News 02/09/12 – Updated 2240 Hrs. Eastern

The Federal Reserve’s Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%


An obvious ploy to make a “new dollar” more palatable to the sheeple.  It also makes it clear that congress has not stepped up to it’s constitutional duty whatsoever!


The River



Marines Posed With Nazi Symbol In Afghanistan



False Flag

A series of CIA memos describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.

Michigan Must Decide What to Do With an Unexpected Surplus


The state replaced a business tax with a corporate income tax that is expected to save businesses $1.5 billion a year, though that change did not take effect until January.

To make up lost dollars, lawmakers agreed to tax public workers’ pensions, reduce the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor, and remove or reduce other tax exemptions and deductions.

LA County Bans Football And Frisbee Imposes $1000 Fine LA County Residents Kiss Their Balls Goodbye‏


LA County residents need to get some piano wire and do the same in return to whoever supported this bullshit.


I was a Hasidic Jew – but I broke free


Here’s the Kumbaya post for the month…

Lightening in a Jar



Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress


There are easy solutions to the drone problem and it is actually quite entertaining.


Drug Firm To Pay 1 Billion Dollars for Risperdal Scandal‏



Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It –

Manuka Honey


Ethanol Mandates and Economics in the US


Facebook’s delay in erasing photos previously deleted by users is symptomatic of its struggle with privacy amid the scrutiny of an IPO‏


HPV and boys: Female physicians urge provinces, territories to pay for HPV vaccine for boys


House Conservatives Support Barack Obama’s Latest Stimulus


That’s like saying you’re going to pick up a turd by the clean end.


Match Made in Terror? African Jihadi Group Al Shabaab Joins Al Qaeda



Jeff Rense’s Abuse of Power & Trust


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  1. Ethanol Mandates and Economics in the US

    “Russell Walker is a Professional Engineer has long experience in the petroleum and chemical industries.”

    I’m no expert on this subject, but this guy is:

    There is a lot of info, including many recorded interviews, there. I must admit, I first heard of David Blume (associated with Mother Earth News) listening to Coast To Coast on one latenight drive. He says that they use CORN COBS for the fuel and not the corn. He also said that alchohol can be produced from seaweed, tumbleweeds, cactus, lawn leaves, cattails, beets, the list is endless – any plant waste, basically.

    It’s also easy and cheap to get a permit (like $15) to make your own backyard ethanol and sell to your neighbors. There are quite a few utubes that cover this process.

    To sum it up, I was quite frankly fascinated by what Blume had to say in favor of ethanol as a fuel source. Ethanol was actually the first auto fuel and Ford designed the Model T to burn it.

    Any stock car with fuel injectors produced after *1992* can run on E85 without any mods or retrofitting. More efficiency can be achieved with alcohol-specific designs.


    [from Blume’s sight]
    “In 1983, David Blume wrote and hosted a 10-part how-to television series called Alcohol as Fuel for KQED, the San Francisco PBS affiliate. He also wrote the definitive how-to book on ethanol, Alcohol Can Be A Gas!, which was going to be sold on the air.

    The book was at the printer preparing to go to press, and the first airing of the television series in San Francisco was underway, to be followed by release to 140 PBS stations nationwide. Big Oil got wind of the project and convinced KQED to halt the printing and cancel the release of the series to the rest of PBS.”


    • i have read Blumes book, Alcohol can be a gas. theres a good section on the history of alcohol fuel in Europe and America in the 1890-1950 time period. It is a must read.

  2. Jeff Rense’s Abuse of Power & Trust


    Scroll down for article


    Poor guys. And to top it all off, even after they’ve stripped these men of their money, dignity and everything else–they proceed to blame the men for all the problems though they have no control over what’s happened to them or what’s happening to their children. All because of these rotten bitches.

    When I when through hell, way back when, I realized what game was being played on me as I was on my way to see a lawyer and begin to “defend myself” from the bitch and her goon squad.

    There was the lawyer, kicking back in his plush office with a picture of himself and his family on their yacht in the Caribbean while I’m dressed in rags, working three jobs just to make ends meet. I thought, ‘now, what’s wrong with this picture’?

    On the way out of the lawyers office, it hit me square in the forehead what had to be done.

    From that moment on, I stopped myself from even speaking to the ex or the children. I stopped going to the house and stopped calling. I stopped everything dead.

    It drove the ex insane. She started calling night and day, driving by my little shithole studio apartment and spying on me. One might she knocked on my door. I shouted from the other side that if she didn’t get the fuck out of here I was going to call the cops. On another occasion, she even told me that she was going to take me to court and make it so I HAD TO COME AND VISIT MY CHILDREN.

