News 01May12 – Updated 2252 Hrs. Eastern

CISPA Passes The House With Tea Party Support


Mine was one of the 28 Republicrat “noes” and was also the Rep. to introduce the Anti-NDAA legislation before the NDAA was signed (by the guy who said he had reservation of it, just like he is saying on CISPA).  He isn’t perfect as no Rep. is perfect, but a few classes and seminars we have conducted with him and his staff have certainly helped.  In fact, just today I was asked by the staff in Washington to do some Jurisdictional Restraint work.


Former Senator Trent Lott Lobbies for U.N. Treaty He Vehemently Opposed


Trent was always an ass-wipe.

Skype investigates tool that reveals users’ IP addresses



Five arrested in suspected bridge bombing plot near Cleveland


Watch this story closely and the sundry side actions develop.

FBI Controlled Bombs‏


The World Is Full of Threats


In an era of persistent conflict the Army Materiel Command is anticipating further intelligence requirements and figuring out what it means to maintain a strategic edge through the logistic lifecycle.”


A Den of Robbers

Homeland Security Raids Flea Market‏


Homeland Security has nothing else to do than stop trademark infringement?  I thought that was the FBI’s job.




      • HAHAHAHA – I think I remember that from the old campfire days at Thunder-horse Ranch

        Do you remember that microbrewery and label that ole Biker Liz owned? Hahahahaha – Behold A Pale Ale

        • Oh yeah! after a few of those it should of been called Behold a Roll Of T.P. Great memories!

  1. Anyone watch The History Channel lately?

    They are playing lots of episodes of their “Top Shot” programming.

    They have the coolest weapons on that show. Every kind of pistol you can imagine, along with everything else from simple slingshots to atlatyl to shotguns, rifles, cannons — and just about anything else you can think of. Then they put the participants under pressure and make them perform with the weapons in team competitions, elimination challenges and it’s $100,000.00 for top shot.

    I’m not an avid boob tuber, so I haven’t seen too many of the shows, but I think it would be very cool to watch two of the participants duel in an elimination challenge. Of course, they’d have to use paint ball guns or something of that nature, but it would still be great fun to see a duel. Anyone watch the show? Have they done a duel already? I want to see two of those assholes duel.

    They have just about every kind of shooter one can imagine, too. Everyone from highly trained military specialists to computer geeks who shoot on the weekend for fun and everything in between.

    Lots of shit blowing up and lots and lots of bullets flying. Pretty fun show.

  2. Hey, have you heard/seen of the video coming out with Charlie Daniels, etc. called “Behold a Pale Horse”? http://www.thepowerhour.com had a discussion about it and played a little clip of it. Check it out and see what you think of it.

    • Nothing wrong with that. Only I wouldn’t make them buy their own guns and ammo. I would simply have it on hand and they would only need sign out the weapons and the ammo and government would provide the training, sort-of-like what they do in the military.

      That way, we wouldn’t have to wait around for people to comply and no one would be without a gun – ever.

      “The Great Object is – that every man be armed.” — Patrick Henry

      • I actually do not like that one bit; if they can require one thing, they can require another.

        I should be free not to own a gun if I do not want to do so.

        • Government is often defined as, “a necessary evil”. I can’t think of a more fitting definition. For government is force and force is sometimes necessary to the security of a free state and necessary to the security of the Individual under criminal attack.


          I, for one, am not an advocate of the death penalty, for example. It is not a necessary evil, it is not killing in self-defense in the face of imminent danger. It is murder, pure and simple. And two wrongs don’t make it right. Christians, especially, should understand this, as it is stated in their own Ten Commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

          On the other hand, when a person is attacked by criminals or the state, the killing becomes necessary for the Individual’s survival; he is left with no choice but to kill or be killed. In this context, KILLING, which is evil, becomes NECESSARY, i.e., REQUIRED — that is, if one desires to remain alive (whether the Ten Commandments or God likes it or not).

          I think that it would be much easier to force people to have and train with guns as a means of bringing about the necessary evil to keep men safe and politically free than it would be to weed out the people who would refuse to bear arms and see to it they are separated from the rest of us and forced to live in some pacifist area of the country, where they would no longer be a threat to the safety and survival of the rest of us. Criminals and outside invaders could have their way with them, as they desire.

