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Bear Market here to Stay!

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service -- Exclusive, March 29, 2001 -- Just before the election I was a guest on the Allan Handelman syndicated nationwide broadcast during which I predicted that the stock markets would plunge if Bush won the election. My prediction was exactly on target.

This is a bear market and it is going to be a bear market for at least the next full year. This market is not safe for anyone except those experts who know how to profit during a severe downward slide. If you are not one of those experts stop fooling yourself... the market is going to slide and then stay down for a long time to come. If you think you are one of the big boys, but are not, you stand to lose big-bucks big-time.

Mysterious Glowing Cloud Appears
Over Northern New Mexico

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service -- Exclusive, Eagar, Arizona March 30, 2001 -- It is 11 PM Mountain Standard Time. The activity on my scanner is incredible. I hear shouting from below the hill. Outside there are two very large and mysterious luminous clouds covering the northwest sky over New Mexico. The clouds are glowing a soft and beautiful red. I can see People out in the streets below all looking up, pointing... there is lots of excitement.

Traffic on the scanner indicates that calls are flooding into the Sheriffs office and police departments from all over Apache County. There is lots of speculation but nobody knows what is causing the phenomenon.

One of the clouds has disappeared. The other is still present and seems to be expanding toward me very slowly. I have no idea what is happening. It could be the Aurora Borealis but if it is it should appear directly north but it is in the northwest and exactly over Northern New Mexico. I guess we will find out sometime tomorrow. Until then...

UPDATE: Last Night's Excitement: Huge Magnetic Storm from Solar Activity! More Aerial Light Displays Expected through the Weekend.

Only Two Kinds of People
File Income Tax Returns

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service -- Exclusive, March 29, 2001 -- There are only two kinds of People who file income tax returns. The first category is fool. That's what I was until I studied the law and learned that there is no law that requires me to file and pay the income tax. The second is made up of those who know what I learned but still file and pay because they are in mortal fear of a vast terrorist network known as the Internal Revenue Service. The second category is coward.

When I make statements like that above as a guest on a radio broadcast, such as the Allan Handelman show a couple of Sundays ago, someone always calls with IRS Form 1040 in hand and cites the IRS propaganda. Without fail, and with thinly disguised got-ya-now attitude, he reads off Internal Revenue Code Section 6001, 6011(a), and 6012(a) as the law that requires us to file Form 1040 and pay the Income tax. When he finishes and I have done with him it is obvious to the millions of listeners that he fits solidly in the first category.

The man hasn't a clue that just by filling out the form and signing it he has waived his 5th Amendment rights. Furthermore he has declared himself a taxpayer under penalty of perjury. Something he was not previously, but has now volunteered to become.

No Citizen domiciled and working within any of the several States of the Union is required by any law passed by Congress to file and/or pay the income tax. To satisfy those of you who believe otherwise let's explore the IRS propaganda cited on Form 1040 as the law requiring us to file and pay. In doing so we may force you to learn enough to become Free through study of the law... or to become another coward.

There are three sections of the IRC that address the making or filing of returns or statements: Sections 6001, 6011(a) and 6012(a):

Section 6001

This section states, in relevant part ;

"Every person liable for any tax imposed by this title, or for the collection thereof, shall keep such records, render such statements, make such returns ..."

-- and

"Whenever in the judgment of the Secretary it is necessary, he may require any person, by notice served upon such person or by regulations, to make such returns, render such statements, or keep such records..."

Therefore, Section 6001 clearly does not create a requirement for every person to file, but only specific individuals (i.e., those made liable). This section does not, however, establish the liability but merely presumes it And it requires the Secretary to serve notice to make returns, render statements, or keep records.

Has anyone received any such notice from the Secretary? And by the way the only definition of "Secretary" in Title 26 and Title 27, the Internal Revenue Code, is, "Secretary of the Treasury Puerto Rico".

Section 6011(a)

This section states, in relevant part,

"When required by regulations prescribed by the Secretary any person made liable for any tax imposed by this title, or with respect to the collection thereof, shall make a return or statement ..."

-- and

"Every person required to make a return or statement shall include therein the information required by such forms or regulations."

Similar to Section 6001, 6011(a) applies only to certain individuals and a liability is not established but presumed in this section.

