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What You Won't See at the Republican Convention

Iraqis Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Iraq - Production cut to less than half after repeated attacks

Documents Helped Sow Abuse, Army Report Finds

We do not spy on US, says Israel - Check out Cooper's ADL Expose if you believe this...

ID Theft a Symptom of Database Culture



Micro lie detectors help screeners ID air passenger threats

44,000 prison inmates to be RFID-chipped


Army's Report Faults General in Prison Abuse

If you listen to the Hour of the Time using Winamp - PLEASE READ THIS! Digital attacks on Winamp use 'skins' for camouflage

Virus worms way into webcams

Militia's other weapon: videos


NY Court Says Anti-Bush Protesters Can't Use Central Park

Unearthing The Bible

'Unfit for Command' Hits #1 on NY Times Bestsellers List : Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry

War exacts high personal toll as Marine suffers double loss - Is this war worth it? Why do we send our sons and daughters off to kill and be killed for OIL?

Russian Alien Spaceship Claims Raise Eyebrows, Skepticism

Abu Ghraib: Ordinary Folk or Human Aberrations?

The People will Judge George W. Bush

Hollywood Man Burns Marine Van, Self After Son Dies In Iraq - Someone else's problem? This is what war does - once again we ask - IS THIS WAR WORTH IT?

Bush Versus Kerry: The Fake Debate

Iraq Oil Exports Cut in Half After Attack

How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back - By design my friends.


2 Russian Passenger Planes Crash Within Minutes of Each Other - Possible hijack alert was sent

In Najaf, Even the Dead are Suspected of Carrying Guns - Is this war a prelude to using American troops on our soil where the populace is still heavily armed?

Rumsfeld's Kangaroo Court

Bush's F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers

Recoil from evil

New blacklist, same old dangers

Empire of the 21st century

Thank Government for the Mess We’re in

USDA Requires Rat Poison to be Added to Milk

Questions about Bush's Guard service unanswered

An Ad Campaign Asserts a Bush-Nader Alliance - Heck - If you can't beat 'em - divide and conquer. What a sad state of affairs...

SHUT UP AND TAKE YOUR DRUGS - (unless we deem them illegal and then we'll throw you in jail.)

What's Happening to U.S. Constitution's First Amendment?


We could have stopped him

Abu Ghraib Probe Points to Top Brass

Can any listeners in Florida confirm any of this? Please let us know... Charley Cover-up

The Templars of the Crown

Iraqi footballers' fury at Bush

Elite Bankers Now Pulling Plug On US Economy & Currency!


President Bush is kicking off the 2nd Amendment debate!!! Some good news from the Bush camp? He lies and lies so maybe this is just another one...

Venezuela Voters Turn Out in Huge Numbers

Chavez Appears to Survive Referendum

Support for Chavez Unwavering in Slums of Venezuelan Capital : The poor and uneducated love a socialist!

The Crown Temple By Rule of Mystery Babylon

US questions Japan's pacifism


US trade gap explodes to record in June : Come on people - buy "MADE IN USA"!!


Toys R Us May Sell Core Retail Business : WalMart may have put the final nail in their coffin. Remember when toys were made in America?

Budget Deficit Hits Record $395.8B - We can't keep spending forever... Someone is going to call in the loan at some point.

Doctors and Torture

Warsaw uprising plus 60 - Apart from the misuse of the term "democracy" an otherwise great article

Tossing Iraqis from Bridges : Murder Not So Foul?

The Bush Bash

Those Were The Days: When Jefferson and Madison Said No To Congress

The Unbearable Costs of Empire : Establishment types are trumpeting America's role as global police force. Too bad the U.S. just can't afford the job

And So It Goes

Protecting Marriage from Judicial Tyranny

Drug war's dirty deal

Vietnam's Shadow Over Abu Ghraib

Terrorists Rule the Roost

Drugs and Schooling: The Meaning of State Education

Terry Nichols gets life, no parole

Big Business Becoming Big Brother

44,000 prison inmates to be RFID-chipped


Will the 2004 Election Be Called Off? Why Three Out of Four Experts Predict a Terrorist Attack by November

England gets first national jester for 350 years - Hmm, a return to ancient times...

