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Illegal Alien Tax Scam


“There’s not a doubt in my mind there’s huge fraud taking place here…We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar scheme here that is taking place”.


Obama Czar Won’t Back Down on ‘Conspiracy Theorizing’ Ban‏


Just a reminder…

FBI Tasked With Creating “Cover and Deception” For Attack on US‏



Some more reminders…from 1977


How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up


Operation Mockingbird



Occupy The Southern Poverty Law Center


“We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.”

Red is the new Black.

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3471648642692.140191.1615422461&type=1&l=185d757d61&subject=MayDay rally of OccuBoston


Protesters to target 3M political contributions



Is Mormonism Christian?


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  1. Speaking of tax scams I was double taxed today and it pissed me off. Once when I purchased and again from Canada’s border.

    • From the sounds of your comment, you were shopping in the U.S. and then went home to Canada – you should then expect that.

        • It was through the mail I didn’t get double taxed the first 2 times but did the third time so it was a surprise.

          • Yep, and you need to go talk to your prime minister or cabinet, because allthough Rob’s mail get’s here just fine with no penalties, if I send something then Canada tries to value and tax it, even gifts, or even tries to value at higher than invoice!

            • I am going to have to find out how to contact them and have a little chat. The total for my taxes was about 30% of the value of the goods.

                • I had a two-hour lunch meeting with the Saskatchewan Premier here in AZ, only 8 of us at the table, bullshiting about energy production, rifles, moose hunting, etc. so surely you can get hold of somebody. I believe in your efforts Jason and know you can do it so let me know how it goes.

                  By the way, Mr. Wall was more than polite and his two “security guards” who were at the table were also very polite. In fact, it was almost laughable because he was pissed that he had to leave shortly thereafter after I told him what I had in the truck and that he could shoot it – hahahahaha.

    • ….yet they theorize WMDs, nukes in Iran, and Child soldiers in Africa all the time…..

  2. I’ve been devoting some time to reading, “Statehood The Territorial Imperative” by Bill Redd and Bill Howell.

    I’ve gotten through the video set at least once all the way through.

    This is top shelf material. Everyone should have these books and read them.


      • Yes. Stupid assholes.

        But here’s something that’s not so obvious. It gets worse…

        …much worse…

        We all know our federal government gets it’s faux money from the Federal Reserve in the form of Federal Reserve Notes, borrowed and paid back with lots of interest on top of it. Therefore the money that is returned to the taxpayers in the form of refunds is borrowed from the Federal Reserve at high rates of interest. So, not only are taxpayers footing the bill for the refunds of all taxpayers, but they are paying again on those same notes in the form of interest to the Federal Reserve — not to mention the principle.

        And ya know what’s really amazing and sickening about all of this?

        Yep, some of you have guessed it already…

        NONE of this is necessary. Not one penny of it.

        Not one brick nor one trowel full of mortar need be laid up to build the buildings that house this racket. Not one electron need pass through one single copper wire to keep the lights on and run the computers that keep these tabs on you. Not one vehicle need be purchased to carry around even one IRS agent to enforce this nonsense.

        Government can print it’s own fucking notes — completely interest free and pass them around. It’s obviously not the best way to go about it — but, hey, so long as people want to pass around funny money and give non-citizens lots and lots of it for no reason at all – the fucking least you could do for your stupid selves is cease paying interest on it.

        • the money thing really boggles my mind, first we had gold and silver coin which intrinsically had value, then we moved over to these ‘bills of credit’ or basically warehouse reciepts whereby you can redeem your gold from the bank, now we’re just passing around this IOUs as money but nothing is really being paid…there is no money, the whole fractional reserve banking thing, if people really knew what was going on…but they don’t, and you can’t force them to accept the truth, they have to do it on their own which can be frustrating as hell, ‘Reasoning with them will be in vain, they must be left until they are brought to reflection by feeling oppression…’ (Brutus; Nov. 29, 1787; Anti-Federalist Papers essay IV)

          • Yep. They’ll crash and burn before they’ll learn.

            Defeated by one of the simplest things in the world.

            Yep, again. You can’t force anyone to learn. That is a contradiction, as force (faith) and mind are opposites. You can’t even HOPE they’ll fucking learn — as faith (force) and mind are opposites.


            When I was a wee lad, I set out to understand money. I had heard of pirates and the greedy hoarding their treasures in chests and hiding it where no one could find. It was because of these stories I had always wanted a treasure chest of my own…

            …but I noticed something peculiar…

            The treasure chests of these pirates were always overflowing with gold and silver coin, chains, bracelets and rare jewels. I don’t ever recall seeing a treasure chest full of paper.

            ‘But paper’, thought I, ‘is money — isn’t it? After all, that’s what dad always pulls out of his wallet to pay for stuff.

            ‘What the hell’s going on here?’ I examined the paper over and over again and could not tell what made it so bloody valuable.

            Dad opened up his safe and showed me his “silver certificates”. He told me that there was a time in this country when one could take these certificates to the bank and receive in exchange for it the amount of silver inscribed on the note. “But you can’t do that anymore?”


            “Well, what do you get in exchange for the note now?”

            “Nothing. Just other notes and some coin, if you want coin.”

            “So, the paper is just passed around — for — nothing?”

            “Ummmmmmmm…. yeah. You got it.”

            I was more confused than when I started out to understand money.

            For all those long years after I kept looking at the money and wondering what was so valuable about it.

            Then it dawned on me… there was nothing valuable about it and all that time I had been seeking the value in something that has no value. I was too young and uneducated to realize at the time that my first guess was right on the money…

            Paper is in fact worthless and is not money. It is not even a substitute for money.