          I see no reason why I should ever have to use force to protect someone(s) who refuse to engage in the act of doing it themselves.

          Those who do not wish to bear arms are those pacifists who wish to be wiped from the face of the earth forever. Just as it is evil to kill, it is also evil not to do that which is necessary for self-preservation. It is also evil for pacifists to expect those who are willing to kill to do their killing for them. For the killer is expected to subject himself to greater danger to protect those who refuse to kill, i.e., those who are not worthy of their own lives in the first place. It is folly to risk one’s own life over something or someone not worth protecting in the first place.

          I don’t like carrying guns around anymore than most people do. They’re big and heavy, clunky, dirty, loud, expensive and in the hands of the wrong people and in the case of malfunction — can be downright dangerous. I’m not a gun nut and I don’t really know much about them and don’t really want to try to learn. I carry guns because the best thing about having a gun is having a gun and because guns are NECESSARY, i.e., we NEED THEM to secure a free state.

          “A well regulated militia, being NECESSARY to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

          • “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

            When one refuses to bear arms, he infringes upon that right to bear them, not only his own right, but the right of everyone else at the same time.

  3. The Real Reason Ben Bernanke Resists the Gold Standard


    “The fact that the chairman devoted substantial time to the subject suggests that the idea of a new gold standard is gaining traction and that some public rebuttal was required. That’s interesting because for decades mainstream economists of the Bernanke type have disparaged the role of gold. If a new consensus is emerging that gold has some role to play, this is a threat to the beliefs of Bernanke and others such as Paul Krugman who take the view that money-printing capacity is essentially unlimited.”

  4. I’m getting a lot of intel today, so just passing on all these links,forgive me if it is excessive.


    FBI Dupes May Day Anarchists into Bogus Terror Plot

    “In typical fashion, the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that five self-styled left-wing anarchists arrested late Monday for allegedly trying to blow up a bridge near Cleveland were actually shepherded through every step of the supposed plot by government agents. The FBI later claimed nobody was ever in real danger because the federal government gave the alleged “terrorists” fake bombs.”

      • That’s what I was taught in my honors european history class in high school: anarchy is left wing. Fucking jesuits…

        • granted, Most of the self proclaimed “anarchists” i’ve ever met are just communists who like to dig through store dumpsters and not bathe. “punk-rock” hippies. the same would tell you Hitler was far right.

    • and, know…..its normal for them to provide the props……making work for themselves.

      this is really insane–multiple levels of stupidity here.

    • This is an interesting and tragic thing…..
      ever notice AZ gets front and center attention when a gun event happens?

    • I can’t see any reason why the shooter would need target a toddler, but bagging the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi may have been a pleasant surprise for the dead shooter, had he lived to learn about it. I’m not much of a Nazi fan myself. Socialism is for the dead-in-the-head — dead-in-the-head-like-the-head-on-a-dick-on-a-dog.

      Again it is likely this shooter got away with too much only because there were too many sheep standing around without guns and without knowing a little bit about shooting them.

      One does not need be an expert.

        • Yeah, I didn’t hear the guy proclaiming any New National Socialism. He sounded like a perfectly rational fellow in that little interview.

          Either he was being evasive for the cameras or someone’s making shit up again.

        • Great find Zach. Never would have made the connection with this story and this previous video of him, shame on me.

          That video you posted, was posted on here a while back. When I watched it the first time I saw no evidence from this man’s language that would indicate that he was a neo-nazi or even supported it. He had a website as well, there was no nazi rhetoric there either.

          His website, which is no longer available,
          was simply about protecting the border of the state they lived in. that was it.

          You’re definitely right Zach, this whole thing stinks.

    • in this case, dead men tell no tales.

      Imagine if no one would have survived Ruby Ridge….how that couldve been spun.

      Video cameras. All over the house. I know is f-ed up. Its part of your insurance policy should an agent come knocking…..

  5. Analysis: Bin Laden papers details

    “The selection of 17 documents represents just a tiny fragment of the 6,000 said to have been recovered from Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan after his killing.”

    Documents are contained in article.

    “ABC channel is all right; actually it could be one of the best
    channels, as far as we are concerned.”

    Okaaaay then….