News 03/07/12 – Upated 2020 Hrs. Eastern

Just a few reminders…

Israeli Security Expert to Canada: ‘Full Body Scanners Useless’


“I can overcome them with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.”

Ex-homeland security officials score on K Street

L-3 Communications Titan Group



$1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The Scanners


Drone crashes into SWAT team tank during police test near Houston



Just a little reminder about the manufacturer…
Vanguard Defense Industries Hacked by AntiSec…because they didn’t maintain their WordPress blog



Reich: ‘Rising gas prices’ controlled by Wall St.




Pepsi, Nestle scandal – flavor ‘enhanced’ by aborted fetal cells

Food; prohibiting the sale or manufacture of food or products which contain aborted human fetuses.



Tech Titans Fund Students

A group of Silicon Valley technology leaders, impatient with attempts to rewrite immigration laws, is funding efforts to help undocumented youths attend college, find jobs and stay in the country despite their illegal status.

Utah on verge of passing bill demanding Feds relinquish public land


This is our Statehood legislation that I have helped research, draft, get into state legislatures (6 so far), etc..  I said on the broadcast and at the conferences for people to watch the western states this year because you would see some phenomenal activities.  Wait until you see some of the other activities in the west coming up!

Philly Mayor Nutter’s Crackdown on Lost/Stolen Guns Comes Under Heavy Fire


Lawmakers pick fight with feds over public lands


US Military Seeks Sixth Sense Training

A modernization of Operation Yellow Fruit and the Jedi project


Greenwood Gets Qualified Immunity in Free Speech Rights Blunder




Amateur Biologists Are New Fear in Making a Mutant Flu Virus


Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords‏


New Mexico town elects mayor who called Obama “the carnal manifestation of evil”



According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity


Governor Martinez Signs Pro-Gun Bill in New Mexico‏


The 10 Terrible Provisions of Obamacare You May Not Have Heard Of‏



A shiv to the military


That’s the point!  To flood a system doomed to failure so as to expedite it’s collapse.


Panetta: International Mandate Trumps Congressional Authorization for Wars




  1. Congrats on the statehood issues. The family and I, very soon hopefully, will be moving to the first state( Im sure it will be western) that nullifies!!!! and find a county with a constitutional sheriff, and settle right in… Sick of Pennsylvania!!!

    • We don’t need people who want to ride on our efforts, we need people to get involved and help.

      • Yeah, I guess what I wrote seems that way. I dont want you thinking that Im riding the wave of your efforts. Trust me, Doyel, if I could get out there, Id be right by you, step for step.

        • Then tell me, what do you feel was the most personally empowering part of the Statehood books?

          • No part of Statehood has personally empowered me. What I dont understand is (besides the States incorporating with the U.S. govt) why would the States need legislation to claim land back, that has always been theirs and their peoples?

              • Im not sure what you were trying to do, but I just wanted to let you know that I acknowledge what you are doing. Im on your side! But, if making me look like a fool makes ya feel better, have at it… Thanks

                • Nope, just wondered what part of the Statehood books made you feel most empowered. I assumed you read them since you said your would be right by me, step for step, that’s all. Making the assumption that you had read the books was my fault.

  2. And also the drone piece… I too did a great big HAHAHAHAHA. If they keep this up, It will save me alot of 50bmg ammo……. hehe

  3. And never did I say, I was as educated as you on all this stuff. I wanna be, and researching as much as I can. and not only be in the fight, be educated on it too. Still friends?

    • With the statement, “Id be right by you, step for step”, I took it that you were actually ready and willing to help…my mistake.

  4. Drone crashes into SWAT team tank during police test near Houston



    One of the good ways of looking at drones and all the other high-tech bullshit they are trying to use to enslave everyone is that all that high-tech stuff are products of a free market, a free economy and the free people who think this stuff up.

    They can’t have any of this stuff without us inventing and producing it for them. They can’t have this stuff without good people, not working under compulsion, to operate it.

    Idiots can’t run a successful operation. Idiots can’t think and do a good job. Idiots can’t invent, can’t create. At best, idiots are thugs.

    The American government will collapse from its own incompetence–not from some terrorists bomb. They won’t be blown up. They’ll collapse in on themselves by default and bury themselves in their own quagmire.

  5. Israeli Security Expert to Canada: ‘Full Body Scanners Useless’


    “I can overcome them with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.”


    This is just exactly what I am talking about.

    They got all this high-tech shit–and nobody knows what they bloody hell they’re doing with it.

    They harass people at airports and roadblocks because that is all they know how to do. They wouldn’t know what to do with a terrorist if they caught one. They’re like dogs chasing cars.

    Government is completely incompetent no matter what it tries to do. After all, what is government? It’s a collective.

    What gave you the first clue?