Bush Picks Rep. Goss for Director of CIA

Ordered to just walk away

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib

Kobe Accuser's Attorneys Attack Judge

Cheney Cat's Paw, Porter Goss, as CIA Director?

A Chilling Commentary on America's Future


Deepening anti-U.S. rage casts doubt on Iraq leaders' ability to restore order


Russian babies fall victims to bio experiments


IRS Pleads Poverty

Digital copy of audio tape could finally unlock secrets of JFK's assassination

Onion Routing Averts Prying Eyes

The Pentagon has awarded a massive defense contract to a consortium that includes a Brazilian aerospace company

Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

NEWS & COLUMNS : Miracles and Wonders : How were those calls made on 9/11?

Nearly 3,000 Pounds Of Ammonium Nitrate Stolen In N.C.; Volatile Fertilizer Often Used In al Qaeda Truck Bombs

Tape of Kennedy's Killing Is Getting Digital Analysis

Ashcroft Tells Libraries to Destroy Citizen-Friendly Publications


"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
-William O. Douglas, judge (1898-1980)

Pakistan protests over US sting

Was Atlantis actually Ireland?


Arrest of Former Bush Allies Ahmad and Salem Chalabi Sought

Iraq Reimposes Death Penalty


Oshkosh police say 'Sorry' for trampling citizens' rights in door-to-door gun confiscations

Springsteen, Pearl Jam rock against Bush - When will someone tell these guys there's NO difference between bonesmen?

Bush backs new intelligence czar

Sugar Wars - Taking it to the Peddlers of Diabetes and Osteoporosis

Court strikes down licensing laws

Polygraph "Testing" Has No Scientific Basis

Navy sails the seas on plastic - First in prisons, then public schools - now the Navy! Oh boy! Can we be next - can we be next? "At the end of the day, the disbursement officer hits a button and he can tell [from] every vending machine and cash register in the ship whether they've collected money that day. It's pretty dynamic," Ms. Straw said. They conveniently forget to tell you they can also tell you who drank 5 Pepsi's that day and who had only one!

Oil Prices Hit a New Record Today

We The People v. The U.S. Government

How the IRS deals with tax protestors

Excellent rare book link : Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints


An Open Letter to Our Fathers and Grandfathers - You Won the Battle But Lost the War

Ending Our Plague, Meet The Rats

Gun Control Harming U.S. Troops

McVeigh Links

Masons are PERFECT! (Or would like at least to think they're better than the rest of us)

Don't Get Duped Out of Your Social Security

Cease and Desist Letter to Kerry Campaign

Police test hi-tech zapper that could end car chases

Japan: Schoolkids to be tagged with RFID chips

Green light for 'designer babies' to save siblings

08/02/04 12:33AM

Free Speech Behind the Razor Wire  : Comments from a reader : "It's difficult to get most animals to do so, but they expect a human being to do it and like it. Anybody stupid enough to voluntarily enter a cage belongs there."

Modern Health Care System is the Leading Cause of Death


Democrats call on Sharon to improve relations with Kerry

Ten Consequences of Economic Freedom

Judicial review system under fire

Justices stay ruling on use of grand juries by citizens

A Battle Over Blame : Rumsfeld may be rebuked by his own commission investigating prison abuse

Bailout Feared if Airlines Shed Their Pensions


American Police Action Plan for Stopping World Government Rule

Grand Jury Hears Testimony From Powell

The Best Kept Secret in Washington:  War Wounded

Paranoid shift

Afghan Rebels Widen Attacks

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib

Iraq may fail as a state, warn MPs

'Human rights law impossible in free Iraq' : Is this a prelude to eliminating/declaring them impossible elsewhere/everywhere? As our local police forces use in increasing frequency military style tactics, we may see these same arguments being used to legitimize their behaviour locally. After all doesn't a state of war exist on our home soil - the war on terrorism? We, as a public, shouldn't expect 'regular' human rights anymore - CORRECT? Christ said " Father, forgive them for they know not what they do". Can one forgive these NWO tyrants when they DO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING?

