News 03/09/11 – Updated 2118 Hrs. EST

Kissmyassinger asks Obama to release spy for Israel


Whoever is the first to email me with the meeting where that profound photograph above was taken, will receive a free book in the mail from HOTT, Ralph Epperson’s “Jesse James, U.S. Senator”.

Congratulations Dan, you won.  Thanks for participating and your book will ship tomorrow!


Nice little video for your research archives…



Undercover Web Site Derailed By Hosting Firm


Big sis got busted again.


Gulf oil spill called the biggest cover-up in the history of America



Exxon CEO says oil prices not yet hurting


WTF? Piss on Exxon and their double-cross symbology.


Maine gets first state waiver from healthcare law provision



GPS chaos: How a $30 box can jam your life



Why Aren’t G.M.O. Foods Labeled?



Scientists deliberately create 127 hybrid viruses from H1N1, then warn they are dangerous



Amtrak police chief to TSA: Stay off our property


I beat some federal “charges” because the “crime” occurred next to railroad tracks. Can anyone comment on why you think I was successful? Hint, it has been taught by me on the broadcast.


Nexen eyes Gulf of Mexico drilling permits in 2Q



Libya’s Zarti files suit over Austrian asset freeze




  1. i would assume because it’s private property. the railroads companies usually have their own police.

  2. Basically Elly summed it up with her legalese and Belly topped it off.

    Almost every railway in America is patented, in fact for a 150′ path. Therefore their property is soveriegn and hence, lack of jurisdiction by the accusing party.


  3. I was accused of parking a convoy of highly dangerous artillery rounds along a railway and endagering half of the state of Nevada if something happened and fallout started blowing around. When I was being tried (ram-rodded) with stars flying in from the Pentagon and making a huge stink about “that evil Sergeant Shamley” a wonderous thing occured.

    All of my guys in the platoons were veterans except for one, known to be a little rowdy and we took every prize in any brigade competitions due to being “a little rough around the edges”. They went and hit the books in the base library (because I was locked down) and found out about these little things called Patent Titles, Allodium, Fee Simple Absolutes, etc. and discovered the railway ownership patents. Sooooo, the DOA suddenly had no jurisdiction for lack of cause and authority and suddenly being released I was informed my career was finished. – HAHAHAHAHAHA