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Well well well. Robbing banks, running drugs! That's their business!!
CIA Accused Of Bank Heist

Everyone should be aware of this violation of our privacy. Microsoft isn't the only software maker that does this type of thing.
The hidden dangers of documents

DNA sparks a computer revolution

Just wait until this technology works a little better and they won't be so quick to scrap it.
Tampa Police Eliminate Controversial Facial-Recognition System

Spy gadget leaves nowhere to hide


One more reason to take Canada after Iraq and North Korea!!
Canada:The next oil superpower?

Some of our soldiers have watched one Rambo one too many times...
Raiders of the night find the pickings are slim

Science Without Scruples

We're not even remotely done with Iraq and here we go and want to start another war (eventually).
U.S. to Send Signal to North Koreans in Naval Exercise

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Power Blackout In U.S.!

The Tax Protesters' Refrain Works for Once

If you have the time, send this man a note or letter of encouragement.
Rancher in prison for 'trespassing cows'

What did Bill say about them first creating the problem, then offering the solution???

Sanchez: Troops in Iraq to Serve Year

Porn, Drugs, Weapons Hit Baghdad Streets

Canadians in Kabul are not peacekeeepers

The Mechanisms of an Oppressive State


These devices and others like them will be part of day to day life VERY shortly.
USPS: Smart Stamps on the Horizon

Combining this technology with some of the advances in robotics and we'll soon be cyborgs. Ahh, eternal life!
Nanoparticles Keep Brain Cells Alive

U.S. tech workers training their replacements

Surprise, surprise!
Homeland Security for Whom?

There are still many good judges out there!
IRS Loses A Big One


Soon they'll use this for your PUBLIC school enrolled children. And soon after that your boss will install one of these on your office doors.
High-tech device could be the future of livestock identification

Ahh, what the heck. Let's attack Canada too. They're an easier target - no nukes yet! And they're a bunch of flaming red socialists. We might just as well bring them freedom by force too!
N. Korea next to hear U.S. war drum

Tongue-tied Arnie Takes Hits From Left and Right

While we haven't really investigated this yet, it does seem curious. Should you be out with spray paint cans? Definately not - grafitti won't stop the New World Order!!!
America, WAKE-UP! "Quadrant Sign Code"-- EXPOSED!

More Sun symbology. Bill could have spoken for a whole episode on something like this. Do you all see the symbology? Anyone care to comment? EMAIL US.
E-bay Item :3621177793

S--O--C-I-A-LI-ISM is the only way! Goodbye freedom - Welcome GESTAPO!


How did we let this happen? All the US Govt needs to do now is to claim you're a terrorist and it's off to jail for you - do not pass go, do not collect $200. No charges necessary, no crime need be comitted. Oh - except for thought crime that is.
Enemy Combatant Vanishes Into a 'Legal Black Hole'

It is difficult to imagine the stress that the people in our military are under. This is a big indication that they are paying a huge price for us.
US army admits Iraq suicides

I'm working for the FBI, claims accused hacker

We're not always big fans of the ACLU but at least someone is doing something!!!
Patriot Act faces lawsuits

Don't forget about our Iraq War resources link page.
Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties


Is there any action on YOUR part? Do you write any of these companies letters when they send jobs overseas? If you won't do anything about this don't expect anyone else to. You'll get what you deserve - you'll be slaves to the socialist NWO. Most sheople already are!
Where the Good Jobs Are Going

There's always a chance that terrorists will strike. Don't ever let them frighten you. Be forever vigilant.
Feds Warn About Possible New Hijackings

America is a religion

Are you ready to lose AT LEAST one American life a day for the next 20 years? Sit back, do nothing and you will.
This guerrilla war is likely to last a generation

You should never believe ANY stats...Just ask your local statistician!


New Classic Bill Cooper Broadcasts added

A MUST READ. The US is KIDNAPPING CIVILIANS in Iraq. Read about halfway down the article where Col. David Hogg, commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division comments on the military's new tactics. FROM THE ARTICLE : On Wednesday night, he said, his troops picked up the wife and daughter of an Iraqi lieutenant general. They left a note: “If you want your family released, turn yourself in.” Such tactics are justified, he said, because, “It’s an intelligence operation with detainees, and these people have info.” They would have been released in due course, he added later. The tactic worked. On Friday, Hogg said, the lieutenant general appeared at the front gate of the U.S. base and surrendered.
U.S. adopts aggressive tactics in Iraq

Teachers call for webcams in class

Air marshal fired over airport fracas

High-Tech Vote Fraud? Oh, Yeah

One in 10 U.S. Tech Jobs May Move Overseas


Let's bring the good men and women of our military HOME before we lose another life - Iraqi or American. Is oil really worth all this?
Impeach BUSH NOW! (Video Presentation)

I can hear the jack boots kicking in doors already.
The FBI are watching!