    Worse, it’s a collective that is not really held accountable for anything. They don’t have to make money, they only have to spend it. They are rotters. The worst kind of people.

    Now, if government were run like a business–you’d see some hard core fuckin’ results.

    But these people aren’t running businesses. They’re not smart and they don’t care. They don’t know the first thing about what they are doing and they don’t give a fuck. They don’t know how much things cost and the don’t know the value of a thing–let alone a human life. They are incompetent jackasses–at best.

    It’s even quite comical.
    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    You can give a fuckin’ monkey all the high tech shit that you want. It isn’t going to make him more competent.

    While in corporate security, I worked some of the toughest parts of town with some of the toughest characters around. I was unarmed. I didn’t even have a can of mace for my “personal protection”. And I put all kinds of extremely dangerous hoodlums in the slammer, one right after another. All I had was a pair of handcuffs, the key and my wits.

    On the other hand, working places where security was carrying guns, batons, mace–every weapon you could possibly attach to a duty belt–arrests were fewer, violence was increased and the new hires, loving the idea of carrying a gun and other weapons and getting paid more, were over-reliant on their snap-on tools and were more cowardly and more lazy than those who carried nothing at all.

    I’m glad the government is so bloody over-reliant on their technology and to hire fools to run it. It only serves to tip the scale in our favor.

    On the other hand, a clown will fuck you–and he doesn’t care how much it hurts.

  6. The people should make drones to spy on the government, ha give them a taste of there own medicine.

    • Thanks “innocent”, I had forgotten to link our own work in my reference to Yellowfruit – HAHAHAHAHA.

      Ah yes, SSS or SSSS technologies – a stunning subject that I know of first hand from my veteran service.

      For those who don’t know or have never reserached it yet, now go back and re-listen to that cult classic and pay attention to the words…they may take on a whole new meaning to you.


      …”And the vision that was planted in my brain
      Still remains
      Within the sound of silence”…

      HAHAHAHAHA – the brotherhood laughed at the sheeple the whole way to the bank.

      • You’re welcome Sarge haha! (wheeeere’s Woodsy??…) And here’s another one hahaha!!

        I know a thing or two about this S-technology too – unfortunately, as a civilian, on the receiving end of those “rays”…

        BTW, they can do that shit with a CRT TV too, if they really want to. I don’t know how efficient (or subtle) it would be on a larger scale, compared to digital signals. Bit it IS a MOTHERFUCKER! For some reason, I’m not that ‘comfortable’ talking about it…


        “While utilizing such a “non-lethal” covert psy-ops weapon resulted in many lives being saved, both American, Coalition, as well as Iraqi, the question begs to be asked: how can Americans be assured that such a weapon is not being used on them by “Big Brother” on a daily basis?”
        “The posting of the above article by Dr. Ott takes us into the arena of subliminal mind control, and once again, the observed facts seem to fit the KNOWN intention and agenda of the NWO to mind control every single living person on this planet. Al Bielek, William Cooper, Preston Nichols, Stewart Swerdlow, Anna Hayes, James Casbolt, Don & Carol Croft, and many others- some insiders, some psychic sleuths, and some victims of psychotronics- have been trying to alert the public for many years of the plans to exert total mind control through ELECTRONIC means. This is what the Montauk Project was all about.”



        “Gen. Albert Stubblebine


        Albert Stubblebine Former head of the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1981-84 . Masters degree in chemical engineering from Columbia. Signed classified contracts with the Monroe Institute.
        (Emerson, Steven, Secret Warriors, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1988, pg 103-4).
        Stubblebine often met with Noriega while he was a US intelligence asset. (Emerson, 1988, pg 110-1)

        Former boss of Col. John Alexander, and the two have held numerous “spoon-bending” parties.
        Friends with Lyn Buchanan [according to a representative from PSI TECH, the two are not friends]. Married to ufologist Rima Laibow.
        (Porter, Tom, Government Research into ESP & Mind Control, March, 1996)

        Soon after becoming head of INSCOM, Stubblebbine began a program called the “High Performance Task Force”, a series of methods to improve his officer’s performance. These ranged from the neuro-linquistic programming of Tony Robbins to the hemisynch tapes of the Monroe Institute, where Stubblebine often sent his officers. (Schnabel, Jim, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997, pg 276)

        The “spoon-bending parties” were initiated by a west coast defence industry consultant, Jack Houck. (Schnabel, 1997, pg 278)”


        Coincidentally, I also learned ‘spoon bending’ at a Jack Houck fundraising event for IANDS (international association for near death studies) back around ’87 or early ’88 – same guy as Stubblebine did haha. Small world…

        ” i.b.”

  7. And no, I wasn’t using or committing SSSS technologies, but I was right beside apparant use of it and until returning home and doing a little digging, all me and some buddies knew was from rumors at the NCO club from PSYOPS units.