Wired awake : Soldiers in the field go for days without rest. Now, a Guardian investigation discovers that the MoD has been buying a new stimulant in bulk. Ian Sample reports on the dangers of sleep deprivation

Iraq: Controversial Commando Wins Iraq Contract to Create the World's Largest Private Army

Son of Ronald Reagan speaks out against Bush

Woman Arrested, Cuffed for Eating Candy : They came for the drinkers, and I did not drink so I did nothing. They came for the smokers and I did not smoke so I did nothing. Now they come for my kind - the candy eaters. Joking aside now - this is a trend folks - YOU WILL FOLLOW ALL ZE RULEZ!


It's only fiction, but is it legal?

Beijing warns of war with Taiwan


Why Americans Believe Only American Deaths Count in Iraq

William Jefferson Clinton Address to Convention

Iraq Suicide Blast Kills 68


Bigger breasts offered as perk to U.S. soldiers Comment from Doyel : The surgeons have to have someone to practice on.? Hasn't the government practiced enough on people? Everything from deranged "psychotherapy", chemical injections, Angent Orange, mind control, Gulf War Syndrome, radiation, economics, and one of the worst, social engineering. I suppose the government hadn't had their fill of ruining, desimating and the taking of human life so they found a new arena to tinker in; plastic surgery!
One would think that the sheeple would have stirred from this nightmare of so called government that is here to help you, but obviously that is not the case. God bless the Republic and please have pity on the souls of those foolish ones who believe it is their job to control our lives!



More Than 100 House Church Leaders Arrested in Xinjiang; One Arrested Leader Tortured in Henan

Funny! A brew too far : Four Tennessee inmates go on beer run, charged with escape Why not? What have they got to lose?

Bush-Hitler: Hypnotizing The Masses - A must read!

Head of slain U.S. hostage found in Saudi raid

Berlin to Baghdad: The Pitfalls of Hiring Enemy Intelligence

UN Demands Israel Scrap Barrier

Some off-kilter news : Greenspan offers upbeat view of economy , Political pressure on Arafat increases , Sept. 11 report to fill in details of missed chances

Most Serious Warning Ever



“Justice” system destroys families! Rick Stanley convicted of influencing judges

Israeli Judge Shot Dead, Palestinians Claim Attack

Notmilkman's Prophetic Warning

Chip Implanted in Mexico Judicial Workers

U.S. Treasury says likely to hit debt limit in Oct

Whose Justice?

U.S. Senate Rejects Bid to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Gulf syndrome victims are heard at last

NASA to Put 'Aura' Around Earth

Iraqi Governor Shot Dead; Filipino Hostage Released

Homeschool Student Earns BA at 18

07/19/04 6:47PM EST

Man loses license after telling doctor about drinking : Don't tell your doctor you own guns! This poor soul told his doctor he drank a lot of beer everyday, the doctor ratted him out and he lost his drivers license!
Television and the Hive Mind

Voices In Your Head?

U.N. rules Canada should ban spanking

Ronstadt fans boo tribute to Moore

China developing `paralysis warfare'

Tracking Junior With a Microchip

Contractors Expose Taxpayer Data

'Enemy Contact. Kill 'em, Kill 'em.'

Kill zone

Satellites will track 5,000 of the worst criminals in Britain

Obedience Is an Option

Less freedom means less security

Health Canada fires 3 scientists : Monsanto eventually gets their payback!

Torturing Children : If you allow your governments to do this to Iraqis, they'll eventually do it to American citizens too. After all isn't it easy to circumvent the Constitution by labelling those being arrested 'enemy combattants'.

Drugged descent to outback hell : Freemason 'link' in the death of the original 'Crocodile Dundee'.

Negative Population Growth - Check out this Rockefeller loving depopulation site

Guns Worn In Open Legal, But Alarm Va.


ORPHANS ON TRIAL : Abandoned kids are force-fed experimental AIDS drugs at a Catholic children's home in Washington Heights. And the city wants it that way.