They're Coming to Take Me Away

5 G.I.'s Killed in Iraq in 24 Hours

Socialist Canadian Federal Government will fund child daycare as long as it isn't in the home.
Ottawa-Ontario dispute a snag in $900-million child-care deal

Technology automatically IDs consumers

Who Made George W. Bush Our King?

The webpage cited in the following article can be found HERE
Chinese Program Exploits Windows


9/11 Report: No Iraq Link to al-Qaida

3 More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq as Resistance Continues

Think Tank Gives U.S. Homeland Security 'D' Grade

Arms Transfers to Israel: 1993 to Present

Voting Machines Blasted by Scientists

The last moments of Saddam's grandson

Will 'Buy American' help or hurt U.S.?


A return to a more just system or an easy way out for crooks?

Is Your Television Watching You?

IBM explores shift of white-collar jobs overseas

Just find the #?!*& weapons

How are we different from Saddam?

George W. Bush probably doesn't need to steal Iraq's oil for himself and his friends. They may already own it

"Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August 1765) John Adams (The Information Clearing House uses this quote on their e-mail news list and I thought it worth repeating)


This is why Bill always homeschooled his children.
The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile

Cities Ready Sirens As Terror Warnings

New hope for the paralysed as scientists re-grow spinal cords

Microsoft secures 140k desktop Homeland Security deal

Knesset calls on government to develop settlements

Media Underplays U.S. Death Toll in Iraq

Mystery illness kills Missouri soldier

Upload a File, Go to Prison

ATF Investigating Thefts of Ammonium Nitrate, Key Ingredient of Oklahoma City Bomb

Videocams Record Airline Flights

A Pro-RFID story. This guy claims it will never be used for evil! I'm convinced! Where can I get one implanted? See below...The Mexicans already are implanting these things!
Big Brother's Enemy

New Chip Can Be Implanted in Humans

Court halts 'aggressive social workers'

More RFID news from the cofounder of Apple Computer - These ones work with GPS!

Saddam alive, says top US official

Camera Phones Incite Bad Behavior

Big brother under the bumper

Gladiator robot looks to join Marine Corps


Metallica HOAX lawsuit story
Metallica Sue Canadian Band over E, F Chords


Ulterior motives behind ID tags exposed

A basic RFID Primer

U.S. Troops Shocked by Move to Keep Them in Iraq

Core of Weapons Case Crumbling

What does child porn have to do with terrorism?!! Once they umbrella all of the 'ugly' crimes under Homeland Security then they'll start coming after the less obvious 'offenders'. Like patriots and milia types, Christians and other 'undersirables'.
Ridge/Homeland Security office announces program targeting child predators

A Web Site Causes Unease in Police

The website the above news article refers to is :


Read Rumfeld's answer to the third question. He admits that a missile, not a plane struck the Pentagon!!!
Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Parade Magazine


The hidden microphones Stalin used to shape the rebuilding of post-war Europe

Iraq civilian body count passes 6,000

Bush pushes for next generation of nukes


Cost of Iraq War

Canadians to have National Id card with biometrics by 2005

Defector : Strike North Korea before it's too late

US and Europe on brink of trade war

Events at Carson City : Time for a 'Nevada Tea Party'?


'Have you got your papers? Ok, no problem we'll just scan your eyes...'
Church of England install retina scanner in school cafeteria

AIDS activist loses lawsuit

Police and FSB Listen In on Mobile Phone Calls

Posting Prompts Complaints on Smart Tags

Marine booted for refusing vaccine


Are we going to find out these kids were on Prozac later on?
Matrix teenagers 'caught moments before rampage'

Any radical change where POWs or other war prisoners are denied a fair trial requires our immediate attention. We better not wait till the Homeland Security jack booted thugs are kicking in OUR doors to protest this disgusting travesty of justice. Two wrongs don't make a right...
Britain, EU Set to Protest U.S. Military Tribunals at Guantanamo

Russian general warns of 'second Vietnam' in Iraq

Troop morale in Iraq hits 'rock bottom'

Confess or Die, US Tells Jailed Britons

Worker Kills Five in Mississippi Plant Shooting

Britain 'knew uranium claims were false

CIA's secret war is revealed as Laos jails European journalists

A War in the Planning for Four Years - HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE?

