News 04/20/12 – Updated 2355 Hrs. Eastern

Pelosi: Amend the First Amendment


Bishop: Obama following path of Hitler and Stalin


No Forensic Background? No Problem


Google may be able to legally listen in to your Wi-Fi networking

Executive Order – Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources



Schram: Dashcam ruling on SPD videos makes no sense‏




The Dragon spacecraft

1st Private Mission to Space Station Set to Launch April 30



India tests nuclear-capable missile that can reach China



Just a reminder…
“Dominate. Intimidate. Control.”


The TSA’s mission creep is making the US a police state


University of Texas researchers design chip allowing mobile devices to see through walls‏



Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July






  1. Pelosi needs to amend her face with some plastic surgery first before she starts screwing around with the constitution.

  2. Y’know, it never ceases to amaze me…

    I’m always happy to leave things alone, but this mofo always starts this shit with me…

    A friend of mine, who is a naysayer on “911 Conspiracy Theories” and/or “conspiracy theories of any kind”, started the argument with me again last night over dinner and I just sat there shaking my head at him — again.

    To his mind, it is impossible to conceive that anyone could have done something like 911 and stayed under the radar to pull it off successfully. According to his “beliefs”, “eight evil monkeys in a cave in Afghanistan organized and did the deed” and that everything government and media tells us about the attacks are true…

    “Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, stop yourself right there, partner, remove your head from your ass and take a look at what you just said… you claim that people inside the buildings who work in them, who own them, who are intimate with not only their day-today operations, but also building blueprints, insurance policies and ALL other paperwork, et. al., who have total access to the actual physical buildings and everything in them could never help out in pulling a stunt like 911 in a million years. Not only could they not help pull it off – but it just so happened that none of them or their friends were around to get hurt or killed when the operation was carried out? As you say, a conspiracy like this could never be successful and that conspiracy theories do not exist… well, what about the hi-jackers and the eight evil monkeys in the cave?”

    “What about them?”

    “Well, did they not, as you say without saying, CONSPIRE to do this terrible thing from a cave in Afghanistan without anybody gettin’ wise? All this talk of eight evil monkeys and hi-jackers is not a conspiracy theory? Or are you just saying that only evil monkeys and hi-jackers can carry out conspiracies and no one else is capable of such a thing? What’s more, is what concrete proof do you have that the evil monkeys and the hi-jackers did this thing? Everyone who was allegedly involved is either still alive and walking around or long since dead. No one has ever been brought to court and proved guilty of anything to do with 911 in a court of a law. The only guilty charge anyone has had brought against them is in the media. So, just exactly what the fuck are you talkin’ about here? You’re using a conspiracy theory to try and prove that conspiracy theories do not exist.”

    “Hmmm… never thought of it that way.”

    “Right, just as my speculation proves nothing — neither does yours. The only difference between you and I is the fact that you let the media blitz your brains into believing something that is not true and I haven’t let anyone blitz my brains into believing anything at all. No one has any proof of jack-shit anywhere.”

    “Shit. Fuck. Now, I’m all fucked up.”

    “You were never unfucked-up to begin with. You never had anything right in the first place.”


    “Oh, be quiet. Eat your fuckin’ noodles.”

  3. Here’s power-junkie Ted Nugent making himself even more famous. Personally, I have no aversion to anything he said and I am not offended — except for the part where he wants Magic Underwear Man Mitt Romney for president and the part at the end where he talks about Americans being “braveheart” and all that ridiculous nonsense. Americans are dumbheadz, not “bravehearts” — you silly, stupid nit-wit. Where you been, Nuggie?

    Oh, that’s right – you’re a celebrity with all the bells and whistles and prerogatives and privileges schmucks like us can never have and have no idea about.

    What was I thinkin’?

    Ted Nugent: “I’ll be dead or in jail by this time next year if Obama is reelected.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g9s95mGhCc

    What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Nuggie?

    All the other media assholes who are opposed to the Nuggie death/jail comments are saying that Nuggie is now under investigation by the secret service. Where’s the proof of any of that talk? I haven’t seen it.

