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Worldwide Earthquakes of Magnitude 4.0+


Free Software Download – Earthquake 3D


The first of the two above links is probably the easiest to gather information from.


Qaddafi Forces Hold Strategic Town as Allied Attacks Continue



Biesada: Obamanation



A Very Liberal Intervention

Right out of the Clinton Playbook



Crises in Japan Ripple Across the Global Economy




  1. I think I’ll start leaving some Bill Cooper quotes under the news. 🙂

    “If you don’t support your cause, it’s not very likely to be successful.” William Cooper

  2. Yep-much of the “intelligence” work gathered for agencies is done by “civilian” networks.


  3. @eric
    I don’t think there is anything nefarious about that commercial. They are just trying to control the spread of beetles. They aren’t saying don’t burn firewood, they are saying don’t bring the firewood you gathered in a beetle infested forest to another forest, or at least that’s what they meant. Most campgronds warn about this and insist you buy or gather wood there or buy their firewood they have gathered, rather than bring your own.

    You may already be well aware, but really unless your fireplace is a thermal fireplace, it’s just sucking the heat out of your house. The best way to heat the bottom half of your house is to have a passive solar house with the thermal mass in the floor. Passive solar design is where it’s at.

  4. I sat down last night and watched the new “Zeitgeist III” flick. They promised that in this flick they would clear up how this “Venus Project” of theirs is supposed to get off the ground. Well, they didn’t. I’m still confused about that.

    Then they had this very interesting idea in the flick on how to take inventory of all the world’s natural resources and a brief outline on how the resources should be used.

    Some of the predictions made in the flick were startlingly accurate. For example, they talked of how many Americans are just waiting for “the economy to recover and the jobs to come back”. They said the economy isn’t going to recover and the jobs aren’t coming back — and the situation will get dramatically worse. They’d be right about that. They have this hope that as things worsen and society declines further, we won’t go out and kill each other. They’d be dead wrong about that of course. I find it inexcusable not to believe all manner of evil in men.

    Basically, they’ve come up with a few new and interesting ideas and haven’t really told us anything we didn’t know already.

    The film is extremely well made. Peter Joseph obviously has a great deal of talent and skill in making motion pictures, but barring that the information contained therein is perfectly useless. Thumbs down on this flick.

  5. @Mudjack
    I read the material on the Venus Project website. I do not care what the innovator, or any one, says about it…the Venus Project is purely Utopian and collectivistic in nature. Have machines manage society and themselves?! Yeah right. What if those machines break down? Good luck. I admire the innovator’s futuristic thought. Nonetheless, it is impractical. Lastly, if one looks into the innovator’s (Jacque Fresco) background, then he will see that Fresco is a futurist and collectivist at heart.

  6. thanks hannibal.
    it’s not a typical fireplace, more like a woodburning stove. yeah in the commercial it threw me off cause it said “i’ll burn it where i get it” all of my wood comes from a mountain, which i gather myself, but where i gather is something like an hour away.

  7. Funny thing about the zeitgeist…..Awhile back I was at a friends house and I was talking about Bill Cooper. He looked him up using the internet on his playstation and started to watch what I assume is a butchered version of the Michigan lecture on youtube. At one point the video froze up and he couldn’t get it going again. I can’t remember the exact part we were on, but when he searched William Cooper:Amazing lecture part (whatever it was) of 6, a link to a video of the same name came up. When he clicked on it, it was a clip from the zeitgeist that started with the words, “Let’s stop right there”. Then they proceeded to talk about exactly what Bill was talking about when the video cut out, but with their spin on it. I have never been able to reproduce that search on a computer, so I assume it had something to do with the playstation browser or whatever. I will find a playstation and try to offer some proof of this happening.

  8. I just finished watching Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. First, great production by Peter Joseph. If there is anything that one grabs from these Zeitgeist series, is, remarkable production. Second, the subject matter is representative of collectivism, of course, this did not surprise me. Third, it promotes, again, no surprise, the spreading of ideas for the purpose of helping collectivism and injuring individualism. Fourth, in re nature versus nurture, a fast growing understanding of the human genome has recently made it clear that both sides are partly right. Nature endows us with inborn abilities and traits. Nurture takes these genetic tendencies and molds them as we learn and mature. The nature versus nurture debate still rages on, as scientist fight over how much of who we are is shaped by genes and how much by the environment.

  9. I forgot. Fifth, this movie is filled with half-truths. Some good points were made, I will credit that much. Mudjack pointed out a couple. The movie lacks evidence and corroboration. No surprise, the movie appeals to emotions rather than to reason. Lastly, there is no solution. If there was, then I overlooked.

  10. i’ve only seen the early zeitgeist videos, but from i can tell they are exposing the mystery schools and at the same time tell the audience to believe some of the views they (the mystery schools) hold.

  11. Whoa Hannibal,

    You better do some serious checking in to Agenda 21 and the Re-Wilding plans…the beetle commercial and issue has very little to do with the propogation of them through moving firewood.


  12. straw bales. I’m planting potatoes in mine after they warmed my house all winter, warmed my passive solar chicken coop this spring (getting poo’ed on in the process, nice!) and are now gracing my front yard. Straw bales for gardening are awesome, especially if you’re a bad American and are tired of bending over every day.

  13. No problem Hannibal – glad you like to learn!

    It is part of the “minimal human impact” plan, eventually leading to their goal of “pre-European Settlement Conditions” on the landscape.

    It is also amazing that most of the enviro-nazis that I have met have redwood decks all the way around their wooden houses which have cedar-shake roofs.


  14. @Doyel
    pre-Eurowha? You’ve gotta be kidding me…ha, maybe the enviro-nazis are driven by guilt for all the environment that went into building their homes.

  15. Yeap, screw those Greenies. Friggin’ wankers.

    The only reason I keep the lights out at my house is to save me some money. If I were rich, I’d light up the whole block like a Christmas tree, day and night. Then, I’d buy the power company and shut off all power to all Greenies on my grid. They wouldn’t even get any electricity!

    That’s what ya git fer talkin’ shit.

  16. @Mudjack
    LOL! By the way, “Atlas Shrugged” is SO GOOD! I’m glad you started talking about it because that’s what made me read it otherwise I usually read nonfiction). I’m also happy it was in the HOTT Club because that’s almost all I read now. 🙂

  17. @Lana
    Atlas is a great read. Glad you like it. Ragnar kicks arse.

    People get into the same old arguments about the philosophy over and over again years and forget that Atlas is a really good novel, an exciting story. I love a great story.

    Atlas packs a whallop, too. Lots of energy in that book. It has motivated a lot of people.

  18. @Mudjack
    Yes, I love it! It is a great story but so much more than that! I agree, it’s very motivational and I love how all the people are described so vividly. Right now I’m reading the speech at the wedding about money, looting, and society. It’s just amazing, so true and extremely relevant to what we’re going through! Thanks again for the recommendation!