News 05/05/12 and 05/06/12 – Updated 2226 Hrs. Eastern

With all the rumors, misquoting, partial extractions, etc. going on lately in the Internet world, here are a few and complete friendly reminders…

(MACDIS) Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances


Enemy POW, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees


Domestic JTF Commander Training Course Handbook


FBI behavioral science research to advance the science and practice of intelligence interviewing and interrogation.


Internment and Resettlement Operations



Just getting caught-up on some emails from this week…

Russia says preemptive strike on NATO missile system is possible

A good reminder…
Canadian Press Tells Us What Really Happened in Cartagena – And It Wasn’t About Prostitutes and Secret Service



“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant

US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations
Mechanism in Place to Fix 12 Elections for Obama/Sotero



Student Abandoned in DEA Cell for 5 Days to Sue for $20 Million


No Shot, No School – Tdap Vaccine Required for 7th-12th Grade School Entry This Fall….Tdap is a One-Dose Booster Vaccine for Adolescents and Adults

“We want to encourage parents to get their teens and pre-teens vaccinated now,” said Dunbar. “We would hate to see a child miss school because they couldn’t get vaccinated in time.”
Piss on them – the ones making these “laws” should have all the needles shoved up their ass.
White Buffalo Poached – anyone looking for prophecy?

Did Monsanto Plant GMOs Before USDA Approval?‏
FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites – now

Space weather expert has ominous forecast
Drive that fear.

A student in N.S. was suspended over a pro-Jesus T-shirt that offended his classmates
In Defense of EctoGenesis
“Pregnancy is a condition that causes pain and suffering, and that affects only women. The fact that men do not have to go through pregnancy to have a genetically related child, whereas women do, is a natural inequality. Ronald Dworkin argues that natural inequalities are candidates for redistributive justice. […] I conclude by asking the reader the following: if you did not know whether you would be a man or a woman, would you prefer to be born into Society A, in which women bear all the burdens and risks of pregnancy, or Society B, in which ectogenesis1 has been perfected.”

General Motors is becoming China Motors

Anger, sighs as 9/11 families watch terror hearing
Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency‏
Remember this company?
Icahn sells debt holding in LightSquared-sources




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    • Happy birthday William Cooper

      Bill and I are both May babies. I was born on the 3rd. Great month.

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    I understand You, but maybe there’s some hope.

    • Yep, but you were correct for your half of the world, just let us catch-up with the date.

    • Thank you for the reminder Titusz. I’m soo bad with birthdays. As a lame excuse I ‘will’ say that I think of Bill nearly every single day, and that’s how often I listen to him too.

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  2. I am of two minds on the returning of lands to indigenous populations. I know that they were taken under pretense of “spreading civilization” through the doctrine of Manifest Destiny.

    It has been argued that Manifest Destiny began in the 1900’s; however, even a cursory reading of Caeser’s De Bello Gallico will demonstrate that the argument used up to today was the same thousands of years ago: “We are bringing civilization to the savages.”

    Regardless of the reasoning behind Imperial expansion, the fact remains that indigenous populations were conquered and dispossessed from their land and culture. We see historical evidence of this as far back as the Greco-Roman/Judeo-Christian cultures extend back in history.

    Having been intimately involved in the demarcation and repatriation of indigenous lands in the Americas, mainly in the South, but also some in the Northern continent, as well; I can say with some authority that indigenous leaders are going about this the wrong way.

    The U.N. is a Western concept of rule implemented the same as the Roman-style of large government: self-rule is permitted, but only to the extent allowed by their laws. By seeking U.N. permission, the indigenous peoples of the Americas are continuing their bondage and subjugation; however, this tactic is being actively pursued on many levels and in many places; spearheading this is none other than President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, whom I believe to be seriously misunderstood in the U.S. and Europe; this sentiment does not mean I necessarily agree or disagree with him, I just believe that Western culture has a notoriously hard time understanding any culture outside its own.

    Why I am of two minds on the subject is because I know that the reality of the situation in the U.S. makes it so that repatriating Native land will be next to impossible, there are too many economic and social interests tied to the land (i.e., drilling for oil in Alaska).

    I have been honored and lucky to know and work with King Jorge Frederick, son of Robert Frederick, of the Miskito people and Steve Stuart of Suriname in their demarcation and repatriation efforts. Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, their efforts have been tied to the push for Indo-American socialism instead of straight indigenous rule.

