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Just doing some catch-up…

Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing U.N. Plot


“…now conducts seminars on how to deal with Agenda 21 critics. (Among her tips: remove the podium and microphones, which can make it “very easy for a critic to hijack a meeting.””

Piss on them, if there is no microphone or podium get up and shout – it works very well.


iHealth Tube’s Channel

Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks




She was one of the attendees at my packed speaking engagement on Thursday…

Senator Karen Johnson — Where Did the LDS Church Go Wrong




Just a reminder…

Panetta: Decision to Kill Americans Suspected of Terrorism Is Obama’s



Freedoms current path


Another American flag burned at an Occupy Oakland rally‏


Still running by the playbook.

Food stamps and the right to make unhealthy decisions‏


China publishes high-resolution full moon map


Occupy DC camp raided by police‏


Thoughts on the 36th anniversary of Roe V. Wade


Notice ole’ Gloria giving the sign?


ACORN Manipulating Votes-Again! This Time, DOJ Helping


America’s Most Dangerous Terrorists


This article is short-sighted in naming just one party…both arms of the centralized American socialists (Republicans and Democrats alike) have been hard at work.

New BS BLS Report Shows Obama Costs US $20 Trillion


Ranger zaps off-leash dog walker with shock weapon


“The ranger was trying to educate residents of the rule, Levitt said.”


“The President is a Sick Man”‏


An extraordinary yet almost unknown chapter in American history is revealed in this extensively researched exposé. On July 1, 1893, President Grover Cleveland boarded a friend’s yacht and was not heard from for five days. During that time, a team of doctors removed a cancerous tumor from the president’s palate along with much of his upper jaw. When an enterprising reporter named E. J.
Edwards exposed the secret operation, Cleveland denied it and Edwards was consequently dismissed as a disgrace to journalism. Twenty-four years later, one of the president’s doctors finally revealed the incredible truth, but many Americans simply would not believe it. After all, Grover Cleveland’s political career was built upon honesty—his most memorable quote was “Tell the truth”—so it was nearly impossible to believe he was involved in such a brazen cover-up. This is the first full account of the disappearance of Grover Cleveland during that summer more than a century ago.


9th Circuit says Forest Service plan for Sierra is flawed


There is a lot more to this then the article states.  I happen to know first hand that one of the deadly blows dealt to the their plan was by gold panning groups and freedom advocates and in fact, some of the court work had it’s first debut in the jurisdiction broadcasts – hehehe.


Detroit schools, law enforcement push truancy crackdown‏

















And again…

Justice Dept, FBI Say Interest in Online Privacy an ‘Indicator’ of Terrorism



Judge upholds Illinois law against carrying firearms in public


This is a bunch of bullshit


And even more bullshit…

FBI focused on ‘sovereign citizen’ extremists



Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability NSF-Wide Investment  (SEES)





  1. The link for the “Ranger Zaps Off-leash Dog Walker…” doesn’t seem to be working.

    Funny they introduce all these weapons as being an alternative for using deadly force, though you rarely hear of them being used that way. All those weapons are is a way to use more force and dish out punishment. Tasers have basically become electronic whips.

  2. I do agree with one part of the supreme court article. The part where the treasonous, crypt keeper says:

    “and told Egyptians that a constitution will mean nothing unless the people it serves and protects desire liberty and freedom.”

    “If the people don’t care, then the best constitution in the world won’t make any difference”

    truer words were never spoken.

    Still, I’d like to buy her a plane ticket to south africa or europe, so she can have her “charters” and “human rights” conventions.
    Maybe across the pond, they’ll guarantee that her salary can’t be reduced… since this seems to be of a higher priority to this old twat than Liberty and Freedom.

  3. Don’t know whether you covered this before but the members of the EU(ssR) are melting their military forces together into one single army. In fact there have already been operations of this army for example in Africa like “Mission Artemis” or “EUFOR RD CONGO”.
    Just read this positionpaper by the ‘SPD’ (SocialDemocrat Party of Germany) which states that the EU-Army is to function as an international peacekeeping force, of course under the EU, which in return has to respond to the UN. – http://www.spdfraktion.de/cnt/rs/rs_datei/0,,8136,00.pdf (Unfortunately I didn’t find an english version.) Also it says that “to us europeans NATO keeps being the strategic bond between the EU and the United States”.
    Just thought this might be of interest.

  4. Joey, you are absolutely correct.

    Also Jason, just consider it a laugh of irony. If I knew how, that .gif would be in our banner permanently.


  5. This takes the cake in regards to bullshit media fabrications.

    FBI: More locals seek help with anti-government extremists


    associate “sovereign citizens” with OK city –check

    image of OK city aftermath that takes up half the screen, picture of timothy mcveigh –check

    title that has absolutely nothing to do with the article — check

    “The FBI is being inundated with calls from local government officials asking for assistance in dealing with anti-government extremists, officials said.”

    well “officials said”, what more is needed to substantiate a claim? Pulitzer prize stuff right there.
    I really got a good chuckle from the lack of effort that went in to this “news” piece(of shit)

  6. Guess Dr. Coldwell hasn’t figured out male pattern baldness. Maybe he should give Dr. Christopher a call. Not buying that PH stuff. Though similar.

  7. At least in some states you can still openly carry guns, nothing like that is even whispered here in Canada. To launch a campaign to not only reverse gun control but also persuade “politicians” and the people that carrying arms in public for self defense is just and right, now that would be a feat of incredible difficulty.

    • Open Carry is all the rage in my neck o the woods. Some businesses around here allow it, as a way to boost sales…

      or, rather, to boycott those who do not allow OC in their stores.

  8. “I happen to know first hand that one of the deadly blows dealt to the their plan was by gold panning groups and freedom advocates and in fact, some of the court work had it’s first debut in the jurisdiction broadcasts – hehehe.”

    Now that’s got to make you guys feel good. Congratulations and thank you.

  9. Another American flag burned at an Occupy Oakland rally‏


    Still running by the playbook.


    I don’t understand. Why are people scared of these people? Why do they let them get away with this shit? Why aren’t people hitting back?

    It’s OK for the protestors to use violence and to see them walking around with their chests stuck out, acting tough; but when they get hit back they all start screaming and crying like little girls, saying, “Oh, my God! Look! They’re using violence against us!!!!!!!”

    My neighborhood may not be the best organized neighborhood, but most of us would never tolerate this shit.

    We were walking down on the Strip one morning to get breakfast some years ago while that Sigfried and Roy tiger attack was being protested. As we passed by the protest, one of those lunatics jumped in front of us, nearly knocking over one of the children and started shouting some angry gibberish. I stepped into him, nearly knocking him over instead, knocking his sign out of his hand and sending it sliding down the sidewalk. I screamed
    at him at the top of my lungs, “Hey!!!!!!! Watch where the fuck you’re goin’, asshole!!!!!!!” He got scared and backed up and backed off.

    Decent people should never tolerate trash and filth in their neighborhoods.