Biological Black Magic : Already, more than 10,000 are dead and 250,000 are sick from Gulf War syndrome.
What secret is so terrible (or embarrassing) that necessitates a cover-up of the facts?

 Iraqi Defense Ministry Official Killed - Ministry

Call for US to Repair Relations With Iran

Cancer Loves Sugar, Abhors Oxygen

Classified Information Items Missing at LANL

Canada Keeps Censoring Fox but OKs Al-Jazeera

Schwarzenegger: Throw Out 'Girlie Men' Lawmakers : Funny!

Meat hook dangling craze mystifies police : What has society come to when this is considered a pastime?

Oldies but goodies :

Gillette renounces 'smart-shelf' technology

Vast quarantine role advocated for states

Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision



Attorney general has microchip fitted : Check your bottles of Tequila! They may soon have a microchip in the worm! (sarcasm yes, but possible? Yes!)

Police kill man in bed : The new military syle tactics of our police forces - shoot first ask questions later. This works well in war ; are we now to be expected to accept that a state of war exists between citizens and the police?

Congressman Charles Rangel Arrested at Sudanese Embassy


The Potential Dangers of Sucralose

Our Deadly Diabetes Deception

Bush Cartel Talks of Steps to Potentially Cancel ("Postpone") the Presidential Election: This is For Real Folks!

U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack


Effort to Curb Scope of Antiterrorism Law Falls Short - House GOP by 1 Vote Holds Patriot Act - very important!!!

CIA knew there were no WMDs

McDonald’s hit with french fries lawsuit : Another frivolous corporate lawsuit

Strange Relations : Guess who George Bush is related to? Well worth checking out : Check out some of the family names in the lineage : Temple/Mason etc...

Senate report cites CIA for ‘failures’ on Iraq

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

Why Do We Need a Federal Marriage Amendment?

And the other side of the coin : Top Ten Reasons for Conservatives to Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment

Protecting Marriage... Call Your Senators MONDAY!

Senator Durbin | 'White House Misused Intelligence'


India Building Nuclear Attack Platform In Space

Military Edict: Use RFID by 2005 : The U.S. military has spelled out a comprehensive plan to require all suppliers to use active and passive RFID technology by January 2005.

Cassini Finds Mud in Saturn's Rings

Religious groups file suit against conceal-and-carry

Smart cards track commuters : Coming to America soon!

Is tech eating away at liberties?

Scanners point way to e-commerce shopping future : I believe we'll start to see more products like this quite soon.


Ex-Enron CEO Kenneth Lay surrenders to FBI

Triple slaying at N.M. ranch stuns Sam Donaldson

Military to review all Guantanamo prisoners


Stealth fighter-bomber unit is temporarily deployed to S. Korea

Ashcroft Attempting to Silence Former FBI Translator

Brother: Captors Have Released Marine

Freedom Means Servitude


"If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom."- Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. general and 34th president (1890-1969)

Kerry picks Edwards as VP candidate

UK-US Released Terrorists for Saudi War Support

THE PART OF THE 9-11 STORY MICHAEL MOORE MISSED! Comments from a listener : "Well....he didn't really miss them - he lied as usual because that's what he is good at and the red diaper types worship every word he utters. Moore is fulfilling the left-wing side of the hegelian conflict and it has never been in his interest to tell the truth about anything!"

In other related news the Alex Jones website is claiming to have positive ID on the pilot that shot down Flight 93 on 911. Decide for yourself : Flight 93 Shootdown Pilot Identified.

Hydrogen Cars Ready to Roll, For a Price

NATO's spy planes, ships and WMD unit to guard Olympics

A Supreme Reason to Celebrate the Fourth of July (Sorry this link is a few days late! Still a good article.)

How Hitler Became a Dictator

Gun Control: The Australian Experiment : "Self-defense is a heavy choice.  For the weak-willed, it is too much to undertake, and they prefer not only that government take on that responsibility, but that it do so even for those who are willing to assume personal responsibility for their choice.  Thus, we have supporters of gun control.  Those in government who offer the promise--not ever based in reality--of defending us from predators are the ones who wish to repeat history and become the next ruling elite, themselves becoming the dominant predators ."