Tommy Franks, Repeats Bush "Bring Em On" Taunt

Cruel and illegal: U.S. leaves injured Iraqis untreated

The vagina monoliths: Stonehenge was ancient sex symbol

Bigger Than Watergate! How To Rig An Election In The United States


A must read! Always remember that these new technologies are not near as scary as the ANCIENT principles being used EVERY DAY on each and every one of us. TV and other media use these control techniques all the time. Don't be so arrogant as to think that you're too smart to be affected.
DARPA, PNAC and the Perfect Killing Machine

An interesting article on how Mystery Bablyon is vying for control of the minds of our children. Good mind control principles discussed.
Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

RFID Chips Are Here

U.S. Develops Urban Surveillance System

DoD Logging Unverified Tips

US cuts aid over ICC immunity refusals


This is going to go on for years and years. Are you willing to sacrifice our men for OIL?
Four US Soldiers Killed, Two Wounded

US admits to 50 secret tests of bio weapons on troops

Flu could be next terror weapon, warn scientists

Microsoft Word snares Tony Blair

US-based missiles to have global reach


To our Canadian listeners : Happy Canada Day! 136 Years Old!



IRS: Over 2000 Big Earners Paid No Tax in 2000

U.S. Soldier Is Shot in Head in a Baghdad Suburb

Senators Predict 5-Year US Presence in Iraq


A Bloody, Deadly Day for US Troops

Bush Escapes Fury That Batters Blair

Bush Claims God Made Him Do It!


RFID Tags Expected to Launch a Spending Spree by Retailers


Los Alamos lab loses plutonium vials

Scouts Get Good Deed

Venezuelan move to replace US$ with the Euro upsetting Washington

Guantanamo prepared for possible executions, permanent prison

U.S. Taxpayers Pay for a Cuban Broadcast That No One Sees

U.S. Troops Frustrated With Role In Iraq

The People vs. The FCC: The War is Not Over

Judge bought his job for $35,000

Taxpayers must fund pagan AIDS memorial?

Court order keeping man quarantined

Questions Mount Over Anthax Shots


McDonald's to End Growth Antibiotic Use in Meat

US prepares to move troops to Azerbaijan



US worried about rising toll in Iraq

Barcoding humans

Few Iraqis Meet the Deadline for Turning in Their Guns

Radio ID chips may track banknotes

Pentagon Details New Surveillance System

Cops shut down little girls lemonade stand

Mexico's ID card gains more acceptance in states, cities

Guantanamo prepared for possible executions, permanent prison


Secretary was target for assassination by Zionist groups

Court upholds 'limited' drugging of defendants

Rogue Missile?

U.S. Kids Have a 33% Lifetime Risk of Getting Diabetes

Pentagon to Move to Next-Generation Internet

US warning over criminal court

Wal-Mart to throw its weight behind RFIDs

Camp Delta death chamber plan


All visitors to the US on visas to be fingerprinted

A Spy Machine of DARPA's Dreams

Supreme Court pares Miranda rights

A Diary That Never Sleeps

McSting lacked franchise approval

Banks to require more ID

U.S. Given Exemption From War Crimes Prosecution

War May Have Killed 10,000 civilians, Researchers Say

As U.S. Fans Out in Iraq, Violence and Death on Rise

9/11 Detainees' Treatment Casts a Deep Shadow


The Dog Ate My WMDs

And You Thought The War Was Over

US Loses Two Aircraft in Iraq

Kabul Bombing Kills 4 German Soldiers and Wounds 29


In Defense of Cross Burning

Researchers say SARS is mutating

Dollar falls even lower versus euro

Ridge favors national ID system for livestock


Treasury Says U.S. Could Face Default

Iraqis target Gen. Franks for war crimes trial

U.S. Enraged as Cuba Returned to U.N. Rights Body



U.S. Troops Fire on Iraq Protesters Again

U.S. courts may rule on criminal aliens

Another Church Sex Scandal


U.S. says Canada cares too much about liberties

Letter Of Protest From The Mayor Of Hiroshima To President Bush

Bush Tries to Weaken Tobacco Treaty

U.S. court approved 1,228 special terror warrants last year

Spy intelligence reached top levels, officials say

U.S. to cut 6,000 airport screening jobs

Judge Rejects Suit Against Bush Over War

Chrétien ready to ease pot possession law

Could Your Car Be Spying On You?

