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Appeals court fires back at Obama’s comments on health care case

Read these articles very closely and very carefully.






Arpaio rejects ultimatum from federal government

“I am the constitutionally and legitimately elected Sheriff and I absolutely refuse to surrender my responsibility to the federal government,” said Arpaio in the release. “And so to the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into submission only for its political gain, I say, ‘This will not happen, not on my watch!'”


Colorado Upgrading Fingerprint System



CIA Archives: Man of the Month – Uncle Ho – Ho Chi Minh



USDA orders and contracts for over 300,000 rounds of ammunition…


with this firm…

A2Z Supply Corp


I find it ironic that they are having it contracted out of, managed and delivered to the USDA, Region III, HQ…that just so happens to be who our Alliance throughout the west has to fight all the time.  This is also where the memo came out from that I have to be hand escorted through federal buildings because of threats..HHHMMMMM


Local Cops Following Big Brother’s Lead, Getting Cell Phone Location Data Without a Warrant



Local Cops Following Big Brother’s Lead, Getting Cell Phone Location Data Without a Warrant


NV Energy windmill program generates rebates, little electricity


Really, I would have never guessed…another Green Charlie-foxtrot


Concealed-carry saves church from shotgun intruder


Detroit Crime Commission


Just another Ponzi scheme…look at their symbol and read their bullshit “mission statement”.


Marine veteran Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. killed after clash with police who responded to his medical emergency


Vietnam Virtual Wall


First, click on a state and then you can click on towns.  Then you can click on the names to see a bio and medals in most cases and in some cases a photo.

Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it.




  1. Hey! What happened to my “Fuck Yourself” post?

    Now, that was a great one.

    Anyway, I haven’t had a shower in a few days, so I’m off to wash all the skank off me after all my juggling practice.

    A few weeks ago, I couldn’t even juggle two objects, but now I can juggle three objects. And today I started juggling cans.

    Why did I start juggling, you may ask? Well, I just don’t know. Just one of those things inside of me that was dying to get out.

  2. “The President’s FY2013 budget request follows on the December 2010 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, and the December 2011 negotiations in Durban, South Africa.16 Parties in Cancun formulated a package of “nationally appropriate”17 measures toward the goal of avoiding dangerous climate change. These measures include mitigation actions, verification systems, an adaptation framework, a forestry program, a financial mechanism, and a commitment to near-term and long-term climate financing for the least developed countries amounting to near $30 billion for the period 2010- 2012 and $100 billion annually by 2020.”

    Here’s the report



  3. Fema Blog Post:

    Posted by: Andrew Slaten, Deputy Director, International Affairs

    Last Tuesday, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate met Maj. Gen. Eyal Eizenberg, the current commanding general of Israel’s Home Front Command, who is visiting the United States for a series of key governmental meetings.

    The Home Front Command and Israel’s National Emergency Management Authority (FEMA’s Israeli counterpart) have collaborated with us for over four years under an memorandum of understanding with DHS. The MOU provides the mechanism through which FEMA and Israel established an Emergency Management Working Group.

    The working group seeks to develop exchanges of information and support between the two countries as they strengthen their emergency management systems to respond to disasters. Representatives from FEMA and NEMA meet annually to evaluate the past year’s activities under the MOU and identify items of interest for the year to come.

    Washington, D.C., March 19, 2012 — FEMA Administator Craig Fugate meets with Israeli Home Front Commander Maj. Gen.Eyal Eizenberg. The meeting focused on national preparedness and developing resilient communities and families.

    This meeting focused on national preparedness and developing resilient communities and families. Both countries face a wide variety of disasters and crises challenges. Israel is prone to earthquakes, droughts and wild land fires. In 2011, massive wild land fires ravaged Israel’s northern areas.

    FEMA, HFC and NEMA have key missions to develop and implement programs that help all sectors of society to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Maj. Gen. Eizenberg shared new initiatives in Israel involving family preparedness that include looking at ways of working with families to enhance resiliency through education and training, while Administrator Fugate discussed the whole community initiative that FEMA has implemented.

    The visit to FEMA headquarters was the first for Maj. Gen. Eizenberg, who praised the relationship between the two agencies.

    The meeting served as a precursor to the 2012 FEMA-Israel Emergency Management Working Group meeting, scheduled for April in Washington.

    • The article sounds like more green bullshit and fear mongering to justify their hellish “sustainable living”.