No Right to Remain Silent : Another good comment on the Dudley Hiibel case.

The multibillion robbery the US calls reconstruction

Billions Swiped from Iraq

Cop On The Beat A Walking Database : "If the police went around keeping files on who you lived with and who your roommates were, I think people would be outraged," said Jay Stanley, a spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union, "And yet in this case, they're not doing it, but they're plugging into a company that is able to do it easily."


"The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of government power, not the increase of it." - Woodrow Wilson, 28th president of the U.S., Nobel peace prize winner (1856-1924)

Rumsfeld gave go-ahead for Abu Ghraib tactics, says general in charge

Disappearing Prisoners

U.S. accused of depleting Iraq fund

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack

07/04/04 - God Bless America - Happy Independance Day!

 What is Good


China to Target Mobile Phone Messaging

A tale of two photos

Iraq Militants Claim Marine Beheading

 The Reincarnation of Saddam Hussein

Moore's Public Service : Since this movie is taking on some pretty big proportions we're going to include more references - both good and bad to Michael Moore. We think his politics are bad - but hell we don't like BUSH either! Cannot even the devil tell the truth sometimes?

Saddam Could Call CIA in His Defence

Undeterred, Insurgents Keep Up Deadly Attacks Across Iraq

Iraq is worse off than before the war began, GAO reports

Complete Text of Saddam hearing

07/01/04 Happy Canada Day!

Court: E-mail providers can read messages

Saddam to Be Charged by Iraqi Judge on Thursday

Bloody Response to Iraq Power Handover

Freedom Rock

The Secret Order of The Illuminati : (A Brief History of the "Moriah" and the Shadow Government)

06/29/04 4:12PM EST

Report: FDIC Data Vulnerable

Drivers Want Code to Their Cars

Jews Against airs ad on WABC New York radio ! LISTEN FOLKS!

The American Junkie

Which side is winning war on drugs?

The Drug War and Terrorism

Judge: Don't Father Any More Kids : Hold on a sec. This guy wasn't a good father but is this the next step after the marriage liscence? A liscence to bear children?

Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2004 (Introduced in House)


Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness

Ethical Hacking Is No Oxymoron


Television watching may hasten puberty

China using technology to tap public opinion

Talk Radio Comes to Baghdad

Scans uncover secrets of the womb - Life is amazing!

Report: FBI antiterror computer system delayed - Delayed is good, SCRAPPED would be better

Double-questioning improper, high court rules

A mixed verdict on the terror war

Never Again? Check out this supporter of Zionism/British-Isrealism!!!

So this is progress? Sex-laced Mozart raises scandal.

Librarians weigh liberties: We're not terror police


We're on our way to authoritarianism

The woman who is taking on Wal-Mart

Mind Control : The Ultimate Terror - Some good links to some interesting articles - some of good value, others - no so good. Worth the perusal however.

German politicians tell men to have more sex - This is the same thing Hitler did in the 1930's, blaming losses from WWI.

Iraq, Al Qaeda, and what constitutes a 'relationship'


StockGate: Dateline Could Blow Lid Off ‘Stockgate,’ Says Website

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

What is a superdollar?

House Votes to Privatize IRS Tax Collection

Why You Should Be Scared to Death of Electronic Voting

Did the Founders Understand the Constitution?

The Skull and Bones - Yale University

Inventor plans 'invisible walls'

The Son of Patriot Act Also Rises

Quantum Leap for Teleportation

Patients Control Video with Thought Alone in Study


06/26/04 4:54PM - innovative approaches to emerging security challenges

Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man

General Alert To All Sheriffs


Aerial Drones Assigned to Arizona Border Patrol

The News Media's Political "F" Word


Bush's 'Apex' of Unlimited Power

Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans

U.S. military considering new assault rifle cartridge

Don't forget about : News With Views


Terror threat source called into question

Disgusting products being marketed to law enforcement : Shomer-Tec - Click on the index and check out the other 'revenge' products

Free Online Petition Hosting


The Truth About 9-11




MP Captain Tells of Efforts to Hide Details of Detainee's Death

Complicity of Canadian Government to Terrorize Muslim Citizens

A few famous freemasons

France : Friend or Foe?