Spam Sent by Fraud Is Made a Felony Under Virginia Law

Justice alerted to false lab testimony in McVeigh case

Greenspan sees better growth

Where's The Pretext?


An interesting read with comments from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Smallpox Vaccines and Heart Disease, No "Coincidence"

Intelligence examines cargo flight from Baghdad to Belarus

N Korea vows to 'prove' nuclear strength

Counterfeit $100 notes called nearly perfect

Postwar force could be 125,000 Size will depend on Iraq's stability

War on Terror: The Police State Agenda

Bush May Be a Write-In On More Than One State Ballot


Expert: Crack down on illegals inside U.S.

Secret Service agent sparks airport chaos

Another crackdown on homeschoolers?

Wal-Mart suit could be largest ever against private employer

Israeli calls for "regime change" in Iran and Syria

Winnie goes to jail, resigns as MP

Germany holds the world to ransom

Afghan Muhahideen Attack New Military Base, Seven US Soldiers Dead

Iraq weapons 'will not be planted'

Verizon gets 14 days to ID file-swapper

US Forces Make Iraqis Strip and Walk Naked in Public

Criticizing Israel will be a taboo in United States

Judge: File-swapping tools are legal

U.S. Considers North Korea Sanctions

Israeli assassins likely to pose as Canadians: expert

U.S. Forces Blame Attackers for Baghdad Arms Blast

Iranian nuclear program top threat to Israel: general

'Red Means Big Brother's in Charge'

CIA: Hizbullah cells in U.S. could strike if Syria pressed

FBI Unit Probes Intercepted Package Case

Iraqis find U.S. occupation hard to stomach

China Quarantines Thousands on SARS Fears

Scientist: Everyone Should Be DNA Fingerprinted

US weekly jobless claims soar to highest level in a year

The lessons of Lebanon

Administration moves ahead on nuclear `bunker busters'

GOOD 2nd Amendment info

U.S. Detains Children at Guantanamo Bay

Rhapsody in Blood

LA Times Deletes Key Paragraphs from Web Version of Article

Homeland Security proposes broad infrastructure secrecy rules

Breast-feeding in a time of war?

Justices to hear Miranda dispute

Apocalypse Soon


'US faces retaliation'

The Saddam Files

Judge Denies Delay in Okla. Bomb Hearing

New SARS travel warning issued

'No Fly List' snags average travelers

State Budget: Controller Could Issue 'IOU's' to Vendors Amid Budget Crisis

Schools Not Teaching Pro-Israel Views To Lose Funding

Case for war built on fake reports, claims Blix

Judge rules Wal-Mart workers can join lawsuit

Bush bars UN weapons teams from Iraq

Report: U.S. Has Plans to Bomb N.Korea Nuke Plant

Children held at Camp Xray, US admits

Federal terrorism case unravels

Assault Weapons and Assaults on the Constitution

Report: Parents Give Up Mentally Ill Kids

ACLU Seeks Government Data Regarding Secret "no-Fly" List


Go directly to jail, crime or no

Homeland Security proposes broad infrastructure secrecy rules

Go directly to jail, crime or no

Secret US file: oust regime in Pyongyang

Fast food comes to Iraqs

Bioweapons for sale

Israels Role in the Invasion of Iraq

Anthrax, chemicals and nerve gas: who is lying?

Baghdad's feared police force back on the street

Local Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act


The truth about sept 11

N Korean scientists defect


More Wrongdoing Found at FBI Crime Lab

US tax returns to India causing stir

Embarrassing lack of weapons of mass destruction

Ten Years Later, Waco Feels the Weight of a Deadly Siege

Suit filed against traffic cameras

U.S. Needs Trained Cops for Iraq Duty


U.S. would enter Syria to track down Saddam

U.S. concentrating forces near Syrian border

Lost Viruses?

So who really did save Private Jessica?


Baghdad Did Not Fall - It Was Handed Over

Letter From Hong Kong - SARS Threat Overblown

Did We Fabricate the Pretext for War?


White House seeks to expand DNA database

Crying Wolf?

Blair hints at new role as EU president


Hundreds of U.S. Soldiers Emerge as Conscientious Objectors

War crimes case planned against U.S


In a surprise, Bush backs a ban on semi-auto weapons

US rejects Iraq DU clean-up


Water Demands Draining U.S. Rivers

Sars biological weapon?