    Things were already starting to turn around.

    On the day the court date came, I refused to even look at her. She and her lawyer were confused. I did not have a lawyer or any representation whatsoever. I sat and heard her argument and all her demands. When the judge asked me to state my case, I said I had nothing to say but to grant her every wish. Which of course, the court did just that.

    My plan worked brilliantly. Within less than two months after that court date and my complete absence, she caved in royally. I came to see my children whenever I bloody well pleased and we went where we wanted and do what we wanted. We didn’t even recognize the court orders. I just made sure to make all the payments on time and there was simply nothing she could do to me. That day in court was the first and last time we were in court. She so thoroughly embarrassed and made a fool of herself that she never quite got over it. She hurt herself in a bad, bad way.

    The whole system is just a big fucking game all these bitches, lawyers and judges are playing with we men, trying to knock our dicks in and make us crawl. Make us guilty for doing our very best and trying to carry that rotten, spoiled bitch on our backs while we struggle to give them a good life.

    Some people choose the evil, the easy way out, and will try to destroy you through the good that is in you.

    Sometimes the best way to fight back is to simply do nothing at all. Worked for me.

    Disclaimer: the techniques in Mudjack’s system were designed in proportion to Mudjack’s particular situation and may not work for everyone. Use Mudjack’s advice at your own risk (who knows? You just might win!).

      • Indeed. From time to time she’s ask me for more money than what the court ordered. I had agreed to give her the maximum amount allowed by law in the outset. I’d just laugh and do nothing or take care of the problem she was claiming myself, volunteering nothing to her directly. She couldn’t have taken me to court even if she’d wanted to.

        The more you do for them–the more they expect and the more they want. Anything I gave her went thought the state first, to ensure I was credited for it.

        The nerve of that slimy, greedy pig. Makes my skin crawl.

        Using your children to help get what you want, to get revenge, to play mind games are unthinkable acts. How can anyone do such a thing?

        • I have an old high school friend who chose to run the divorce/child custody/child support gauntlet. He got lawyers off and on over the years and fought with her tooth and nail all the time, every step of the way.

          He paid a couple hundred thousand dollars to these lawyers over the years and they never really did a thing for him except take his money. Custody never changed, child support never got lowered, etc. I meet understood what is the point to all this bullshit.

          Don’t people realize that all that money could be used for something much more important–like their children, for one example? How stupid are people? A couple hundred grand spent for literally nothing. Absolutely nothing. That money could have been put away for Jr.’s college or something. I don’t get it. Are people really that vengeful and stupid that they’re just plain blind to what they’re doing?

  3. Not only is Manuka Honey medicinal it tastes great. Just make sure you buy raw organic unpasturized and not the cheap stuff there is a huge difference in quality and price. I bought the cheap stuff for about 5-10 dollars and it is garbage. The stuff I paid 36 dollars for with even less amount of honey tasted better and looked better and you couldn’t compare the two. Whether the cheap stuff has the same medicinal properties I don’t know for sure but I doubt it.

  4. Henry Makow states,


    I am finding that the alternative media is just as controlled and compartmentalized as the mainstream. If you do not catch on with some large aggregator, your audience is limited.”

    Their homepages are either plastered with illuminist symbolism or advertisements, and their articles are ‘leftist’ pinko rhetoric.

    • This is just like the broadcast wars in the early to mid 90’s when these genre’s were more broadcast bases rather than internet based. Koernke, Cooper, Gritz, Bell, Riley, Stevens, Maxwell, Hilder, Gunderson, etc. all argued and threw accusations every direction to the point that many people who desired to listen around and find the good in each person didn’t know which way to turn.

    • Ironically, I have managed to use the Cabalistic Trivium and Quadrivium to my advantage for spotting shills, liars, agents, and dis-info.

      Enough cant be said about a good method of critical thinking these days. In fact, its crucial to our survival. Once you learn the tricks of Hegel and the Sophics–you have neutralized their power to use Word-speak as a tool against you.

      However, as Mudjack has been known to say, sometimes–you never can tell.

  5. Well has anyone seen the Iron Sky movie preview? Looks terrible, but it’s about Nazis who have remained hidden on the dark side of the moon and are now invading earth with flying saucers….

    Vladimir Terziski is probably laughing.

    • Yes, a news release had been emailed to me of it’s release, so I went and scrounged up a video of the preview. It does indeed look terrible and it is meant to be a “comedy” theoreticallly.