U.S. Immunity In Iraq Will Go Beyond June 30

Microsoft gets under your skin - patently!

Chronology of the New World Order

So what about this Michael Moore fellow? Do we love him : Thank You, Michael Moore ? or Hate him : Moore lies. I guess we're somewhere inbetween here at HOTT. We thank God for his right to say what he wants - we feel however that many are taken in by his charm and believe everything he says without challenging and researching his so called "facts". He is charming, that's why people believe/trust him...Also see : Moore Watch

Private Space Ship Opens Door for New Industry

Zero Down for the American Dream

A Lesson from Vietnam, Part 1

What The Great Minds Have Said About Gun Control!

Area man backs call to pull children from public schools

Most now conditioned to beg government

Fight the drug war, pay the bill

Iraq force may grow by 25,000

On Iraq, White House treats public like children

06/26/04 2:33PM

TIA now verifies flight of Saudis

The Socialism of Social Security - " is morally wrong to forcibly take one person’s money in order to give it to another person. "

Nazism and the Burden of Collective Guilt

They Aren’t What They Used to Be

Pride, Patriotism, and Propaganda - "Even our nearest neighbor both geographically and culturally, Canada, has distanced itself from our leadership. "

Superpower or Superdebtor?

Central bank policies burden families - Surprise Surprise! Taxes aren't good for us? Why, I'm SHOCKED!

Some good Charley Reese Articles : War, War, War! . End Self-Delusion . Too Soon . Religion Essential . Lying Or Confused? . High Standards . Bad News For Control Freaks

Gun Control: A Poor Substitute for Good Government

Proposition to take DNA at arrest stirs privacy fears : Mandatory sampling on November ballot

Fast-Tracking Flyers

Another GOD discovered : It turns out William Henry is in fact God! Just like Shirley McClaine! You can tell by the flashing lights he must be God!

Still wrong

The other prisoners

Cops Count On Pizza Tattletales

Officer Friendly? Officer's Taser is used on girl, 9

AFA - American Family Association - Promoting Traditional Family Values


MAJOR NEWS : Keeping name private can be crime, court rules

I guess this is what Americans want : 1. Allowed police to kick down a suspect's door after only 15 seconds if they believed the suspect was dangerous, or that evidence could be destroyed.
2. Upheld "informational roadblocks" where officers seek the public's help to solve crimes. A man was arrested at such a stop for driving erratically.
3. Permitted drugs found in a suspect's car to be used as evidence after federal agents dismantled his car at a border checkpoint.
4. Ruled lawful a suspect's arrest next to his vehicle after drugs were found inside the car. The court said it was not always necessary for the suspect to be inside his car to have evidence used against him.


See the video of the arrest here :

A link to the decision here :

Rumsfeld, Rice tied to torture in Iraq

Ink-jet printing creates tubes of living tissue


Douglas Condition Takes Turn for Worse


Plan B : As June 30th approaches, Israel looks to the Kurds.

Biometric Passports: Not Ready for Prime Time


Use of Patriot Act to Prosecute CIA Contractor Raises Concerns

Pentagon Seeks U.S. Spy Powers

Runaway priests hiding in plain sight

Biometrics - great hope for world security or triumph for Big Brother?

Outer space: not so lifeless after all : "Water, methanol, and carbon dioxide coat dust particles around these stars located 420 light-years away in the constellation Taurus." Interesting perhaps - but a long way from an E.T. that can make a phone to 'phone home'.


The Man Who Ate McDonald's Faces Corporate Backlash

New Abuse Charges : Classified sections of the military's prisoner abuse report detail sexual assaults on women detainees 

CIA Contractor Indicted in Afghan Detainee's Beating

How Much Is That Uzi in the Window?

