinner with the Queen.

        These stupid hollywood, press and political puppets just don’t get it…when the federal reserve notes are worthless, they are the first ones going to Auschwitz….

        I really feel sorry for them…look at them all trying to get out now that they are seeing the light…lol

        They are calling it the hollywood mafia hit gang…

        The fires that will be burning in the French Riviera when the shit hits the fan will light up the sky all right

        As papa bush would say….a thousand points of light

    • I Believe that the Roman Fasces, were used by Rome as a repulic and the founding fathers of the USA were infulenced by Rome as a republic. Thats why! Benito Mussolini was infulenced by Rome as well, but as an empire. Adolf Hitler the Revolutionary National Socialist, has nothing to with the Pragmatic Socialisim of Benito Mussolini or his Fascist Party. Hitler had more in common with Joesph Stalin, than that of Benito Mussolini.

      The people who are saying that the Roman Fasces in the Halls of Congress, stands for Fascism, are usually the Alex Jones or the Eric Jon Phelps nutcase followers.

      Mr Vatican Assassin, saids that the State of Pennsylvania, in the USA, should be a White Protestant nation, which he calls, “ProBaptiCal”, LOL.
      But Phelps saids allot of Crazy things, like Thomas Jefferson was a Jesuit, That the North in the American Civil war were Jesuits, and all kinds of other ridiculous nonsence. But he ultimately shifts blame to Catholics in general.

      Down with Eric Jon Phelps and all his lies!
      Down with Jarhead Jones!

      • Marbus,

        please don’t be so naive as to say that the Roman words on the Federal Reserve notes mean nothing, that George Washington statue with him in a toga in Congress is nothing, that the Roman architecture of the Capitol Washington monument are nothing, and the Roman mace and fasces mean nothing….They are identical to what you find in the main political/money centers…Vatican, UK Parliament, D.C., Paris, etc…

        When all the world leaders bow to the Pope and kiss his ring (Hitler, Mussolini, Bush, Obama, Pelosi, etc…)… You should do your homework a bit more and challenge whether or not a relationship exists there. Hitler had lines of vatican bishops by his side as he commanded the armies….pictures are easy to find.

        Maybe their political front is different in small ways, but the main thrust of Communism, Socialism, and National Socialism (i.e. Nazi) are basically the same.

        Our National socialism in the US is more of a scientific dictatorship, which has a more perfected implementation on the human mind. While the Hitler regime espoused the same control, it was more brutal and in your face. The Hegelian dialectic being used (Reichstag/911) and the resultant laws (Reichstag Decree/Patriot Act) are nearly identical, taking away freedoms of the people to give them security.

        Today, everything is concealed from the view of the peasants, and thus gives rise to the benevolent dictatorship, by keeping everyone happy as they are enslaved. The poisoning of the food and water supply is even more high tech now, with fluoride water and GMO food, and the public relations tactics are being used to generate public consent with the same certainty and efficiency as making a brick (Bernays).

        To think that it is a mistake or that the buildings are nearly exact replicas means nothing is illogical, and these relationships can all be found in the laws of municipalities and the banking relationships between the corporations themselves.

        I suppose you believe that the IRS and Federal Reserve are not foreign corporations? I can’t tell what you believe based on your misdirection into 2 information gatherers.

        As far as the other 2 guys you mentioned…yes, Phelps is a blatant racist, and Alex Jones believes that information from unreliable sources (AP, BBC, Reuters…etc…) is proof that what the articles say are true….both of which are illogical and do not lend themselves to finding the truth. These sources of information are their primary tools for disinformation dissemination.

        Each of these 2 guys has a contribution to make however, and reveal a part of the NWO system. Unfortunately, we have to filter out the other nonsense to find it.

  5. Jews don’t hate guns as long as they are the ones using them on you. They don’t hate guns as long as they are killing the enemies of Israel. They just don’t like their ENEMIES HAVING GUNS. Now, what does that tell you about what they think of the American people when most of the gun control legislation introduced in Congress comes from a JEWISH CONGRESSMEN? For all you people out there that think Israel is our ALLY, WAKE UP YOU FOOL. I will let James Traficant explain it to you better below:

    Video: Israel Uses Us (USA) Like a Whore! by James Traficant


    Check this video out and see if your view of the world changes!