News 03/18/12 – Just a reminder of the sad state of affairs in this country

Just a reminder…

Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness


Executive Order 12919


Holder 1995: We Must Brainwash People on Guns

Federal Register – Executive Orders and Codification


‘Friends’ line up for Obamacare Supreme Court challenge



  1. I just want to make sure people understand that Executive Orders apply to the Executive Branch of Government. The Executive Branch can only do what the Constitution gives it authority to do. Why am I stating this here? Because I have heard too many talk show hosts imply or state that Executive Orders somehow override the Constitution and that is pure BS. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land. Anyone trying to change that fact should be looked at as IGNORANT or a possible traitor spreading lies.

    P.S. How about Presidential Directives? Again, the President HAS NO AUTHORITY TO OVERRIDE THE CONSTITUTION. He is suppose to EXECUTE (implement) THE LAWS OF THE LAND. How about treaties? No, treaties CANNOT OVERRIDE THE CONSTITUTION EITHER in case you have heard that scam as well. They are made “in pursuance thereof (THIS CONSTITUTION)” as stated in the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. This is just my 2 cents worth for today regarding the misrepresentations of our laws.

  2. The E.O.’s and the P.D.D.’s are not the threat, it’s how they’re interpreted and abused that are the real threat. Generally by insidious agents seeking to usurp our Constitution who are willing to abuse anything and everything at hand to do so.

  3. Precisely! There are many things that are against the Constitution, or, more importantly, against the intent and spirit enshrined in the Constitution, that exist today than there are things that follow it.

    Just by having those words down on paper, it gives the psycophants the little impetus needed to go on their own holy crusade against whatever pet peeve they perceive that needs tending.

    Sadly, the judicial & legislative branches seem hell-bent on validating the federal power grabs enacted by several Executive administrations; we have no relief from those quarters (with few exceptions).

    Overall, it’s a trend, and the E.O.’s & P.D.D.’s reflect that trend to give authority where none should exist.

  4. “We have to be REPETITIVE about this, its not enough to simply have a CATCHY AD on a Monday and then do it every Monday, we need to do this EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK and really BRAINWASH the people(sheople) into vastly thinking of guns in a different way. We also want to have a hot line that we will set up and have the number of the hot line just go out there and that would be something that people would have BLAZING IN THEIR MINDS so that when they see a gun and when they become familiar with the facts they would call that hot line and pass the information on(snitch)”
    -Eric Holder 1995