News 03/26/12 – Updated 1214 Hrs. Eastern

Just like the attacks on our success in UT and now moving forward in 5 other states, so the attacks begin in AZ.

Arizona lawmakers push to take over federal land‏


Another thing to be noted is the non-presence of any of the big talkers that claim to be against Agenda 21, Sustainability, for property rights, against federal encroachment, etc.


Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?


This incident is being used as an attempt to defeat the Castle Doctrine, promote more gun bans and the leftist fools are using this to incite another rash of race riots.

Be sure to do a “screen shot” or some other type of website grab because they have been going off and on line repeatedly.


Zimmerman Was on the Ground Being Punched When He Shot Trayvon Martin



Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton and Jackson of ‘exploiting’ Trayvon Martin


Environmentalists take aim at toxic lead in ammunition


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Why health care is permanently changed under Obama act


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New Canadian $50 bills unveiled‏


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Pentagon war game forecasts U.S. would be pulled into a new war if Israel strikes Iran


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A Review of “God’s Battalions – The Case for the Crusades”





  1. Zimmerman Was on the Ground Being Punched When He Shot Trayvon Martin

    I had a feeling this was the case. When I first watched it on the news it was all fabricated to make Zimmerman look like a racist. There are shootings everyday in America, what I think made them blow this one up was it was a white guy that shot a black kid. Why can’t we just all be looked upon as American or Canadian instead of black and white.

  2. If Arizona is going to try to take back control of land vs. U.S. government, these court rulings may help.

    US vs. USA (jurisdiction)

    US vs. USA
    The United States of America (50 states + United States and its possessions and territories) is NOT THE SAME AS the United States (aka Washington, D.C.) and its possessions and territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. Have you ever read the Preamble of the Constitution? Do you honestly think the United States (= Capital, which was in Philadelphia when our founders were alive and it now located in Washington, D.C.) means the same as the USA (name of our country)? That is kind of like saying Oklahoma City is the same as Oklahoma. Ask yourself this question: if the USA is the same as the US, then why did our founders bother to use both in the Constitution anyway? Also ask yourself, why would your present government be trying to lie about the difference in the first place? What scam are they playing on their own people?

    First, this will help establish that there is a difference between federal and state properties (I will find and post definition that distinguishes between state and federal citizen later.) :

    “When land or other property is acquired by United States by purchase or condemnation without consent of state legislature, it would not be entitled to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over property, as state has retained right to exercise its general police powers.” McEachin v. US, D.C.App. 1981, 432 A.2d 1212.

    “Ownership and use of public lands without more does not withdraw the lands from the jurisdiction of the state; on the contrary, the lands remain part of her territory and within the operations of her laws, save that the latter cannot effect the title of the United States or embarrass it in using the lands or interfere with its right of disposal.” Surplus Trading Co. v. Cook, Ark. 281 US 647.

    “Constitution prescribes the only mode by which the United States can acquire land as a sovereign power, and, therefore, they hold only as an individual when they obtain it in any other manner.” US v. Penn, C.C.Va. 1880, 48 F. 669.

    “Where United States purchases land with state’s consent, or state cedes exclusive jurisdiction to United States, land acquires territorial status and ceases to be part of state, either territorially or jurisdictionally, but in absence of clearly expressed intent, it will not be presumed that state has relinquished its sovereignty.” Ryan v. State, 1936, 61 P. 2d 1276, 188 Wash. 115, affirmed 58 S. Ct. 233, 302 US 186, 82 L. Ed 187.

    “United States jurisdiction is exclusive, where state cedes land for governmental purposes; but, if acquired in other ways, United States holds merely as a proprietor.” Williams v. Arlington Hotel Co., C.C.A. Ark. 1927, 22 F. 2d 669.

    “It has been held that a state may not cede jurisdiction to the United States over lands not owned by the latter.” United States of America v. Francisco Unzeuta, 281 US 138; 74 L. ed. 761, 768.

    “The United States does not acquire exclusive jurisdiction over lands within a state to which purchase is consented to by the state unless the purchase be regarded as actually that of the United States.” United States of America v. Francisco Unzeuta, 281 US 138; 74 L. ed. 761, 764.

    “No sovereign power which the community has an interest in preserving undiminished will be held to be surrendered, unless the intention to surrender is manifested by words to plain to be mistaken.” United States of America v. Francisco Unzeuta, 281 US 138; 74 L. ed. 761, 766.

    “There is some tendency to construe state acts of cession strictly, upon the principle that presumptions should not be indulged to defeat the sovereignty of a state.” United States of America v. Francisco Unzeuta, 281 US 138; 74 L. ed. 761, 769.

    “It follows that the acquisition by the United States of lands within a state, unsupported by either ‘consent’ of the legislature of the state or an express cession of jurisdiction from the state, leaves territorial jurisdiction of such lands in the state courts.” United States of America v. Francisco Unzeuta, 281 US 138; 74 L. ed. 761, 772.

