HOTT Newslinks 03/30/09-AM

Job losses across the financial services industry are gathering pace, research shows today.  And the sector is likely to shed a further 30,000 posts by June, according to the Confederation of British Industry.  The employers’ organisation calculates that 11,000 financial jobs were lost in the final three months of last year.
Gordon Brown faced huge embarrassment on the eve of the G20 summit as it was revealed that Britain is heading for the top of Europe’s borrowing league
Arkady Dvorkevich, the Kremlin’s chief economic adviser, said Russia would favour the inclusion of gold
bullion in the basket-weighting of a new world currency based on Special Drawing Rights issued by the International Monetary Fund
Pretense for invasion?
Dozens of suspected militants fired rockets early Saturday at a transport terminal in northwest Pakistan that is used to ship supplies to NATO troops based in Afghanistan, police said.
Britain has offered its full backing for a renewed military offensive inside
Pakistan, as UK ministers confirmed the country was now “part of a single campaign” alongside Afghanistan.