            THE END

            • Fast-forward to 82:00 and listen to the fat man with the beard talk about the monkey trap, the paper that has no value and the CREATIVE POWER OF THE HUMAN MIND. He says it all in a nutshell — perfectly!


  3. I found Bill Cooper a few months ago. I was semi-awake but the mystery babylon series has completely changed my outlook on the world we live in. Today, I heard Charlie Daniels promoting the new video, “Behold a Pale Horse” on the Alex Jones show.

    In general I think this is a good thing. As Bill would have said, we just need to wake people up and Bill was not looking for any personal aclaim. The mime Cooper gave to US is alive.

    In particular I think it is a disgrace that there is absolutely no mention of Bill Cooper. They stole the name of his book, it is the exact same theme and they don’t mention him. To add insult to injury they even include quotes from Randy Weaver who as Bill is no longer with us.

    I Hope that that WE can find a way to use the new “celebrity” status behind this new video, “Behold a Pale Horse” to bring the words of Bill Cooper to the millions of people who ARE READY to hear it TODAY!

    I suggest that the administrators of the Cooper tapes pressre the producers of this documentary to atleast mention the name of Bill Cooper to avoid potential legal action. To that end I will be sending a check for $100 tomorrow.

    Bull Cooper is the American martyr to freedom of the 21st Century. God Bless…

    • Nobody stole the name of his book. “Behold A Pale Horse” is a quote from the Bible. It is public domain. Anyone can use it anytime they want in any way they wish.

    • The Charlie Daniels song kicks ass, by the way. Charlie Daniels has been a master musician and master storyteller for many decades, through the whole of his incredibly powerful and successful career. He is also well-known as an American Patriot and this is not his first patriotic song.

      He may not be as well informed as he might be and ought to be, but with his new tune he certainly did hit the nail smack in the center of the head and it will certainly provoke more people to think. And that’s what it’s all about.

      “Pale Horse Runnin’ Wild!” HA! HA! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6PqR3sWRXk

    • I don’t know what the deal is with the documentary and I think it’s very strange that they used that name but I don’t know if it’s necessarily grounds for legal action. There are a few other different books called “Behold a Pale Horse.” That title just comes from a verse in the Bible. If it’s something that Alex Jones is promoting, it’s definitely very suspicious considering the other things he’s done to discredit Bill Cooper. Bill Cooper was not looking for personal acclaim, but he was constantly ripped off, and that’s not right. Here’s the website for the documentary:

      I think it’s very generous of you to send $100 and rest assured any money you send will be used well and appreciated.

      • One could attempt to make a legal issue of it, but of course that would be a useless waste of time and money. No one has been ripped off insofar as “Behold A Pale Horse” goes.

        “Behold A Pale Horse” is public domain and artists and other people have been using it for their own purposes since it was conceived and they are legally entitled to do so.

        Here’s another example, Johnny Cash is using it in one of his best songs: “When The Man Comes Around” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFTOznr-_H8

        “Behold A Pale Horse” is one of the most famous writings in all the Bible and it is literally EVERYWHERE.

    • Neo,

      If you are sending in a check for $100 to donate, then that is more than gracious and helpful. But, if it is to be put towards a legal action against the DVD as alluded in your message, then please save your funds to stock-up better for yourself in blankets, ammo, garden seed, etc. Threatening legal action over that title would have justified Lannon Reed, Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, J.P Miller, Emeric Pressburger, etc. all suing Bill over his book title.

      I can appreciate your enthusiasm, but that is a battle not worth even engaging and those names I listed are just off the top of my head from memory. If you need more, a small dose of research will probably turn up just that.

    • I learned today that Bill Cooper–or any other mix of those words will NOT get by the filters in comments on Info wars. SO, when people want to use the name, they type in BCoop–just like that, how it is spelled.

      And regulars to that site apparently all know who one is referring to.

      Surprising? No.

      But very telling of how strong the spirit of Bills legacy is.

      • Right on. I snuck in on Jones’s forum some years ago and talking about Bill Cooper is not allowed there, barring a few comments in passing. You’ll be shut up and kicked off the forum if you persist in talking about or inquiring about Bill Cooper. I was. Not that getting kicked of Jones’s site means anything to me other than the fine compliment that it is — I say this to show what cunts Jones & Crew are.

        But this is normal behavior for Alex Jones. Anyone who says or does anything he does not much approve of gets the boot. Look what Jones did to Jack Blood, for example; and Jack Blood was far from the only one. Jones is simply an addict, a glutton and a slob and loves attention and does whatever he has to do to get it.

        Cooper didn’t exactly have real nice things to say about Jones either. So I think the feeling was mutual.

        Cooper’s book, “Behold A Pale Horse” still comes up at the top of the list every time you search YouTube or any other search engine, really. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      • I really like Bill’s intro on 1776. That about says it all as to who started the truth movement. That’s also why all the fakes have such an indispensable NEED to give Bill a *tiny* amount of lip service – even as they also NEED to smear his name. They still need him for credibility points. It’s BILL’S CLUB and it always has been…

  4. ‘Tasers Pose Risks to Heart, a Study Warns’

    “Conclusions—ECD stimulation can cause cardiac electrical capture and provoke cardiac arrest due to ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation. After prolonged ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation without resuscitation, asystole develops. ”

    A link to abstract, methods and conclusion is linked in article but the full study can be found here:


  5. Is Mormonism Christian?

    “The Mormons say the glory of God is intelligence…”