    “Cession of jurisdiction to a federal authority is commonly a necessary part of the assumption of federal jurisdiction within a state.” US v. Schuster, 220 F. Supp. 61, 64 (1963)

    “A court lacking jurisdiction cannot render judgment but must dismiss the cause at any stage of the proceedings in which it becomes apparent that jurisdiction is lacking.” Mitchell v. Maurer, 293 US 237

    “The decisions of this court require, that the averment of jurisdiction shall be positive–that the declaration shall state expressly the fact on which jurisdiction depends. It is not sufficient, that jurisdiction may be inferred, argumentatively, from its averments.” Brown v. Keene, 33 US 112,115.

    P.S. I got this from http://www.originalintent.org/edu/citizenship.php a while ago. The website seems to be gone now, but you might try to find the people who ran it since they had a lot of good information.

    • You should have tried listening to my series’ on, “Statehood”, “State Sovereignty”, “Federal Jurisdiction”, etc. because I gave out over 600 cases just in those three series’ and a complete bibliography.

      • Doyel,

        I don’t have my own computer, so I don’t get to listen to you hardly any now. I listened to William Cooper on shortwave for years though. I miss him and his program. I mainly just read law books, dictionaries, newspapers, “Behold a Pale Horse” (bought copies for family/friends too), etc. of the paper variety and listen to shortwave. I only get on the computer when the chance presents itself, so I haven’t listened to your series. I am sure your series is probably very good (600 cases- cool). I will try to watch it when I have the appropriate time to do so. Thanks for making me aware of it.

  3. Hell yeah for Doyel, Bill Reed, Bill Howell, Arizona, Utah, and all those involved in the fight for Statehood. Those that are true to their word and do what they say should be praised and emulated. Thanks for being a guiding light in a dark sea of despotism. I am humbled and only wish to follow in any amount the way you guys do. You don’t receive enough praise for what you do.

    The comments on that ridicules psuedo-journalism are repugnant and only reflect the ignorance of apathetic sheep.

  4. I’m The Slime
    Zank Frappa

    I am gross and perverted
    I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
    I have existed for years
    But very little had changed
    I am the tool of the Government
    And industry too
    For I am destined to rule
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    I may be vile and pernicious
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    Don’t go for help…no one will heed you
    Your mind is totally controlled
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    And you will do as you are told
    Until the rights to you are sold
    That’s right, folks.. Don’t touch that dial
    Well, I am the slime from your video
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    Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go


    • Agreed. I have been very tempted and probably will do an article on the moral unjust of God, including the Judeo/Christian God.

      As a side note I am a Git fiddle man myself but can pratent to play the drums alright.

      • Zappa predicted a lot of shit that came true. Though I don’t agree with many of the things he said, I respect that he was paying full attention to what was going on around him and was not one bit repentant or afraid to speak his mind about it. Many saw him as cynical. Many see me that way, too. But we are only telling the truth as we see it.

        He not only blew the whistle on government and industry, telling them like it is, but also on the record companies and the media in general. It’s all just a dog and pony show, crony capitalism, payola, ass-licking and bullshit. I’m with Zappa. I don’t buy any pop records anymore or even listen to the radio. It’s all trash. I support only independent labels and artists now. And I’ll keep doing it even after they make us illegal, too.

        Why be independent? Why be an Individual? Why be out there on your own doing your own thing when it’s much easier to get ahead by lying and going along-to-get-along, by being a fake, boot-licking asshole of a human being?

  5. This whole shooting incident is messed up. I could care less if the kid had a checkered past. Mosty kids now a days do for lack of parenting and guidance. The fact that this Zimmerman was following him even though he was told not to by the 911 operator, must count for something when being judged whether he was in the right or just looking to get into a confrontation.
    Of course, if your minding your own business and get attacked, I believe you have a right to defend yourself. But what if some stranger is getting in someones face or getting in their another person’s personal space for what seems like no reason. Couldnt the case be made that the younger kid felt threatened by this larger, older man and felt he was going to be attacked and reacted accordingly?
    Its just a messed up situation being used for all the wrong reasons.

    Can you put yourself in the same situation, walking down the street minding your own businees when some guy you dont know, twice your size is obviously following you, and comes up and confronts you like you’re guilty of something when you know you’re not. Things might get crazy real quick. He’s looking at you like you’re a worthless criminal creeping around his neighborhood, But you’re looking at him like he’s a crazy man looking to start a fight with you for no reason. Then you notice he might have a gun in his pocket. I wonder how some people here might react if they felt that they needed to defend themselves in that instance.
    In the end though ultimately…if that guy never hassled you, nothing wouldve happened.

  6. Man, look at the comments on the Arizona taking back federal lands article (on the website itself that hosts the article I mean, not hott)…. I don’t live in the state nor am I an expert on this matter… But do people really want the federal government owning millions of acres of land? Do they really think it’s being protected FOR them from dumb republicans as they put it? Maybe I just don’t understand.

  7. Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?



    “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” — Obama


    How true!

    So fucking true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!