News 01/13/12

I’ve been on the road for almost 48 hours, so just getting caught up around here…

The US Supreme Court in 1866 Struck Down Lincoln’s Martial Law and Military Tribunals‏



However, here’s the caveat:  “…the Constitution prohibited military trials of civilians where civil courts remained open. Martial law was only permissible, he insisted, in “the theater of active military operations,” where civil courts could no longer function…Chase insisted that Congress under its war powers had the authority to enact martial law, even in areas removed from the theater of war.”


Another ATF weapons operation comes under scrutiny



5 Things You Should Know About the FBI’s Massive New Biometric Database


Ron Paul’s campaign music: Darth Vader’s ‘Imperial March’‏


The 10 Worst States for Retirees in 2012


Look where the bulk of them are geographically.


EBT Nation-14,000,000+ Americans Added to Food Stamps since 2009



Albert Parsons…anybody remember what he was famous for?



Twelve More Solyndras



Veteran with rifle fatally shot by Raytown police





  1. I recently read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat. I was struck by something I read in the foreword by Walter E. Williams:

    “Frederic Bastiat could have easily been a fellow TRAVELER of
    the signers of our Declaration of Independence.”

  2. The 10 Worst States for Retirees in 2012



    I’m not surprised at all to see MN on the list. A very socialist state with very high taxes. I left there to get away from all that and all the Squareheads.

    The trouble with Minnesota is that it’s full of Minnesotans.

    Unfortunately, I see scores of these socialists retiring out here in the west and bringing their socialism with them, much in the same way the socialists and gangsters of Los Angeles destroyed their county and then started pouring into Las Vegas, thinking they could breathe free and clean again. It was only a matter of time until they ruined this city, too, making it dirty and more corrupt, by far and away, than it had ever been.

    Easterners, Midwesterners and Los Angelians — GO HOME!!!!!!!!

    (After you dump your retirement savings and junior’s college money into our slot machines first, of course).

  3. “But the final answer can not be personal. For individual liberty can not long exist except among multitudes of individuals who choose it and are willing to pay for it.” — Rose Wilder Lane “Give Me Liberty”

  4. You can carry a gun when your temper is hot
    Just don’t act out and don’t point it at cops
    Don’t wave it at neighbors when you’re smashed as a skunk
    Lock it up in the safe before you get drunk

    Now if the cops or the neighbors point their guns with out reason
    Then it’s not only shot per shot — but open fuckin’ season!!!!!!!

  5. Makes sense for Ron paul to keep winning. Hes going to “open” more minds as he progresses and people will “wake up”,but by then,( sheesh by now) it will be too late. America is Amerika because of these sheople.
    I always smelled an outcome like this;Ron Paul would become president, due to the “awakening” of “truthers” aka the fans of Afex Jonsey. The regular sheople will be mad when Paul wins and they will be forced into this crisis of “awakening”. And they will feel hopeless and lost after realizing everything they thought they knew was bullshit. Chaos will ensue.
    What a sick sick game THEY are playing. I refuse to call THEM humans. Seems like Afex Jonsey has been used this whole time to hype up Ron Paul hence the Darth vader theme. You know, last year that theme was played a lot at baseball games. Talk about Conditioning of the sheople. GRRR!

  6. I like the Article about: The US Supreme Court in 1866 Struck Down Lincoln’s Martial Law and Military Tribunals‏. It’s very interesting cause I’ve been reading some books on Lincoln (well, only two books) “Killing Lincoln” By Bill O’ Reilly and learned about Conspiracies surrounding Lincoln’s Death ( personally, the book is more for like High Schoolers and Freshman College Students, Not for mature Adults, Trust me) The other book is called “The Eloquent President” By Ronald C. White, Jr. (biography of Abraham Lincoln through his words). What’s strange and interesting about this book (only 2 pages into Ch. 2) is that it describes Lincoln characteristic personality from 1837 – 1861 ( In my opinion) Lincoln strangely showed a sadness when he departed his Home Town Springfield, Illinois to Washington D.C. As if he knew he wouldn’t return and by the time he was inaugurated he also knew the type of power grabs and trampling of the Bill of Rights that were set to take place, but no one during that time period didn’t even know his policies until he took power March 4, 1861. Also (by the books statements) Lincoln was secretive about his policies, in fact, he refused to discuss his policies until he took power. Thank You HOTT! Keep Up The Good Work!

  7. Parsons: former confederate soldier; former anarchist, who was convicted for his “participation” in the Haymarket police riot, Chicago May 4 1886.
    One of four men to die by hanging, November 10 1887.
    (5th died by suicide)

  8. I like that Ron Paul is winning and keeps getting more popular. I would like to see him become president. It will be interesting, to say the least…

    I am not a voter. I think the only real reason people vote is because they believe, stupidly and falsely of course, that an authority controls them. And the only way to get some control over their own lives is to vote in the controller of their choice; one who will think and act as they do and who will keep their enemies under his thumb. Voting is dangerous and stupid. It is mob rule.

    We are supposed to be a nation of laws and Freedom — not a nation of morons controlled by politicians and government entities.

    Government is an agent, not an entity.

    Government can not move if the people will not.

    • Basically when you vote your giving permission to get ‘screwed’. In some countries, it’s against the law not to vote.

  9. Stephen :
    Basically when you vote your giving permission to get ‘screwed’. In some countries, it’s against the law not to vote.

    Voting solves nothing. Voters can only vote the incumbent out. And when he’s out, the newbie inherits all the oldie’s arbitrary powers.

    And if you think he’s going to give up those powers — you are wrong.

    Government is a parasite. Pure and simple. It will grow, like a tick or a leech, until it dies — unless it is checked and balanced from time to time. Our government is not checked and is not balanced and is near certain destruction.

    This is the normal course, the very nature of the way government works. This fact cannot be escaped. Government is either checked and balanced or it will run wild until it implodes. Our government has been given the consent of the people to run wild until it implodes, as it can happen only with the consent of the people. And worse… It has not only been given consent, but the running wild has been prayed and begged for, demanded!

    A right is inherent, inalienable — a ballot is not.

    Government is not here to dole out the privileges of voting and voters, but to protect the inalienable rights of the citizens who have entrusted them with getting and keeping that job done.

    We do not have Freedom because the people don’t want Freedom. The people aren’t up to the philosophy and the way of life that is Freedom.

    It is easier to let the mob rule and vote in the latest tyrant.