News 01/26/12 – Updated 1924 Hrs. Eastern

Just catching up…

Mossad Posing as CIA‏



Cocaine mistakenly sent to UN headquarters


Intelligence Community Moving Toward Shared IT‏



Medicare nominee gets lifetime payout



Obama to Ignore Order to Appear in Atlanta Court



Gingrich opens door for illegal immigrants


$133 billion in TARP funding still hasn’t been repaid


Sorry State Of The Union


FDA strikes again: Cheerios now a “drug,” must be “approved”



New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who’s accountable?


Illuminati Toys



Just a reminder…

The God Makers



Obama Admin Loses Fight to Persecute Pro-Life Activist


Life Sentence For Spanking?‏


Mass Incarceration and Criminal Justice in America


Drifting Nantucket ghost boat comes ashore in Spain after three-year, 3,500-mile journey


The New Police Siren You Can Actually Feel‏


What goes on in the mind of a sniper?‏


The Pentagon Newest Stealth Spy Aircraft Is a Flying Sperm





    • Cool. I will write a letter for VonNotHaus. He goofed, big time, but at least he tried.

      I participated actively in the Liberty Dollar. Man, those were fun, good times. I had put together a little network of folks I traded with for goods and services in silver and copper– and it was growing when the Liberty Dollar got busted. Good times that ended in a very sad scene.

      VonNotHaus should have listened to his friends sooner.

      He still owes me quite a few coppers. We gotta bust him outta jail so I can get my coppers.

      • From what I understand, the Government has seized the metals, until his sentencing. Then there will be a forfeiture trial to resolve the issue of what to do with the 9 tons of metal he had stored.

    • I say screw that guy. I smell a rat here. Seems like more hegellian dialectic. I can’t remember who, but ahwile back when HOTT posted about the feds going after him, someone commented : “you can always tell an op by the cutsie little names….” That may be reaching, but either way I just don’t agree with his solution.

      • I agree, he was issuing script while saying he was against the Fed Reserve. In fact, I couldn’t help but almost fall down laughing when I saw one of his notices letting people know that they would be doing a “split”, like when stocks and bonds go through a split, devaluing their own stuff (fractional reserve banking). As well, it was rather ironic when I saw ads of theirs, sent to me by people I kept warning about his scam, that the price of his script was almost twice the silver value. Sooooo, pay the equivelant price of two-ounces of silver to get a certificate that states it’s value as one-ounce. All the while we were doing broadcasts on how to authoritatively buy junk silver and protect yourself at real market value, not double-inflated paper “promissory note” value.

          • Neither do I, it is no different than any other “promissory notes” and again negates the physical possession of the commodity.

            You may also remember my broadcast and notices sent out 4 and 5 years ago concerning the big push many “patriots” were doing on their subscribers or listeners concerning gold and silver ETF’s. I warned that the bulk of them were being issued in large excess of the amount backing them (ala federal reserve notes). Then about 6 months after my warnings (I posted some news links on the reports) several investment houses disclosed that the ETF’s were being issued, in some cases, in excess of 60% over the supply of gold available. So, the customer was holding another piece of paper.

        • I don’t smell a rat, but I do smell a fuk-up.

          I remember the warehouse receipts he was selling. That was hilarious. One of the people in our little trade group sent a few of those to me in payment for something and I sent them back, saying, ‘Hey! Send me the coins! Not this paper shit!’ He sent me the coins.

          I don’t remember the split ordeal.

          I’m still sending the letter. I want that guy out of the slam. I want my coppers.

      • His solution may be bad, but so is the Fed solution. They issue funny-munny–and everyone’s plenty guilty of carrying plenty of that shit around and no one is locking the Fed away in the slammer for it. Hell, they’re getting richer and raping us even more!

        Let VonNotHead go free. No one is hurt. No property is damaged. Leave the poor bastard alone.

        And I want my coppers!!!!!!!

  1. So a lot of newer NYPD cruises have this new type of siren and I must admit it is very uneasy. It’s sort of indescribable but when you’re waiting at a stop light you can feel the low freq pulses rapidly and it kind of scares you. Sounds like a weird creature driving by.

  2. I heard Obama Say that anyone who thinks Americas financial state is getting worse they don’t know what they are talking about. What a lie. America is being slowly destroyed for years now.

  3. “Hey Clinton! They found your bags! Pick them up at the reception at the UN building. Cheers! – Ollie and Poppy”