    See the Declaration of Kumarakapey for more information. I was there at this meeting and on behalf of, and against my better judgment, the elders of the Native tribes of Alaska, I signed this document. It is a shame I may never live down.

    My point to all this, if there is one, is that the U.N. is a piece of shit and that any indigenous population that seeks validity from that organization will find themselves worse off than they were before.

    • Indians, Whites–whatever. Govt wants your shit same as ever. Same trix, they just want a little more, and a little more–then they starve you, but they provide, clothing, shelter…and then you sign their treaty. You reluctantly sign, but you have to go where and when they say. Also, when you sign these treaties, they have NO intention of honoring the document.

      See, they have big guns, and you only have the love for your family and Country and God. (So did the Indians)

      Thats what this whole land-grab orgy is all about. This issue serves to further divide people and obvouscate the true MO–

      The Govt wants your land, and they want to put YOU on the Rez, precicely because of Ideals like Manifest Destiny.

  3. Give them back the lands?

    And what then will they do with them? Where do we who now live here have to do and where then do we have to go?

    How can you return lands to people who no longer exist and who never claimed ownership of the land to begin with?

    Now, kids, today our discussion turns from “Behold A Pale Horse” to: ‘Beating A Dead Horse’.


    The American Revolution, the freeing of the human mind and all men who desire to think and to create for his own good, the greatest of political experiments ever attempted on the face of the earth — is WORLD REVOLUTION.

    And from this revolution there is no turning back.

    You who wish a return to the Dark Ages will soon have your wish. But before you go, let it be known that I won’t be going with you and that YOU ARE MAKING A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE.

    If you think fighting for Freedom in the New Order of Things is difficult – wait’ll you get a load of what the New Dark Ages have in store for you.

    HA!HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

    • Actually, that’s a misconception, at least in Alaskan indigenous populations, and, as far as I know, in others as well; while the concept of “ownership” is nebulous according to Western concepts, people did and still do fight for their areas.

      The Iroquois Confederacy, made of of 6 nations, demonstrated quite well the concept of “ownership” and “stewardship,” as defined by their own standards in a non-Western tradition; hell, that’s not to mention Japan, China, et al.

      What does it matter what “they” do with the land if it is given back to them? It’s theirs. It’s like saying, what if we give you your guitar back, what will you do with it? Why the fuck do I care what you do with your guitar? It’s yours!

      Your other point is another reason why I have two minds about this repatration effort: Where the hell will all these people go? How would the transition take place? It’s a major stumbling block in my thought process as to why this would not succeed.

      I sometimes think that it’s pie-in-the-sky wishing; however, then you look at the example set by Hugo Chavez when he returned 44,000 acres lock, stock & barrel to the indigenous tribes in the area near Sainta Elena (air, water, mineral rights); followed by Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc., well then, I have some hope.

      But, like I said, the indigenous people were and are a conquered people, it will take a war to fully divest themselves from Western rule… and that is something for which I will never advocate. It’s a last resort, and we’re not even close to being there, yet.

      • I guess you could provide proof via the multitudes of hidden archaeological evidence that the “Native Americans” were not the original inhabitants of North America…..

        ….issue resolved.

        • We could explore the possibility that there was no one on the North American continent until the Asians crossed over to here from the land bridge at the Bering Straits. Now, if that gets proven, we will have to give the land back to China…

          … wait a minute! This is perfect! We’re giving the land back to the Chinese already! It’s a revelation!

  4. If the FBI gets that back door it will make targeting impressionable “radicals” a whole hell of a lot easier. For sure.

  5. In Defense of Ectogenesis – Anna Smajdor; Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (2012), 21, 90–103.


    “Pregnancy is a condition that causes pain and suffering, and that affects only women. The fact that men do not have to go through pregnancy to have a genetically related child, whereas women do, is a natural inequality. Ronald Dworkin argues that natural inequalities are candidates for redistributive justice. […] I conclude by asking the reader the following: if you did not know whether you would be a man or a woman, would you prefer to be born into Society A, in which women bear all the burdens and risks of pregnancy, or Society B, in which ectogenesis1 has been perfected.”

    By the way the article is about an artificial womb.

  6. “We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant

    Yet the traitors are the ones making a civil war inevitable.

