News 04/03/12 – Updated 2314 Hrs. Eastern

Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, former Chancellor of Exchequer, England

“Those who create and issue money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.”


U.S. Defense Department Announces Step Toward the North American Union‏



Protecting the US Nuclear Weapons Stockpile


“Due to the initial success of the Federal Data Center consolidation efforts, newly appointed federal CIO Steven VanRoekel has moved the goal posts for agencies in their consolidation efforts.  The original baseline of 2,000 data centers has been expanded to include a total of 3,133 centers.”

This goes much farther than just defending Nuclear Stockpiles


More than Fingerprints: Biometrics for National Security


…”“new goals that might previously seemed beyond reasonable hope” are now potentially achievable”…


”The advent of practical DNA collection and analysis while-you-wait is on the near-term horizon for military, some immigration, and other applications,” says Mr. Loudermilk, “and highly reliable face recognition systems for access control and other applications are likely over the next 5 to 10 years.”


And a reminder…

Latest surveillance tech can search up to 36 million faces per second




Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations Like Coca-Cola




Just a reminder…

Obama issues stern language on Supreme Court health care decision



Michelle Obama to kids: Tell grandparents they are ‘wrong’ for not voting for my husband


I guess she’s not full yet from feeding at the trough and needs another 4.


DHS To Grant Illegal Aliens “Unlawful Presence Waivers”

Starting to round-up the next group of voters


Safety Tat


Don’t let your flock of sheeple stray too far…




    • Yeah, like all the editing that took place on the TV “news” when bunches of people gathered here in AZ packing rifles and pistols for Obamas visit. The news agencies made the whole report a white racist issue and edited out the darker complexion people who were packing just the same.

  1. The article regarding organic foods does not surprise me. I grow my own food supply and I support my local farmers.

  2. That website about the child safety tattoos are disgusting.
    I wonder what else they can be used for…

    • Piss on those bastards. I am sure we all know what they will be used for. But hey, isn’t it normal to treat “kids” as simple a merchantable item and use your smart phone to scan them? What a grand way for indoctrination.

  3. In the testimonial section of the safetytat website, it lists Tom Rice as a staunch supporter of this product, and he is the federal security director for the TSA in Columbus, OH.