News 01/04/12 – Updated 2224 Hrs. Eastern

Police Kill Armed 8th-Grader in Brownsville, TX School



Santorum’s Nephew Backs Rep. Paul



City fines and fees double, triple for minor and major offenses


Emanuel Admits he Misspoke on Special G8 Fines – Fines Will Be Permanent



Airport Food Review: Detroit Healthiest, Atlanta Falls to Bottom‏


Can you believe this?  Detroit is #1 in something other than murder, robberies, unemployment and poverty…something positive reported for once.


Woman shoots, kills intruder: 911 operators say it’s okay to shoot



Virginia School Accused Of Making Students Perform Pro-Occupy Song


Listeria threat prompts fourth Wisconsin cheese recall





  1. If the parents would have taught their child about guns, the responsibility that goes with them, when and when not to use them, and the reason why we have the 2nd Amendment, this would not have happened. But now we have yet another event which will be used to attack the Constitution.

  2. Al Whore should go get eaten by one of them so he can study their insides and see how they are adapting.

  3. “I can’t tell you that you can do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby,’ the dispatcher told her. ” = “It’s ok to shoot” ?

  4. Hannibal, I caught that too actually, but maybe it’s somewhere in the complete recording? The text of the article says that she said It’s okay to shoot once he enters the house.

    • In the article the detective is the one saying “it’s ok to shoot…”. They quote him right after they quote the 911 call. I made the same mistake when I first read it. But yeah maybe in the full recording. I just think it’s funny that the headline and the article don’t jive.