News 02/07/12 – Updated 2348 Hrs. Eastern

Public Lands in Decay; U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Trains “Diversity Change Agents”‏

Here’s some more of that diversity and change for you…

The Challenges of Working in an Urban Joint SAR Environment


Would this ad make you want to buy the product?

Mackie Mix on the Fly



Do Crosses at Catholic University Violate “Human Rights” of Muslims?




Ayaan Hirsi Ali:The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World



Teen who butchered 9-year-old neighbor wrote that killing was amazing, enjoyable in her journal before she went to church



Just a reminder…
U.N. leaders consider world tax to fund social protection, services



Illuminati Behind Global Government‏


Nah, really?


Who is Mitt Romney?



Military Commissions Throughout U.S. History


Court Criticizes Obama DHS on Stealth Amnesty Document‏


FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists – those who defy government environmental regulations



This is supposed to be a funny skit…

Why Ron Paul Will Not Win – Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2012 Election Results




Monsanto lobbyist uses power as FDA food czar to target Amish


Why is a Monsanto lobbyist serving as the FDA’s Food Safety Czar?



White House, US Courts & EPA Shaft Veterans to Protect Monsanto‏


Ga. Court Rules Obama Eligible to Run; Appeal Slated‏


Lake Vostok makes waves on the Web


Instantly the story is shifted to climate change and extraterrestrial life.  Oh, and don’t forget the secret Nazi base camp.


Prop. 8 overturned in California, court says state can’t ban gay marriage


Inmates Pull A Pig Prank On Cops


The DHS Defends Globalism, Not America‏


The urgent need to protect the global supply chain


National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security


And who could forget the NIPP…



Here we go…

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird Compares Iranian Threats To Israel And Nuclear Ambition To Holocaust


Baird mounts vigorous defense of Israel at UN


I wonder how many campaign contributions he’s getting from these guys…





  1. So now the title is anti government extremist. Why don’t they just come out and tag everybody a terrorist threat. They go beyond their powers as a government and the people who expose their abuse of power are anti government? Bullshit!!!

    • Not really bs, it’s just how it is. In the beginning(Revolutionary War) it was the same thing.How can you really expect any less and really would you want to be considered anything less? Personally I welcome them catagorizing me as an enemy because I am their enemy. If they called me anything less than a terrorist I would be insulted.

  2. I feel like jumping into a deep, dark hole with everyone else sometimes.
    anyone wanna go? maybe theres hope down there…..

    • I always feel like climbing up out of a deep dark hole, slithering on my belly and sneaking up on a cluster of socialists and stabbing them all in the liver.

      Fuck hope. So long as we can still think and move–we can kill socialism.

      • I was about to say amen, but isn’t ” Fuck hope. So long as we can still think and move–we can kill socialism,” contradictory. I agree with you either way, I’m just sayin…

  3. Public Lands in Decay; U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Trains “Diversity Change Agents”‏

    “No wonder the Public Lands are in such disarray and decay. No wonder native flora and fauna are vanishing and being replaced by non-native alien invasive species. No one is minding the shop. Still more proof of the fact that good stewardship of land, habitat, and wildlife can only come through private ownership and the self-interested concerns of private owners, and seldom, if ever, from 9-5 bureaucrats with every possible conflicting interest and no dedicated long-term concerns.”


    Group ownership requires the denial of Liberty to persons.

    This is why all the “Public Lands”.

    The wiping out of private property wipes out Liberty and keeps everyone in line.