News 04/23/12 – Updated 2315 Hrs. Eastern

The Transfer Agreement (Haavara Agreement) – The Pact Between Zionists and Hitler…

Hour plus interview with author Edwin Black and Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt


News station report on the same…


Powerful laser hits Toronto-area police helicopter


Are You a Wheat-aholic?


I know multiple people now who have gone “Gluten-Free” and are feeling better than they have in years.


Super Secret Hypersonic Aircraft Flew Out of Its Skin



U.S. can’t afford to give away air travelers’ lost change


“Every year people traveling through U.S. airports mistakenly leave behind about $400,000 at security screening sites… transferring the money to the nonprofit would cost U.S. taxpayers $1 million, a recent government report shows.”

Ron Paul Wins 20 Out Of 24 Congressional Delegates From The State Of Minnesota



Influential Senator Warned in 1975: “Th[e National Security Agency’s] Capability At Any Time Could Be Turned Around On The American People, And No American Would Have Any Privacy Left …There Would Be No Place To Hide. [If A Dictator Ever Took Over, The N.S.A.] Could Enable It To Impose Total Tyranny, And There Would Be No Way To Fight Back”



GM to build 2013 Cadillac XTS in China this year



Journalist Grandson of Socialist Presidential Candidate Admits: ‘We Can’t Pay’ for Welfare State Any More



If I Wanted America To Fail



  1. I quit eating all grains and sugar natural and proccessed and I lost 25lbs and I feel great. I followed Dr. Wallachs Food guide

    I basically ate the complete opposite of what the government tells us to eat. I always had a belly my whole life I tried many different diets and getting rid of grains and sugar was the only thing that worked for me.

    Some good reads

    Wheat Belly- http://www.amazon.ca/Wheat-Belly-Lose-Weight-Health/dp/1609611543

    Good Calories Bad calories – http://www.amazon.com/Good-Calories-Bad-Controversial-Science/dp/1400033462/ref=as_li_wdgt_js_ex?&linkCode=wey&tag=fatheadmoviec-20

      • Please simulate thunderous applause in your head! I’m clapping my hands off and I know there are a great many others out there who thank you for all of your hard work Doyel(and all those who helped!). This is great news and has proven itself to be one of the most important things one can do for their community. More local control! Congratulations!


        • Thanks Doyel and associated individuals, or should I say congrats! As someone said the West is the real America.

          • Thank you, and now you ought to see all the buzzards of “property rights” flying around – it’s amazing how many gutless pieces of shit I never saw in a single hearing, drafting session or debate are suddenly responsible for our successes out west. You need to get your film crew out here to do some documentaries.

            • Yeah, I’ve noticed a group here in Olde Massachusetts Bay Colony took credit for putting down a mandatory vaccination law in 2010 (that would have been open martial law). They’re a 501c3, and their leader stated he backed the Occupiers knowing it was started by socialist front groups… so I guess they’re recruiting complete idiots and sellouts.

              Yeah I need to stop procrastinating and get out there before the lands are returned so I can document it. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Like Mudjack has said many many times in various comments here, there will be plenty of black market specialists that ensure an affordable supply of smokes to our kiwi friends.
      Cigarettes in Canada are about 7-11 dollars for a pack of 20-25 depending on the brand. $10 on an Indian reservation legally buys a carton of 200 cigarettes, and in just about every neighborhood bar the same 200 cigarettes can be had, albeit slightly less legally and from that gruff looking character in the corner, for $20.
      Charging $100 for a pack of smokes will do nothing but drive people to an alternate source.

      • I used to be one of those “gruff looking characters” in the corner!

        By all means – raise the prices throught the roof!!!!!!!

        Higher! Higher! Higher! Please!

  2. I would like to see them make, ” If I wanted America to Prosper” with some patriotic theme music.