News 02/08/12 – Updated 2027 Hrs. Eastern

Occupy DC Plans Mayhem for Major Conservative Conference



Just a reminder…

Socialist Party of America Releases The Names of 70 Democrat Members Of Congress Who Are Members Of Their Caucus


Ron Paul Pressed On Abortion In The Case Of Rape


That’s not the Help He Wanted



Just a reminder…



In case you would rather hear the bullshit instead of reading it…



Dick Morris: Obama’s sneaky treaties


Dependency Index Surges 23% Under President Obama

Romania’s government collapses after protests


Fighting Back Against Police Abuse: Restoring the Right to Resist

‘No Food Rights’ Judge quits to work for Monsanto law firm


DIY Lockpick‏


and a paperclip one





  1. hey man, about Romania…

    they changed all the top guys, they are using dudes from the secret services, they all look scary to me really.

    Anyway things won’t change, the president is still in control and he is the real problem, all the rest are just puppets and nothing more.

    We are screwed….i hope the spring will bring us massive protests to get rid of him and also i hope people will get smart and keep the next guys in line so they should remember why are there.

    • PETA. you know, they kill the most animals by funding animal control centers!

      Gig is UP about PETA…they dont REALLY give a rats @ bout animals—its people they want to control.

      Seems like they may want to wise up before someone follows suit for fraud.

      • I agree PETA is one screwed up organization they make you feel like eating a cow is like eating your family members.

        • Soon, we’ll have to start another organization along the same lines in order to protect ourselves. We’ll call it, PETH (People For The Ethical Treatment of Humans).

          The inhumans at PETA really have no hidden agenda. They actually believe in what they are doing and are simply following their philosophy to its logical end. Of course, they aren’t intelligent enough to see what is that logical end, and so it will come as a surprise to most of them that it is their own destruction they are working toward and in fact achieving.

        • ive been told 3 times last year, and i time this year already–that eating meat is evil, and the most horrible thing I could do to others.

          really, where does this religious extremism come from?

          no reply necessary.

  2. The american socialist voter website is now offline, showing only a landing page with a link for domain purchase inquiries. One can only guess the reasons why included public outrage. What seemed to be an effort to broaden their influence has backfired on them.

  3. Joseph McCarthy was absolutely correct in his day, however the communists have infiltrated much more than just the state department, as we can clearly see!

  4. Ammo question:

    I’m about to shoot up the last of my Gold Dot ammo for my .40. I don’t need to use it anymore because I have changed occupations. My old occupation required that type of ammo specifically.

    I used to carry the Cor-Bon Power Ball ammo, which I love, but it is getting increasingly difficult to get it off the shelves here in town.

    What’s another great store-bought ammo for the .40 I can switch to? Any suggestions?

    • I went and looked in our armory to see what we had stashed, and asked my beau what he likes in 40. looks like my clan likes a 155 grain hollowpoint with muzzle velocity of about 1200 fps for self-defence/tactical operations.

      i did a quick search for competetive round and came up with these;
      Remington 155 grain JHP
      Winchester 155 grain Silvertip

      both are available at my local Bi-Mart.

      happy hunting!

      • To both of you again…

        The factory reps have told me and my destructive device dealer friend that Walmart get the ammo that doesn’t meet normal factory spec for high-performance ammunition.

        Of the two you listed, both are excellent but the XTP rounds are almost impossible to beat. Of the two listed, the Remington will typically be the most accurate and cleanest burning.

        • Much thanks for your comments, guys. I will look into it.

          Though I do not think or shoot defensively, but only to kill or destroy whatever I am aiming at. And so should you.

          I get a lot of ammo from Big 5. They beat just about anyone around for prices. I am going to check them for the articles you mentioned here.

      • I have a Remington 870 super mag 12 gauge for self defense. And I also want to get a high powered handgun which handgun would you guys go with.

        • It depends on the use of the handgun. Are you wanting it for tactical uses and killing intruders? Is it for hunting? Is it for concealed carry? Answer some of the basics and then it can be narrowed down.

          • I want something that is for tactical use because I am going to use birdshot in my remington for hunting small game as well as 00 buckshot for self defense and larger game. And as far as concealed carry goes I guess that doesn’t matter to me. I want somthing that will go through steel like butter.

        • Hey Jason,

          Based on your desires and stated purposes, the first thing you need to do is brush-up on your firearms knowledge.

          To try and answer your question which is nearly impossible, here are a few tid-bits…

          Going through “steel like butter” is more a function of the ammunition than the firearm. What you currently own has all that capability already. You can either buy or make (my preference) the ammunition in question.

          In tactical operations, using a handgun to breech steel barriers is seldom done, that task is left to the long-arm, which you already have. But, if you want to attempt to make a handgun perform that function, you can also buy or make that ammunition.

          Without a full run-down of your environment, training level, budget, physical build, skills, etc. that is about as good as I can do for you. If you wanted to pursue the issue further, then it would be a lot easier via email than these little comment boxes.


          • Your right I do need to increase my knowledge of firearms. I will e-mail you and answer all the questions so we can find myself a suitable firearm. Thank you

  5. Luke 24:42-43, “And they gave him (Jesus) a piece of a broiled fish, and of an honeycomb. And he took it, and did eat before them.” Jesus ate fish so that is my arguement against PETA.

    • Tonight, in honor of PETA, I am going out to get me a great big, hot, spicy bowl of my favorite pho’ with lots of extra beefsteak at my favorite cafe.

      I’m going to savor every luscious bite and hope that at least one bit of it was a piece of a PETA members dog the chef killed especially for me.

      I just hope the chef saved the dog hide. I will tan it and make a rug or a pair of gloves out of it.

      Treat animals ethically: one shot, one swift, humane kill.


    • the same folks claim that fish flesh isnt meat. you cant win against the tide of fools.

      i tell them to GTFOutta here before I eat them.

      • To both you and Mudjack,

        We all know eating healthy is good for us, but we need food police about like we need:

        Internet, street, train, plane, housing, green, energy, drug, drink, food, hotel, legislative, church, political, recreation, housing, banking, etc. police.

        (you can add all the items to the list you want).

      • El if you are in fact saying christians or Peta doesn’t consider fish meat you didn’t make it clear, Peta does check out Peta’s website heres the link for you http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/fish.aspx
        says that eating fish is cruel and inhumane and that it is just as bad as eating cows or chickens so even if christians don’t consider it meat or vice versa which ever you were refering to Peta is against christian beliefs.

        • One last comment. But aside the bullshit of what to eat specifically and whats right and wrong people should be able to eat whatever they want if you point the finger at a vegetarian or meatetarian you have 4 fingers pointed right back at you. Let people be free and eat what they want and express themselves and let them take there own responsibilities for there health even if they are wrong let them be free so long they do not infringe the constitution.

          P.s. they have food police in France.

  6. “Marines Posed With Nazi Symbol In Afghanistan”


    Read all about it on the Nazi Propaganda Radio site.

  7. A man was arrested for hunting a Bald Eagle. The man was asked by one of the arresting officers why he hunted Bald Eagles . I do it for the meat, the man said. Well what does it taste like, said the officer. It’s taste is somewhere between the Humpback Whale and the Spotted Owl said the man.