News 02/20/12 – Updated 2050 Hrs. Eastern

Top U.N. inspectors in Iran talks on atom bomb accusations


Distinguishing Between Zionism and Judaism



Indiana next state for Obama eligibility protest‏


Citizens Take Self-Defense Into Own Hands



Obama Steals Inhabited, Oil-Rich Alaskan Territory for Russia‏


This actually has a long history and it is NOT just Bam-Bam’s doing.


Rick Santorum says President Obama’s environmental policy elevates Earth above man


America is Being Stolen, One Piece of Land At A Time…Who Is The Wizard Behind The Curtain?


They’re Watching…


And this is always a good reminder…

Computer Programmer testifies at senate hearing to election voting fraud


Why we are all Catholics now


HAHAHAHAHA…he’s just another Judas Goat.




International Tea Party?


Need some more proof that PayPal/Ebay sucks?  Here is another warning message people are getting who try to use ebay to sell, but use money orders for payment:

Attention Sellers:

  Please review your item

It appears that you are offering money order as a payment method which is

no longer permitted in the eBay marketplace. As of January 15th, we will be

removing any items that offer this payment method within the listing.

Sellers must offer to accept one or more of the following payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Credit or debit card processed through an Internet merchant account
  • Propay

Sellers may in addition offer to accept Payment Upon Pickup.

Please revise your listing by removing the banned payment method.

Based on the safety concerns and input from the Community,

eBay has established an Accepted Payments policy

that clarifies eBay’s position on payment methods.

DNA Sampling for Motorists – The Latest Threat to Privacy





  1. PayPal also will hold funds on “suspect” accounts for up to 3 weeks.
    The kicker is you still have to send out the items or you get negative feedback. In addition, you have to pay shipping costs out of pocket as well.

    Now what happens to all that money for 3 weeks? Hmmmm…

    • Hey Matt,

      This happened to me last December, right when Christmas sales were jumping. It pissed me off and I wrote to find out why they did this to my account. They didn’t give me a straight answer but instead sent me a robot letter listing the “possibilities” of why this happened, so I never really knew why it happened. The ultimate reason given was that they wanted to make sure that I would have enough in my account to give refunds if necessary.

      However, when I purchased shipping labels online, the cost was taken from the “withheld” amount. When I received positive feedback and/or confirmation of delivery, those payments were released from reserve.

      I’m not defending paypal, hope it doesn’t sound like I am. For me at this moment the dilemma is that without ebay and paypal, I get practically zero business. I don’t really know what else to use as an alternative just right now, at a time when I’m starting to pick up a little momentum.


  2. What safety concern could there be? Why would “the community” care how people pay? Wouldn’t the pay when you pick it up option be more of a safety concern if they ere concerned about safety? Sounds to me like a way to track every transaction and help herd everyone into the banking system.
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    • It also gives them exclusive business on the fee commissions. Now they charge whatever percentage that they want for the transaction. I just recently heard about this other seller site that accepts alternate forms of payment. Other than that, I know very little about this other site:

      Cool stove, nice job!


  3. Regarding Why We Are All Catholics Now:

    [T]he state is telling the Catholic Church to violate its principles and teachings. So if you are a person of faith, you must call yourself a Catholic.

    Does this intellectual lemming realize that Protestants are upset at the contraceptive mandate too? As a Lutheran (LCMS), I take offense. The Roman Catholic Church is not only saving religious freedom, but also Protestant churches. Since the RCC has more money and power, of course, it receives more coverage than Protestants. Such arrogance never seizes to amaze me. Sorry, Mr. Beck, we all are not Catholic.