News 03/02/12 – Updated 2326 Hrs. Eastern

NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote


Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Subpoenas of Climate Scientists’ Emails



Canada Income Tax


Breitbart’s Tapes of Obama’s College Years to Be Released in a week





Sheriff Joe: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud

Full Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference – Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation
Ron Paul Defeats Obama In Head To Head Polling
How a Web Link Can Take Control of Your Phone
Darpa Warns: Your iPhone Is a Military Threat
Court approves warrantless searches of cell phones

Just a little reminder…

We’re watching: malls track shopper’s cell phone signals to gather marketing data



In interview, Obama says he’s not bluffing on Iran
Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.
Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say

Animal Rights Lunatic Jailed After Attempting To Hire Hit Man To Kill Random Person Caught Wearing Fur
FBI Director: Cybercrime will eclipse terrorism
Maher and Piers:  US Has Bad Relationship with Guns
These two can piss off

UN to propose planetary regulations of water, food


Obama’s Energy Secretary: We’re Not Interested In Lowering Gas Prices
Yeah, and Chu is the same ass-wipe who said we ought to paint all house roofs white to reflect less heat and lower the global temperature.
Freeway Ricky Ross – A Pawn in the CIA’s Drug Game




      • Yeah strange how no one thought it was old that the hospital held dominion over the baby, trumping that of the father.
        I find it equally disturbing that the nurse is claiming signs of PTSD similar to that of war vets. Anything for the dollar.

  1. I think the Maher and Piers thing is the wrong link. It links to weatherman talking about a tornado.

    • Works for me. If you have trouble try copying the text and search it in a search engine. Notice where they start and end with the conversation. Textbook propaganda. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill had a gun himself and was just getting paid to run his mouth.

  2. Cybercrime will eclipse terrorism

    Man the elite just keep coming up with more and more shit to gain control. Global warming, terrorism, cyber crimes, raw milk, energy use, whats next? I guess it won’t stop until we are a communist country :(

  3. I love fur. I love wearing it. I dont like killing the bunny foo foos, but, they are diseased and overpopulated. I think the otters are the hardest to skin.

    Fur is comming back, in a big way. Its natural, waterproof, pretty, and warm. And of course, its not a petrolium product. Also, its a reasorce that we all have access too.

    People who hate fur, need to research John Jacob Astor. Then tell me that the common man is the evil one.

    This is my trapping supplier–they are great. I recommend the snares from here, a need to have item in anyones go-bag.


    • The beauty part about being free is that we can wear fur or kill animals for fur if we want to and if we don’t like it we don’t have to. It goes back to individual freedom.

    • the cosmos is trying to tell me, “dump PayPal, before its too late!”

      Having them as a third party is like playing with a rattlesnake. Exciting, but dangerous.

      They dont give a damn how much money you make them, they would rather control what can and cannot be sold. I already know its a bad idea.

      I guess Im being stubbornly ignorant about that.

  4. Man I can’t stand Bill Maher. I know way too many people into his, “I’m hip, witty and funny, so I must be intelligent and right all of the time” bullcrap.

    • Me too, his show is for dumbasses. I have a family member who watches regularly, so sometimes I catch bits of it. He says the majority of climate scientists have proof of and agree about “climate change” (his “conservative” guest who publicly denied climate change had no info to oppose this lie) and that we had record breaking heat in the last decade – and the sheeple cheer…

      He also has a weekly gag about a “conservative” living in a bubble haha. He’s supposed to be some kind of alternative news source. That about sums up HBO programming for ya…

      Bill Maher disgusts me, total A-hole.

      • He’s a snake. I don’t hate him as much as Frankin or Gerofalo, I find him pretentious and he acts more intelligent than he really is. With Hollywood you have to remember some are on behavior modification drugs, and I’m afraid some don’t have the ability to make certain connections.

      • Also, at least Maher is American. Piers can go back to that spineless, gun-less, full of ugly female, crap country they call England.

    • Yeah, attitude seems to be a key part of defending their position. Bill Maher’s starting to make me believe in evolution, when I look at and listen to him I think maybe it is possible we come from pond scum.

    • I agree fuck Bill Maher and I wish he would read these posts quit his job and get a a fucking clue. I found this video on youtube and Bill Maher thinks 9/11 conspiracies are for lunatics I guess he is not playing with a full deck of cards. He says the building came down from airplanes not controlled demolition ok but what about the building that came down that wasn’t hit by a airplane HELLO FUCKING RETARD. His show is rated R for retarded.