On becoming a surveillance nation

Big Brother Is Watching You Shop

Patriot Act 11 - the sequel

Uranium Warheads May Leave Both Sides a Legacy of Death for Decades

U.S. Govt Accused of War Crimes against Journalists

The Evil Algebra of War

Feds plan to seek broader ability to hunt terrorists

The Fight to Control Your Mind

Switzerland Documents U.S.-British War Crimes In Iraq

Fears grow over 'mad elk disease'

Bush approves use of tear gas in battlefield

Ex-Intel VP Fights for Detainee

Net-based voice calls harder to wiretap

Ex-CIA director: U.S. faces 'World War IV'

SARS linked to sex disease

Kerry Says US Needs Its Own 'Regime Change'


An Army of Propaganda

The Man Who Would Be King of Iraq

The destined war!

Britain won't send more troops: Hoon

The new Nero

US forces' use of depleted uranium weapons is 'illegal'

Read the small print: the US wants to privatise Iraq's oil

British soldiers sent home for refusing to fight

BSE still hard to control

PayPal charged with breaking Patriot Act

Home foreclosures break recent record

Military deployed at LA airport

The judge banned a book he never read

State of Nevada to issue silver coins

U.S. planning more invasions, McGovern says

A 'Turkey Shoot,' but With Marines as the Targets

BBC chiefs stress need to attribute war sources


Overtime and Wage Issues

Does George Bush have a double too???
Would the real George Bush please stand down

U.N. Official: Fake Iraq Nuke Papers Were Crude

America's Patriots may be infected with deadly glitch

Bodies of 500 US, UK soldiers lying in Jacobabad

US may 'fabricate' WMD evidence in Iraq: Russia

What Is Really Happening in Iraq?

Japan Launches Spy Satellites Amid N.Korea Fears

Top 11 Questions/Talking Points For 911 Commission

Oil War

Top U.S. military officers see war stretching into months


USA Drops Out Of Geneva Convention

Conflict sapping forces' morale

Use a Firewall, Go to Jail

New Voting Systems Assailed

Interrogating the dead Al-Qaida, or Are we Stupid?

Britain Looks to Expand Police Fingerprint, DNA Powers

California approaches Net sales tax

F-16 patrols over DC cause near collision


US to use depleted uranium

Windows users warned about serious new software flaw

Bush Administration to Propose System for Monitoring Internet

The uprising that wasn't, mythical chemical weapons and other items of 'breaking news'


Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist

We Have a Winner in Iraq. Corporate America.

Gulf war veterans hand back medals

"The Arrogance of Power"


Feds file conspiracy charges against 6 Cuban hijack suspects

'Religious Candy' Students Win Case

Top White House anti-terror boss resigns

EU investigates mystery buggings

The Rite of Spring

Secret e-bomb ready for battlefield test

The twenty lies of George W. Bush

Thank God for the death of the UN

Secret e-bomb ready for battlefield test

Iran to be US next target: CIA Report

World and America watching different wars

China readies for future U.S. fight

Federal deficit soars, heading for yearly record




Surveillance Nation

Is Iran Next? This Senate Resolution, Suggests It May Be

Bush's Administration Ready to Lose 63 Thousand People in Iraq

CDC Cites 11 Cases of Mystery Illness

Radio frequency tags gain ground

U.S.'S Image Fast Eroding With War Plans

FedEx Package With Dead Virus Explodes

Saddam 'approves use of chemical weapons'

US, Backers Responsible Before God on Iraq - Vatican

War is not in U.S. interest

Open Letter to Bush: You Are Disgracing America--Resign or Be Impeached


New Mexico Legislature Rejects USA Patriot Act

Al Qaeda Attacks a 'Near Certainty'

U.S. Could Come Under Scrutiny of U.N. Rights Commission

Canada Will Not Participate in War

UN Resolution 1441 Does Not Authorize Force

Tested vaccine proved faulty

NEW IRS FORM: Suspicious activity targeted

Daschle: Bush Diplomacy Fails 'Miserably'

U.S., Russia Quietly Testing Dirty Bombs

Tobacco Farmer Drives Tractor Into D.C. Pond



Bush warns UN to back US 'or rethink its role'

Senator Seeks FBI Probe of Iraq Documents

Government should control 'Net

Bush Issues Ultimatum; France and Others Undeterred 03/18/03

Vandenberg Air Force Base authorizes 'deadly force' against trespassing protesters