    • Yeah, he has been invited in writing on letterhead to many of our sovereignty and County/local control events out west here…I’ll let you guess how many times we got a response. Let me give you a hint…even the whitehouse economists can count this high.

      • Yeah, ya gotta love Nugent. He’s so great on so many items – but he’s a real clunker on everything else.

        He’s a been a Texan for some years now. Maybe he’s looking to join the secession movement and having his own country.

        Keep sending those letters though, Doyel. I’d send at least three per week until they get interested or write and formally tell you to stick it. Don’t let Nuggie stand in your way. He’s a knothead and admits it. Sometimes it takes more than just a shout or two to get through his thick fuckin’ skull.

        Ever try reading one of his books? It’s like trying to walk through a black swamp, naked, in the middle of the night. Asshole.

        His newspaper articles aren’t bad however. He seems to work best when he’s trying to make deadlines and trying to get straight to the point.

        • “Don’t let Nuggie stand in your way.”…No worries there Mudjack, I keep moving forward and he is still jackin-off wannabe “conservatives” and “Americans”. Waiting on him would be like waiting on Tom DeWeese, another fuktard coward and loser who is never around when the rubber meets the road.

      • Plus, he’s a life member and staunch supporter of that goddamn National Rifle Association. The butt-wipes and their cronies who spear-chucked into existence the National Gun Control Act of 1968.

        You gotta wonder about Nuggie sometimes.

        • Yeah, and they lobbied for the law in CA where the gubment can deem anybody mentally deficient, with no expert examination, and randomly place various diseases on the list to disarm them! You know what they did on the first round with the NRA’s help? They (inculding the NRA) listed the debilitating disease that Charleton Heston had, therefore making their own organizations spokesman unable to possess or purchase – hahahahahaha. He should have stuck to the movies, he had better fortune there.

          • I’ll never forget this grand episode in NRA History: NRA Member Whacky Jackson speaking to an interviewer:

            Interviewer: So have you brought to the attention of your fellow board members at the NRA that maybe assault weapons ought to be restricted?

            JJ: Well we’ve talked, we’ve discussed it you know, but uh this thing about assault weapons has been a kind of a touchy deal, but personally, I think these assault weapons basically need to be in the hands of the military and they need to be in the hands of the police, but uh, as far as assault weapons to a civilian, if you… if you… it’s alright if you got that magazine capacity down to five…
            Interviewer: Five rounds. Limited to that.

            JJ: …five, five… Good to go. Five rounds or some…

    • They already do this (and have been for some years now) for guys who are delinquent on their child support payments. Looks like they are only expanding on their territories and possibilities.

      Soon, they’ll just have a committee that decides who does and who don’t get to travel at their discretion.

      Didn’t go down to the government medical center and get your RFID installed yet? Whoops! Sorry — no travel for you, partner!

      Late paying taxes? Didn’t make the deadline? Whoops! Sorry — no travel for you, partner!

      Said something in public we don’t much approve of? Whoops! Sorry — no travel for you, partner!

      Just a clerical error on our part? Well, fuck it anyway! Sorry — no travel for you, partner!

      You’re not registered to vote? Whoops! Sorry — no travel for you, partner!

      Aw, fuck it! We’re not issuing passports to anyone anymore unless you’re a P.I.G. (person in goverment) or one of our P.A.L.s (personal ass lickers). No one’s going anywhere! Fuck all y’all! Go home and stay there, mofos!!!!!!!

  4. Excellent review of the Ruger LCP talked about on an earlier thread…

    This woman gets into a lot of particulars most other reviews I’ve seen do not cover.

    Accuracy of course is up to you, as always. Practice, practice, practice.

    Shooting cans, bottles and plastic jugs may help improve your accuracy, but will not help you with destroying human targets. I highly recommend always using targets that look human and placing your shots in the thoracic and ocular cavities.

    You cannot save lives if you can’t hit what you’re aiming at.

    • I have an LCP, it’s a handy little pistol. I find it uncomfortable to shoot but what can you expect with such a light firearm.

      • I pumped 350 rounds out of mine right out of the box and my right hand was sure feelin’ it. A little sore — but wiser for the wear.