HOTT Newslinks 04/29/09-PM


Cap-And-Trade: Al Gore’s Cash Cow

Al Gore is nothing but a communist liar and is almost at the top of the socialist %@%$ pile!
Secession Is in Our Future – Hooray!
Regular flu has killed thousands since January

Swine flu getting focus, but so far it’s not deadly in United States

*Since January, more than 13,000 have died of complications from seasonal flu

*Worldwide annual death from the flu estimated between 250,000 and 500,000

*About 9 out of 10 flu deaths are among people older than 65
Yeah, but it’s not new and scary to give the talking heads and government something to leverage with.

Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO

Reveal the Dangers of Hate Laws


Remember the other day I said to watch what government does while everyone is chasing swine!
USA Buys Enough Guns in 3 Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Army
Another piece of great news!  See, HOTT doesn’t always report bad news.
Las Cruces student dies Tuesday after falling ill
HOTT has done a bunch of speaking engagements in L.C.
Developments on swine flu in Conn.
Time For Arlen Specter To Go

More proof that both parties are the same.
Why the U.S. Still Hates Cuba
EFF urges Congress to shine light on FBI data mining
Fed Is Said to Seek Capital for at Least Six Banks
Obama Orders Review of New York Flight as Cost Put at $328,835
FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic
Not swine flu: Plane’s passengers had too much to drink
Economy shrinks at 6.1 percent pace in 1Q


  1. That picture reminds me of “The Terminator.” But which side is the inhuman, nonthinking servant of global overlords? Oh, wait.

    Yeah, those gun sales are something else. Can’t rightly say if that’s good or bad, if you get my drift. Still can’t get the good stuff out in Californee anyway.

    As the situation progresses, secession seems more and more plausible, yet still completely undesirable and hugely problematic to say the least. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Any way you look at the radar, the storm clouds on the horizon draw near.

  2. Selling guns is a terrible thing. It has broken my heart every time I sold a gun. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Buying guns however is one of the most wonderful experiences one can have any time of the year.

    Glad to see the folks in America getting out and stocking up on firepower and going out blasting. Shooting is just down right fun! As far as I am concerned, it is our national pastime. Leave those ball game fags behind and break out the ammo. Skeet Surfin’ with a bunch of cute chicks anyone? Let’s go! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf7_v9d2Ghw

    You should have seen the HOTT Crew layin’ down the .12 gauge firepower at HOTT Conference 2008. It was the ultimate obscene hot lead meltdown in the fantastically beautiful White Mountains of Arizonaadventureland. The experience rekindled my passion for the mighty .12 gauge. I have done quite a bit of stocking up and accessorizing my pump since Oct. ’08.

    Great meals, great friends, great big fun. — and you just might learn something along the way.

  3. dont just stock up.find some like minded friends in your city and have places ready to go to just in case it really does pop off. i.t.

  4. Why lookee here. First Ted. Now Mr. Intangible, it’s gettin’ to be less of a ghost town round these here parts all the time.

    C’mon now, Ted. Nothing beats a good smoke during the seventh inning stretch. 😉

  5. Hey Ted,

    And don’t forget Matt’s amazing rock hurling abilities.

    This year the crew will be doing urban environment drills, with metal reactive targets, etc.

  6. Im definately trying to make it out there for the ’09 conference. Just gotta get the money right. Got a lot on my plate right now. But I think things will work themselves out. It does sound like a great deal.

  7. Everyone’s got a lot on their plate right now, Silva. That’s no excuse. Lol. I am barely hanging on by a thread, but, by golly — I will be there no matter what!!!!!!!

    Work it out and we’ll see you there. You won’t be sorry you did. I know, someone said this before, but I like it: “it is the learning vacation of a lifetime. Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than a HOTT Conference. I know, I’ve done them all, and HOTT delivers the goods. No doubt about it.

  8. Im with you Ted. Ill be at the there irregardless. No vacation quite like it. I have alot on my plate as well, but the conference is the main course over here.

  9. HOTT Broadcast

    I was listening to one of the Bill broadcasts where he’s taking calls on the topic of UFOs. He mentioned that Orson Welles was related to H.G. Wells. I searched google to find information to support this claim but I couldn’t find anything. Does anyone have any evidence or document to support this? Wikipedia did say that Orson Welles, born in Wisconsin is from English ancestry. That’s as close as I got.

    I did find an old radio recording where Welles supposedly meets Wells for the first time ever.
    If you go to this site, notice the picture of Welles and behind him a poster of an eye and the letter “i” resembling an obelisk with the sun just above it.

    War Of the Worlds 1938 Broadcast:

    The New World Order by H.G. Wells pdf, published 1940:

    awakenedbybill, there is an abridged version of Pale Horse, as JaquesDeNoir mentioned. I downloaded it from Amazon, it’s about 3 and a half hours long. I use this text reading software a lot:
    It will even rip the audiotext to MP3. The speech is robotic but I still think it’s pretty cool and I burn whole ebooks to one mp3 CD.

    JaquesDeNoir, next time you want to download something you might consider going to an internet cafe or a library and doing it there.

    It would be nice if we could post a new subject to this forum but if not, I imagine you guys at HOTT have your reasons. I chose this thread because it’s the most active. I haven’t emailed Def Jam but I’m pretty sure Nas knows we’ve been talking about him.