Texas sheriff warns of unidentified troops

FBI Flying Planes Over U.S. to Track Suspected Terrorists

Ex-CIA Accuse Bush of Manipulating Iraq Evidence

Gun worries waylay state anti-terrorism bill

The U.N. Is Irrelevant

Air marshals disciplined for 'sexcapades'

FBI Probes Fake Evidence of Iraqi Nuclear Plans


The business of rebuilding war zones


Tide Turns Against Bush

Press Isn't Asking Right Questions About Iraq

When Bombs Fall, U.S. Will Join Ranks of War Criminals

U.S. Army prepares for 9,000 casualties

Next step... You have no rights in your own courts. International law - isn't it great?
Detainees have 'no rights in US courts'

Israeli monitor intercepts order: War starting on March 18th

Could this be some sort of weather control experiment???
Mysterious Circles in Sky

George, You're in Trouble, Big Trouble

Benetton clothing to carry tracking transmitters

Here is some excellent background information about Iraq
CIA World Fact book 2002


Short, sharp, shock will avoid street fighting, say Pentagon planners

A think tank war: Why old Europe says no

Sorry about this Sierra Times link but this could easily develop into WW3 - This is IMPORTANT!
U.S. Could Launch Attack Against North Korea While Troops Fight In Iraq

Were 1998 Memos a Blueprint for War?

Delta Airlines Treats Americans like Terrorists


Americans ill-served by own media

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York

America admits suspects died in interrogations

UK nuclear evidence a fake

When will they start taking U.N. Oaths?
Local police sworn in as U.S. Marshalls

The 30 Year Itch

American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School


Oh there WILL be a war. Just in case anyone had any doubts...
Bush vows to force war vote

Here's the next superpower. What are we going to do when they're deciding on the next regime change? Hell, who cares - they're on our side, right? Half of everything you own was probably made there!
China doesn't want new UN resolution


Assault weapons ban back on the table

New security measures permanent

UN leaders draw up secret blueprint for postwar Iraq

Torture for Terrorists?


Mossad, Mossad Coming soon to a town near you!

The Truth About the Gulf War

U.S. bombers to deter N. Korea

Powell: Time running out for Iraq

U.S. deployments near 300,000

Even the Vietnamese think Jane Fonda is a traitor!!
Selected excerpts from "Vietnam, Now : A Reporter Returns" by David Lamb


And why not? Most of our manufacturing is there already anyhow!
Missile Technology Plant Moved to China

Is there more to the capture of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed than meets the eye?

So is he dead or isn't he?
Recently Captured al Qaeda Leader Was Killed Last Year

Feb 2003

Pretty soon it'll be ok to kick in doors with their jack boots.
Judge Rejects Challenge to FBI Spy Powers

Threaten California with lawsuit for misuse of gun database

FBI recruits and protects violent informers

Police roadblocks symbolize loss of constitutional rights

Court rules media can legally lie

In the ultimate of all ironies...
U.S. plans to use toxic gas weapons in Iraq

Suspected 911 Mastermind Arrested

Key Iraqi Defector says all weapons were already destroyed.

As Bill always warned us it's NOT the Jewish peoples fault - REMEMBER THAT! Think New World Order...

An interesting comment on our modern manufactured music culture.
George Michael slams anti-war song effort

Clomp clomp clomp! DO YOU HAVE YOUR PAPERS?
U.S. wants to background check all air travellers.

Sci-Fi War Uniforms

Freemasons Are Recruiting!

Google is watching your Internet searches. Vote now for your favorite "Big Brother".

Do we want hired assassins in our country?
A U.S. License to Kill

Watch for this persecution of religions more and more. This picture is considered hate literature in Canada.

Bible now considered hate literature in some courts in Canada

Threat of Terrorist Attack Medium - Ahhh, we can all relax now...

Bush Sends Congress $2.2 Trillion Budget

Newest Canadian Federal Budget Social Programs get the coin! WATCH OUT AMERICA! YOUR SOCIALIST NEIGHBORS!

