News 01/20/12 – Updated 2340 Hrs. Eastern

Gun-scanning cameras could hit streets soon



Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research‏



Porterville Post



La. lawmaker seeks pajamas-in-public ban



US government hits Megaupload with mega piracy indictment



Rick Santorum Law License Suspended‏



Health plans ordered to cover birth control without co-pays





  1. 1channel.ch has links to a dozen or so sites like Megaupload. One that is more popular on 1channel.ch is called Putlocker.

  2. Random

    I recently watched the movie Harold And Kumar Christmas (Kal Penn who worked in the white house as of service in ”public engagement”) , which is a THIRD installment of the movie. And I was disgusted! I couldn’t believe all the disrespect towards Christianity, Parenting.. the pushing of Marijuana, Homosexuality and not to mention a baby being stoned and addicted to cocaine. I haven’t heard the word ”Fuck” be used in a movie this much in a while(Promotion of ungodly Sex?). It was hard to watch, I regret laughing. It was evil. And also, at the beginning of the movie there were ”occupy protesters” playing the role as angry ”Hippies” who were against corruption. They had no relevance to the movie whatsoever. And this is not the first movie or tv show that they have used protesters as characters. Oh yeah and it was in NY. I can discuss the whole movie but I want you guys to watch it.

    My opinion is that this guy Kal penn is cointelpro and he has infiltrated the American youth and has worked on mind conditioning us since his first Harold And Kumar movie. With the promotion of weed-The NY public is addicted to it, I don’t even know if its weed anymore…..Anyhow, check the movie out!

    • I agree with you M1K. Hollywood is glorifying drug use,sex,violence. But that is what makes movies more interesting and easier to sell. As the saying goes, “Sex Sells”. I do agree that alot of young children watch movies like this and it definetly influences them, which is not a good thing. Music also influences young children. If you are interested in a documentary on this matter check out ” They Sold There Souls For Rock And Roll”. Some of the things on that documentary are a little far fetched. But its main message and facts on how music and movies are destroying Americas moral fabric are worth taking a look at. Like The Hour of The Time has taught me, “They Are destroying Our Country From Within”, and what better way then to influence young minds. Anyone please correct me if I am wrong.

    • I’m thinking no one needs to check out this movie.
      It will only waste time that could better be spent doing almost anything else.

      It is tempting to watch the idiocy of things, the way they are, so to speak, but one’s time might be better spent watching the Republican debates. Of course, even that would be a waste of time, but at the very least it’s slightly more relevant. Same game, just a different market audience.

      If you’re seriously committed to making things better maybe you’ll stop watching TV altogether and spend your time memorizing the constitution.

      Not intended as an insult, just something to think about.