News 02/23/12

RIP: Peak Oil – we won’t be running out any time soon


Citigroup report removed from our site on 16Apr12 due to copyright issues and per the legal notice from Kilpatrick.


Obama’s green energy programs produce “the electric brick”


America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece



Muslim Admits to Attacking Atheist; Muslim Judge Dismisses Case






Bill Clinton and Larry King off air

Ted Turner would serve you…hahahahha

The New American Divide



Man Drowns in 3 Feet of Water in Front of Government Rescuers‏



This is just a way to sacrifice more people to sway sentiment to garner more and bigger budgets.


A lot of people think only cops should have firearms…
Old Saybrook homeowner nearly shot by former cop neighbor while doing the dishes


Voter Fraud: Research study suggests major election problems‏



Don’t worry about the Apocalypse. Why Not?




  1. Election fraud? Pft. Who would have thunk it?

    I try to tell people that presidential elections and the like are fraudulent, but everyone just dismisses it as garbage.

  2. The man has the right to practice whatever religion he chooses as long as he does not harm the person or property of any other human being, but this is exactly what he did. The man uses his ignorance of the law as justification and the judge uses the laws and customs of another country as justification, what the hell happened to the rule of law in this country? (Rhetorical question)

  3. Wow, when I first read the headline about the Muslim “Judge”, I figured the story took place in some Muslim country. To think that this actually happened here in the U.S. is unfathomable. I was in complete awe after listening to the audio of that abomination of a Judge.

  4. matt d :
    interesting video:
    Don’t talk to the police

    Cool video and good info. That’s been posted here on the forum many times.

    I love these little YouTube vids of all the little scrappers with the cops and people trying for their rights. There’s a ton of them.





    I’m a 14th Amendment corporate slave, so I don’t think I even have any rights. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to invoke them like some of these other folks. It’s fun.

    Americans think rights are totally overrated. They take for granted that they get to walk around freely (except in airports of course) without having to show their papers to anyone. They have chosen to lose their Freedom instead of making the effort to protect it. Then and only then will they understand what they have lost.

    • Goodness me! When will these people realize that one must never talk to the cops? OK, repeat after me please :
      “What is the nature of your inquiry?”
      “Am I being detained?”
      “Am I free to leave?”
      If you are told you are being detained or not free to leave then speak these words :
      “Please contact my lawyer.”
      Easy stuff.
      It is idiocy to plead your case or argue with the police. Their job is to put people in jail. Period. Yes, many times they are nice guys. Even those nice guys don’t work for law abiding citizens as most of those citizens somehow believe. Keep filming, but SHUT UP!!!!!