Bush Budget Proposes Tax Cuts, Record Deficits

Bush approves nuclear response

Pentagon Sets Up Boards to Monitor Intelligence Program

21 nations allow US war access

UK troops 'prepare for Iraq occupation'

WHO issues alert on food terrorism

U.S. Economy in Worst Hiring Slump in 20 Years

Warning! Doctors and nurses are refusing to take the shot. If they don't trust it no one should.
Two soldiers develop bad reactions to smallpox shot

Text of "State of the Union" Address

The CIA's Secret Army

Ridge: First Homeland Security Secretary

State given list of patient prescriptions, but not for law enforcement

US military medical records stolen in burglary

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon


Text of "State of the Union" Address

Cooper said that this would be next.
US warns that bioterror attack is inevitable

The CIA's Secret Army

Senate Blocks Funding for Pentagon Database

Ridge: First Homeland Security Secretary

Health Data Monitored for Bioterror Warning

State given list of patient prescriptions, but not for law enforcement

US military medical records stolen in burglary

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon

Trade Deficit Swells to Record $40.1B

Dollar Plumbs to New 3-Year Low Vs. Euro

U.S. Can Hold Citizens as Combatants

Freedom First
In Views: Laws should prohibit crimes, not personal vices

California's Population up 21%, Revenue up 28%, Spending up 35%. Gov. Grey Davis needs to take a remedial math course.
California Gov. Calls for Tax Increases

Scientists show how to make a UFO
SOHO team responds to claims of alien craft with a laugh


Think about this! Bush gives $92m to train the militia in Iraq, while here in the united States he has "Militia Disbandment Units"
Bush approves $92m to train Iraqi militia to take on Saddam

Military Trial Plans Nearly Done
Bush to Decide Which Detainees Will Be Tried by Tribunals

Homeland department draws poll skepticism

Federal Court Upholds Broad Use of Wiretaps to Track Terrorists

Secret U.S. court OKs electronic spying

Lawmakers Approves Report Designed to Fix Sept. 11 Intelligence Flaws

Cities Urge Restraint in Fight Against Terror

In U.S., Terrorism's Peril Undiminished

American Al Qaeda Targets Up for Grabs

Treasury Asks Congress to Increase Federal Debt Limit


Many doctors and nurses are refusing the vaccinations because they are too risky.
Vaccination for 1 million in US

Watch this spread across the country.
Tax hike next year in NY

Suburbia Looking for Some Homegrown Volunteers

Pilots Eye Guns in Cockpit by Spring

Pentagon drops Internet ID plan


Alarm at 'EU Pentagon' plan

U.S. Probes Military's Use of Commercial Satellites

Air marshals charge new policies could endanger passengers Anti-hijacking program mismanaged

Read our exclusive on the Information Awareness Office here
Why the Pentagon will watch where you shop

The watcher doesn't like to be watched!
Keeping Track of John Poindexter of the government's Total Information Awareness

Feds to Join War Against Out-Of-Control L.A. Gangs

Federal Court Rules Citizens Do Not Have Individual Right to Bear Arms



Sure its a glitch.
Glitches in Maryland: Word 'Democratic' mistakenly heads ballot

Electronic Voting Worries Add to Booth Tensions

Absentee forms found burned

Armey: Justice 'out of control,' violating rights

Justice Department responds about anti-terrorism powers

U.S. soldiers train for battle in streets of Iraq Exercise readies troops for anything-goes fighting

Bill Aims to Revoke Citizenship for Turncoats

Army's secret 'people zapper' plans

Pilots Left Military Over Anthrax

U.S. military building database of terror suspects' fingerprints, faces, voices

Inside the Ring

Global crash fears as German bank sinks


by Congressman Ron Paul

U.S. begins psychological warfare against Iraq

Russia fears US oil companies will take over world's second-biggest reserves

U.S. to pay $300 million to Pakistan

Smallpox Vaccine Guidelines Readied
Emergency Plan To Cover All of U.S.

Pentagon Plans Smallpox Shots for Up to 500,000

McCain of 2 minds on retiring

The racist speaks again.
Jackson dismisses Founding Fathers

White House Releases Cyber-Security Plan

Miami-Dade blows another election

Have they gotten all they need out of them?
UN blocks future Earth Summits


Belgium plans digital ID cards

Pushing failed technology again.
Mugging for the cops

Are you laughing as hard as we are?
Ozone hole to start shrinking and will close in 50 years, say scientists

Cloned Food Products Near Reality
Items Could Reach Shelves by 2003


Time to Put the Emotions Aside

Celebrating American Patriotism

Were Civil Liberties a Casualty of 9/11?

