News 03/23/12 – Updated 2214 Hrs. Eastern

Documents show NYPD infiltrated liberal groups

Pelosi Defends Obamacare Using… Declaration of Independence


She is the proto-typical hypocrite, isn’t she?  If this is such a wonderful deal why is she not going to be enrolled in it herself?

Woman And The New Race
Chapter 5, Page 63 of her text…” The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

Santorum Endorses Obama over Romney

It appears this is the next act of this big stage (or staged) play.



Google Wants to Listen to Your Phone Calls…Files for Patent.



“The Sheeple to the slaughter goes on and on…” (sung to the tune of “the wheels on the bus”, created by KYPD).


Pope says communism has failed in Cuba, urges change


Postman: Ayers family put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school‏

Products that contain aborted fetal cells‏


James A. Garfield

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.”



  1. Fox News’ John Stossel talks to “Bunny” Brooke Taylor

    Watch this hooker hand the legal analyst/prosecutor her own ass. What a great girl! What’s not to love about her? Yum! My kinda girl!!!!!!!

    There is a huge push to get prostitution legalized in Las Vegas. Of course I’m doing everything I can to help that project along.

    The do-gooders and religious freaks be damned. We’re going to win this one once and for all.

    • the blonde lady just said “now you’re getting into areas (laugh) i don’t know” yet she can go out prosecuting (persecuting) people for it. screw her and that conveniently “spotless white” dress she has on.

      • Yeah, screw that high-and-wanna-be-mighty slut. As the wonderful Brooke Taylor said, it goes on in every city in every part of the world — no matter what.

        And we’re going to see to it that it keeps on going just like that.

        Legalizing things like drugs and prostitution are some of the most important fundamental things we can possibly do, for obvious reasons.

        If we do not have full and final say in what we do with our own lives and our own bodies, i.e., our own property–we have nothing.

        It should come as no surprise to people that we can’t control our government, our society, etc. We don’t even have the power to control our very selves.

        We have always been, are now, and will always be completely out of control in direct proportion to that which government attempts to control. This is not an opinion, but an irrefutable fact and law of simple physics, particularly human nature, the results of which you see all around you today with our society cracking up and falling apart, with the devaluation (the weakening power) of the currency (the electrical current), the endless war and endless talk of more and more wars to come and the end of war nowhere in sight, state and church and corporations all in bed together calling the shots from behind the curtains and not allowing people to be let alone and to think and act for themselves, i.e., forcing people to behave in some peculiar ways, particularly ways in which profit the men behind the curtains (or so the men behind the curtain think it profits them. It does not. And cannot. Never has and never will).

        Human beings are not controlled and cannot be controlled. It simply cannot be done. Just as water will always find it’s own level, human beings also have a certain nature and properties and must act in accordance with them–or pay the consequences.

        Wake up, People, you stupid motherfuckers, once and for all — you are free and you have no choice in that matter. Now, grow up and act accordingly — or perish from the face of the earth. It is the only basic choice you have.

    • Here is my answer from two days ago to that question…
      “Well, while you guys are in imagination land please ask the tooth-fairy to wave her magic wand and help us with overhead.

      Since doing the correct action of getting rid of PayPal and posting the MP3 page for free, we have not even gotten enough donations to cover one months phone, bandwidth, internet, audio stream, electricity, etc. and that is all inclusive since December. Now, after freeing ourselves of legal bonds at the 10 year mark, we moved ahead with the various actions at full speed and with an INCREDIBLE amount of funds taken out of pocket because there is no revenue stream at HOTT. This project was on top of other projects we have funded out of pocket like the Statehood seminars and DVD, along with some you haven’t seen yet because we are out of personal funds and it has crawled to a standstill. For instance, we have been dumping a lot of time and personal funds behind the scenes to get the entire library in digital format and be able to post if for all to use.

      So, just as Bill and I use to discuss all the time and just as predicted for this move, the cheap socialists that call themselves “patriots” have once again cast their vote of non-support. We had hoped for a better response, but unfortunately history repeated itself as it tends to do. Maybe we should quit streaming the entire catalog in order and just run the 100′s of broadcasts Bill had done begging and screaming for help…maybe that will jog some memories.

      If it picks up then we will be more than happy to once again post them and move along.


  2. products containing baby parts. I can’t believe how disgusting this world has become. KIlling the babies is bad enough, but putting the remains into products… WOW! As I sit here, just about in tears, thinking about this stuff, there is alot of human scum on this earth that need to be eleminated! When do we start… “slimming the herd”

          • 0. Not had to be in any…yet. So let me guess, Im not capable cuz i havent been in any…? Im not a “man”?

            • I have no idea whether you are a man or not, that’s for others to judge. What I do know is that you reference a comic book character for your tactical and strategic base. As well, you already have shown you are willing to sit back and let others do the hard work of Statehood, workshops, seminars, restoring our Republic, etc. and then want to move in after the work is completed to enjoy life like a socialist. So, I would have to say that your comments are spoken like a true chair-borne ranger.

  3. “Pope says communism has failed in Cuba, urges change” – Right, did anyone notice that the pope’s council put out a note calling for a global financial authority or strenthening the IMF and for a global planned economy etc. on October 24 (!!) of last year, right after Gorbatchev said that he was friends with him?


    It’s not capitalism, it’s not communism. It’s rather “Change”. I guess that’s the way it goes.

    By the way – I love that you now always put those quotes concerning money on the news links!