News 01/18/12 – Updated 2214 Hrs. Eastern

TSA workers to wear monitoring devices to test if scanners have dangerous levels of radiation


Read how the testing has been/will be conducted and you will see that the resulting reports and data will be skewed, as planned.


Age of America’s cars reaches highest level in Polk survey



Just a reminder…

Courts Say Christian Church Not Allowed to Practice Christianity



-Al Garza on the Minutemen, FEMA Camps and Who Should Be Our Next President


Among other things, I disagree with the presidential part, but that is his call in his interview to make.


Obama Rejecting Pipeline, Pokes Back At GOP


There is a lot more to this issue than the press it telling people.  Yes, Obama is an ass-wipe for doing this (he can’t get his work done in a 60 day comment period, but fed agencies routinely only give states and counties 30 day comment periods) by falling back on that bullshit safety net of “ecologically sensitive” areas.  I sat in hearings as a consultant during the 50-states legislature meeting where energy officials and the Canadian government made presentations on the pipeline.  What it comes down to is Bam-Bam, Lisa Jackson and Billary are hell bent on destroying our energy and production capabilities through ever increasing energy production costs and environmental regulations.


W. House to prevent bottlenecks after nixing pipe-source


More bullshit…he had to have Russia deliver fuel to Alaska, but he’s going to prevent bottlenecks for the whole country.

Central Falls, R.I., Loses Democracy



Government Math Hides True Unemployment




Progressive Snapshot


And some more bullshit to help the all-seeing eye.





  1. “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” – Sir John Harrington, 1561 – 1612

  2. So how can they give radiation meters to TSA workers in 100 U.S. airports when the body scanners are only in 78 airports according to the article?

  3. I try to tell people that the U6 model is the actual way to tell what the unemployment rate is, but most just shrug it off.

    Just like everything else I say to them. Just hits them and bounces off.

  4. that progressive commercial looks like a satire piece, out of something like Robocop or another dystopian film.

  5. On the Subject of : Obama Rejecting Pipeline, Pokes Back At GOP
    Despite the fact Obama is basically playing “Politics” cause he knows there is a Election Primary going on. So he, like Clinton, are playing the role of caring for the people/counties and a humane environment etc…etc.. You know, it’s either Obama is setting the stage for another elite asset (political puppet) or he’s planning a surprise for the GOP nominee come time to Presidential Election (where they both know at that moment) One will play the hard Left-Wing/or Right-Wing rhetoric in order to give the other candidate the Presidency.

    This has happen all through-out history, I’ll say probably before the turn of the 20th-Century. George Washington and John Adams thought of Parties as nothing more then just dissented political tools use against the American people instead of helping the American People, hence Democracy which is really Autocracy or Aristocracy which ever you prefer.

    Thank You HOTT, Please keep up the good work!