Wake-up call

Internet Freedom Also Victim of Sept 11


Military Deploys Missiles Around Washington

The Informant Who Lived With the Hijackers

Secret Appellate Court Meets

Chirac to back "globalisation tax" talks

To start with.
ID cards 'will sneak in fingerprint database'

Air Defenders Learn Lessons From Sept. 11

Bush '41': Stop Blaming CIA

White House Won't Turn Over Task Force Info

'Person of Interest' of Interest of Late

Anyone suprised by this?
Airport Security Gets Another 'F'

Nelson Mandela: The United States of America is a Threat to World Peace

Anyone suprised by this either?
Federal Agencies Wasted $19 Billion Last Year

Is California ready for a weapon of mass destruction?

They can't figure out the electronic ballot either.
Gov. Bush Extends Fla. Voting Hours

West Nile soars past 1,200 cases

This should be interesting.
Moon opens for business

Coins in Line for a Facelift

I'll see your domain name in (US) Court!

10 percent of students have used the drug Ecstasy


Must Read!
The Coming American Dictatorship revisited

Iran says it won't stand idle if Iraq is attacked

You must all do as ve say, or ve vill take you all in.
Authorities Defend Air Marshals Who Drew Guns Aboard Plane

U.S. Drug Money Funded Terror Group, DEA Says

U.S. Navy Revives Old Rattlesnake Flag
'Don't Tread On Me,' To Fly On All Vessels

Tokyo's Nikkei Hits 18-Year Low

Spyware Trojan sends Hotmail to your boss

Did anyone ever say yes in 20 years???
Airlines Stop Baggage Questions

How came they live longer then?
Couch potato lifestyle is worse for your health than smoking

What are the children of America watching? This is the best MTV has to offer!
Eminem Stirs Up MTV Awards


Posse Comitatus??? We don't meed no stinking Posse Comitatus!
Guard Battalion called to service INSIDE the USA

We told you Spielberg's Minority Report movie was planting the idea in the Sheoples heads.
Delaware police stir controversy by compiling database of future suspects

White House Counsel: Iraq Decision Belongs to Bush

You're damn right he does.
Congress: Bush Needs Our OK on Iraq

Bush helps old buddy, Clinton again.
Bush Seeks Secrecy For Pardon Discussions

Bush Unveils Logging Plan for National Forests

Bush Absence at Global Summit Adds Fuel to Fire

Court Comes to Life Over Ruling on Post-9/11 Police Powers

Excerpts From the Ruling Against Secret Hearings

Special Court Rejects Ashcroft Rules

Secret federal court rebuffs Ashcroft
Justice Department appeals decision on domestic spying

Justice Police Powers Under Question

Secret Court Rebuffs Ashcroft
Justice Dept. Chided On Misinformation

Secret Court Says F.B.I. Aides Misled Judges in 75 Cases

Administration Appeals Privacy Ruling on Wiretaps

Fed Regs Ready to Face Challengers

The ABCs of FISA and domestic spying
Mechanics of government powers, and the special FISA court, are explained

Is anybody suprised???
Federal government's bookkeeping needs fixing, too


FBI's Watson Warns Against Complacency

US will delay attack on Iraq at its peril

Lobsters, caviar and brandy for MPs at summit on starvation

Caught again.
NASA Rejects Claims it Plans Mind Reading Capability

Airport Screeners Cost U.S. Money

French Sept. 11 Picture Has Anti-U.S. Elements


What Insanity!!!
Mother Faces Charges for Allowing Kids to Get Sunburned




Must Read!
Clinton Nixed Bin Laden Extradition Offer in 1996

Operation TIPS Being Modified Following Criticism From Civil Liberties Groups

UN chief warns against Iraq war

Stockpile oil, U.S. tells allies
Warning seen as sign of early attack on Iraq

Saudi Arabia Won't Allow U.S. Troops

Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies

Missile Defense Program Changes Course
Officials Blame Bad Luck For Testing Mishaps but Put Off Full Production

Reassuring isn't it.
Two Laptops Missing From U.S. Central Command

Sounds like a national ID card push is coming.
Bush Calls Missing Child Conference

CDC Chief: West Nile Could Spread

La. West Nile Death Toll Rises to 7

CDC: West Nile Prevention Needed

California and its chickens on lookout for West Nile virus

Vaccines proven to cause diabetes, many seek compensation from US government

Fed Chief Greenspan to Be Knighted

Be sure to correct the incorrect PC version they will be hearing.
Teachers make plans for Sept. 11 lessons

See they ARE like typical Americans, they want everything for free too!
Tipper Gore Snubs Springsteen after being Denied FREE Tickets

Bet this cost a lot of PAC money.
FCC Votes for Universal Digital Television

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