It's Not the American Way

What July Fourth Means to Me by Ronald Reagan

What Gun Controllers Don't Want You to Know

More gun control isn't the answer

Blind to the truth

Reagan’s WMD Connection to Saddam Hussein


Rumsfeld Issued an Order to Hide Detainee in Iraq

The Torturer-in-Chief

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

Report Says U.S. Has 'Secret' Detention Centers

MORE ON THE ABOVE STORY : Secret world of US jails

Anti-Terror Laws Target Americans, Not Just Terrorists

Iraq, R.I.P. : Get out while the going is good

The Income Tax: Root of All Evil

Source of Rights

Selective Service System : Get ready for the DRAFT?

How America armed Iraq

Intelligence: The Pentagon—Spying in America?

Anti-terror ploys : The bankruptcy of fear-mongering as policy

This won't hurt much : "The March 6 memo, prepared for Mr Rumsfeld explained that what may look like torture is not really torture at all. It states that: if someone "knows that severe pain will result from his actions, if causing such harm is not his objective, he lacks the requisite specific intent even though the defendant did not act in good faith".
What this means in understandable English is that if a parent, in his anxiety to know where his son goes after choir practice, does something that will cause severe pain to his son, it is only "torture" if the causing of that severe pain is his objective."

Los Alamos Lab Loses More Data

Torture, War, and Presidential Powers

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

Pre-empting the Bill of Rights : The Other War, One Year Later

Separating School & State - W(h)ither Public Schools?

G.L.S.E.N. TO ESTABLISH HOMOSEXUAL CLUBS ON ALL SCHOOL CAMPUSES Comments from a listener : "Good information here!
These people have been around now for quite a long while and they have been
quite successful at placing their agenda in the public schools.
I noticed especially the idea that they are pushing "diversity" onto the
school teachers. In my mind this whole "diversity" classification of any and
all things as well as doing so with ideas and people is simply a tool being
used to "HIGHLIGHT" differences in people so as to form competing groups.
The end game after highlighting every single difference that can be imagined
under the sun will be to pit the various diverse groups either against one
another such as in the case between Christians and other religious groups or
to place groups in a lineup for access to one government paid program or
another. The end result is a series of non-homogenous groups working to
pull the country in so many directions that the overall effect will be to
cause just enough imbalance so that the slightest push one or another will
bring about a preplanned change that I doubt you or I will ever want to see
With enough activity going on all at once very few will notice exactly what
will be happening and a good many people will not even realize that anything
has been planned to achieve a particular outcome."

Is it time for Bush to press the panic button? Goodbye Internet?


U.S. likely to hold Saddam beyond June 30


Iraq Prison Abuse Copied Guantanamo, Karpinski Says (Update1)

Torture, War, and Presidential Powers

Revolution Reversal? Iraq's History May Be Repeating; Is America Stuck Playing the Role of the Redcoats?

Red Cross ultimatum to US on Saddam : Release him, charge him or break international law, Bush told

Nuremberg Revised : Caution - Disturbing images included in this article

Mugabe nationalises the lot in shock land grab :"In the end all land shall be state land and there will be no such thing called private land," Nkomo said. "It will now be the state which will enable the utilisation of the land for national prosperity."

Aussies try 'sword control' : Cops say new statute outlawing blades will cut down on street brawls

Book Review : Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism by Wayne LaPierre

06/15/04 4:12PM

U.S. honour ambushed

Secret world of US jails

From Bush, Saddam-Style Justice

Ronald Reagan: The Gun Owner's Champion

Theatrical Militarism Gets More Bad Reviews

'Fears over Gulf War chemicals'

How Big Brother Is Watching, Listening and Misusing Information About You

Where Big Brother Snoops on Americans 24/7

Iran massing troops on Iraq border

06/15/04 4:47PM

Gun Control: A Poor Substitute for Good Government

The Same Old Failed Policies in Iraq  

UK to clone human cells


A country that tortures prisoners will torture it's own people too, y'know.

John & Amy's Rolling Memorial

Atlantis discovered?

Bill Potentially Equates Bible to “Hate Speech”

Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'

Interrogation details in manual

Contracting Justice : Private contractors accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners are not in court, much less prison


Saboteurs blow up key Iraq oil pipeline



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