    • Of course they are, but people shouldn’t be surprised. And besides, those of us who want a return to a Constitutional Republic know that unfortunately this is the only route now. It will be absolutely horrible the series of events that will take place, the destruction, death and mayhem, thowing the whole world in fact into convulsions. But, the sooner people get over the bullshit fantasy that they’re “waking people up” and spreading “truth” and realize the fact that a wolverine backed into a corner only has one way to escape, and that is to fight, the sooner they can work with us on restoration.

        • Don’t forget the Bullshit Patriot network that is pushing people into the slaughter machine to be butchered.

          • For sure, they don’t even need to give that big of a push, most people are charging into it by their own free will. Hahaha

  7. This is the day, at last.
    Happy Birthday William M. Cooper.
    Thank You for beliving in and trusting God.
    Thank You for searching the truth.

  8. HELP!

    I’ve now got this nasty craving and I can’t do anything about it!

    I turned on the boob toob the other day and caught a show they are filming from deep in Southern Louisiana on alligator hunting. Goddamnit I love hunting alligators and I love swamps and humidity and mud and killing Gar and Carp with a bow and arrow, blues/jazz/rock music and hookers from New Orleans!

    Now, every spare moment I can find I am looking for the alligator show!!!!!!!

    This morning I caught myself searching the Internet and trying to find the fastest way to New Orleans!

    I’m even starting to speak French and wrote a song called, “Pas Tout Las'”!

    What am I gonna do? HELP ME STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!

    • Eh, I go through phases like that, we all need to be entertained every now and then. My brain usually snaps out of it before I get too zombified.

      • Y’mean it was all just a pipe dream and it’ll all go away soon if I don’t keep feeding it?

        I’ve unplugged the TV.

        Feeling better now and getting back to work.


        • I’m still gonna keep putting French words in the lyrics I am writing however. It’s a nice touch and it really expands my songwriting possibilities.

          Hey! Maybe that’s what this whole thing was all about in the first place!…


          Somebody’s tryin’ t’ tell me somethin’.

        • I am wondering if it is true that the TV still sends out signals when it is off, but still plugged in.

          I know that they figured out how to send the internet, phone, and data over power lines back in about 1993, and I read about the fish eye lens in the old tube TVs when I was a teenager.

          I have it unplugged just in case they can still program us with it off, but haven’t been able to verify if that is true or not.

          • You worry too much. Just get rid of your TV and more of your day will be spent with your own thoughts instead of the advertiser’s and script writer’s notions about how you should think. Your option though.

    • It is all bullshit, just like when Ron Paul has subcommittee hearings to reform the Fed. I wasted about an hour listening to the hearing they had the other day, and everyone involved was arguing economics, nationalizing the corruption, meeting goals, and other various bullshit topics which will do nothing except possibly make the government and their deceptions even stronger.

      The Fed is a criminal organization from top to bottom, and the President’s cabinet of members of the Fed Reserve system…ala Geithner, Paulson, etc…. is the true testament that we are owned

      Hopefully the steep devaluation of the dollar won’t kick in for another 10 to 15 years….but judging by the NDAA and other laws being passed, it looks like we might see the tanks in the streets before that time frame comes to pass

  9. “It may be easier said than done as Americans know well. The business of transforming from oil dependence to other alternatives is nontrivial. Whatever nations in the world that can break the code and discover and implement alternatives the fastest are likely to become leaders in commerce and a new world order. So, we Americans and Indians had better get cracking and fracking.”


  10. “Obama was a different man before he was elected”

    Before he made himself available for use by those who were waiting to use him, as they have used all the presidents of the United States since 1897, to wage war through deceit against the people of the United States and of the world as a means to their ends of gaining power and control over all of the people, nations and natural resources of the world, under the sovereignty of a criminally created new world order – a negative quality form of world government of the few, by the few, for the few who own it and believe that they are God’s chosen people to rule over the world.


  11. Louisiana Tech University designated a National Center of Excellence by NSA,DHS


    “The impact is pretty amazing given that the academic programs range from K-12 with the Cyber Discovery program to doctoral programs in both colleges.”

    Louisiana Tech leads cyber innovation


    Louisiana Tech University will partner with the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) in Bossier City to demonstrate the portability of Cyber Discovery — a highly integrated, team-based model for educating, motivating and retaining student interest in cyberspace, cyber-citizenship, information technology and security.

    Cyber- citizenship ?