News 03/19/12 – Updated 2230 Hrs. Eastern

New Indoctrination Camps…

FEMA Corps and the “National Corporation for Community Services”


Creating Pathways to Work for Young People: By providing training, experience, and educational opportunity, the partnership will prepare thousands of young people for careers in emergency management and related fields.

Promoting an Ethic of National Service: The partnership will strengthen our nation’s culture of service and civic engagement by mobilizing corps members and community volunteers to provide critical disaster services.”

33 Members of Congress Earmarked $300 Million For Projects That Benefited Their Own Private Property‏


Smart Meters coming to Maryland with no opt-out in place


This is a bunch of bullshit.  Look at the twisted logic used in the article concerning privacy and protection of data, yet they claim the customer will be able to monitor their usage and save money.  How can the customer do this, unless the utility company is going to compile, study, analyze and share the data in the first place (and of course that will be with multitudes of outside “consultants”).


Many so-called patriot talk show hosts and websites are pimping fear to sell over-priced seeds, broken gasmasks, etc.  This is a common tactic of illumined communist cells to divert attention away from solutions by keeping the sheeple in a constant state of fear.

Here is an article from about 3 years back to give you a prespective.

And a philosophical discussion…



Senate transportation bill funds more federal government land grabs


Some of the U.S. Congressional Committees mentioned in the article are the ones I testified to in written treatise (some 96 pages) and in oral testimony on the floor concerning the out of control, our of jurisdiction and out of delegation of authority behavior by the eco-nazi agencies and their fifth-column accomplices.

Aspartame and Pilots


Media reaction to Obama vs Bush on gas prices



Sweden Moves Toward Cashless Economy



Armed guards ensuring safety of Organ Pipe tours



Tune Up Your Gun Handling



Barack Obama’s Energy Policy: Unicorn Farts as the Fuel of Tomorrow


I honestly believed for years that I would never see a worse President then the peanut farmer.  But, I am confident anymore that I was wrong all those years and we truly have a complete numbnuts in office now.


U.S. Supreme Court, Craig v. Missouri, 4 Peters 410.

“Emitting bills of credit, or the creation of money by private corporations, is what is expressly forbidden by Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution.”



  1. I ever see that lead singer from ABBA I’m gonna make sure I’m wear steel toed boots especially for him so I can kick him dead center in the nuts!!!

  2. The new FEMA indoctrination CORPS is just another road to the same destination. It’s no different than Charter schools, or regional government education programs. Essentially they are all Soviet style work-education programs that aim to take away individual desires and instead coax people into jobs that support the needs of the “global community,” while destroying any representation or input in education from the local communities. And I bet the idiots are already lining up!

  3. Nice to see the supreme Court agrees that the Federal Reserve is operating unconstitutionally. Im sure Pant-Load Jones will have his people protesting buildings again anytime now… what fools.

  4. I just came from the Penn & Teller show @ Rio. I was always hoping to get a chance to see their US flag burning ceremony live–and what luck! They did it tonight! Sweet.

    They also did a killer bit with a metal detector (the very one they use at airports to scan Americans and violate the 4th Amendment). During the bit, they had a pocket Bill of Rights made of metal which they used to set off the metal detector. Everyone should have one of those and set off the metal detector at the airport. Hilarious stuff!

    Ya think the TSA losers would get the picture?

    Nah. I didn’t think so either.



    • That’s awesome Muddy! 😀 Nice pics!! That was a GREAT bit!!!

      See, sometimes life is good hahaha…

      • Nope.

        The perverts need to start feelin’ ’em up while they’re very young. Makes it easier to grope ’em when they’re big. Gets ’em used to it right away.

      • It’s saddening how these intrusions upon our freedoms have come to be considered normal by our youth today, having graduated from high school a couple of years ago. You’re right, condition them while they’re young, and they will accept it as normal as they grow older. Most become apathetic, or they begin to hate our own government, both of which are leading us into slavery. Those who hate the government will help to ferment revolution, and very few will realize that we need restoration and not revolution.

    • There are many explanations for this but the most plausible is probably…why not, it worked for Reagan.

    • LOL!

      What a wussy. Just for all that fuss, I’d leave the big rubber boobs right where they are.

      Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

      She should hire some Las Vegas impersonators to come with her on tour, impersonating her enemies. Dress them up like whores and have them make crazy speeches.

      Jesse Winchester was an actual courtesan who worked Nevada brothels for years and ran for governor of Nevada. She wasn’t scared of a little criticism. Atta girl, Jesse. I still love you and still keep an autographed copy of your book: “From Bordello To Ballot Box” up on my shelf (right next to the “Red Light Ladies” calendar you dreamed up, you luscious little devil, you).

      Leave the big rubber tits right where they are!!!!!!!

  5. “Many so-called patriot talk show hosts and websites are pimping fear to sell over-priced seeds, broken gasmasks, etc. This is a common tactic of illumined communist cells to divert attention away from solutions by keeping the sheeple in a constant state of fear.”


    I hear that. I don’t listen to the radio shows any more. Listening to Alex Jones for a couple of months back in 2006 cured me of all that.

    Many of the folks you meet in person in this movement are well-meaning fear mongers, too.

    I went to a gun show this weekend and ran into a booth with this funny little woman who was obviously a well-meaning religious whack-job. She God-blessed me about fifteen times as I looked over her goodies (including three broken gas masks) and told me the story of the coming Apocalypse and how she, armed with only one of her military fold-out shovels, scared away an unsavory fellow who got too close to her and her daughter. She demonstrated how she snapped open the shovel with one hand and waved it in front of the man, allegedly frightening him away. I chuckled.

    I bought a couple of her shovels (she does fact have the best price of anyone at the show) and listened to her stories.

    It was exactly the same story she has told me for the last five or six years every time I had seen her at every gun show she and I just happened to be. Needless to say, she didn’t recognize me on any previous occasion either.

    She’s still trying to sell her little Bibles, too. I think the pile of Bibles she has is the same pile she’s had all these years. It’s too bad. People are really missing out on all these great stories of the Apocalypse.


    Anyway, I met another fellow at the gun show who wasn’t afraid of any shit and wasn’t shoveling any shit and didn’t give a shit about any Apocalypse. He was selling these really cool little gun holsters for fifteen bucks each w/ a lifetime guarantee that work like a charm. These things really work well and it is now my holster for everyday concealed carry. It’s from http://www.holsterkings.com

    The pistol slips into the holster and stays there, then the pistol goes inside or outside the pants, whichever you prefer.

    I’ve been doing my walkabouts with this holster the last few days, carrying an XD40. Even if I am sprinting a 50 or 100 yard dash like a madman the pistol stays put and is comfortable. Good stuff.

    You’ll want something this good in case of sudden Apocalypse.