Section 6012(a)

This section states, in relevant part,

"Returns with respect to income taxes under subtitle A shall be made by the following: (1)(A) Every individual having for the taxable year gross income ..."

Under this section, an "individual" is required to file under specific circumstances with respect to subtitle A, and the liability for any tax under subtitle A is established elsewhere in the IRC (see below). In other words, the Section 6012(a) requirement for returns to be made applies only to those who are made liable under subtitle A.

Therefore, it is clear from this section, as well as those previously cited, that the requirement to file is not an all-encompassing one, but is directly related to an explicit liability for a tax.

That the sections of the IRC which actually establish a liability for a tax are as follows:

... Under Subtitle A (Income Taxes)

a. Section 402(d)(1)(D) makes liable for a separate tax the recipient of lump sum distributions from employee benefit plans.

Are you a recipient of a "lump sum" distribution from any employee benefit plan. Before answering you should look up the definition of "employee" and "employee benefit plan" in the Internal Revenue Code.

b. Section 1461 makes liable every person required to deduct and withhold any tax under Subchapter B.

Do you deduct and withhold any tax under Subchapter B.

... Under Subtitle B (Estate and Gift Taxes)

c. Section 3405(d)(1) makes liable the payor of a designated distribution from a pension or annuity.

Are you a payor of a distribution from any pension or annuity. What are the definitions of those terms in Title 26 and 27 USC?

d. Section 3505(a) and (b) make liable a lender, surety, or other person that pays wages directly to an employee and that is withholding.

Do you pay wages to any employees? And before answering you should look up the definition of "employer" and "employee" in the IRC.

... Under Subtitle D (Miscellaneous Excise Taxes)

e. Section 4401(c) makes liable each person who is engaged in the business of accepting wagers.

Are you engaged in the business of accepting wagers? Before answering you should know the definition of "business" in the IRC. Is stopping off in Las Vegas to relax and do a little recreation gambling a "business"?

f. Section 4980(b) makes liable an employer maintaining a qualified plan.

Are you an employer maintaining a qualified plan? What is the definition of "employer" and "qualified plan" in the IRC?

... Under Subtitle E (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Certain Other Excise Taxes)

g. Section 5005 makes liable the distiller or importer of distilled spirits.

Are you a distiller or an importer of distilled spirits? This is the real reason Al Capone went to prison. It had nothing to do with income tax as you know it, only the income from the importation of distilled spirits from Canada; but they use ole Al to scare you into filing.

h. Section 5703 makes liable the manufacturer or importer of tobacco products and cigarette papers and tubes.

Do you manufacture or import tobacco products, cigarette papers or tubes? Do you know you are allowed to manufacture or import 6,000 cigarettes tax free?

Case Authority

"In the interpretation of statutes levying taxes, it is the established rule not to extend their provisions by implication beyond the clear import of the language used, or to enlarge their operation so as to embrace matters not specifically pointed out. In case of doubt they are construed most strongly against the government, and in favor of the citizen." -- Gould v. Gould, 245 U.S. 151

"Liability for taxation must clearly appear from statute imposing tax." -- Highly v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 69 F. 2d 160

"...the taxpayer must be liable for the income tax. Tax liability is a condition precedent to the demand. Merely demanding payment, even repeatedly, does not cause liability." -- Bothke v. Fluor Engineers & Contractors, 713 F. 2d 1405

There is only one section (Section 6020) of the IRC covering the preparation of returns by the Internal Revenue Service on a persons behalf. This section states, in relevant part:

"6020(a) -- If any person shall fail to make a return required by this title or by regulations prescribed thereunder, but shall consent to disclose all information necessary for the preparation thereof, then, and in that case, the Secretary may prepare such return, which, being signed by such person, may be received by the Secretary as the return of such person."

-- and

"6020(b)(1) -- If any person fails to make any return required by any internal revenue law or regulation made thereunder at the time prescribed therefor, or makes, willfully or otherwise, a false or fraudulent return..."

Therefore, it is clear from this section that the IRS may prepare or execute returns on a person's behalf only when that person has a clearly established requirement to make a return AND with such person's consent to provide the necessary information. Section 6020 does not establish a requirement to make a return, however, but merely presumes it. Furthermore, Section 6020 clearly declares that any return prepared by the IRS on a person's behalf must be signed by that person. This is confirmed by the enforcing regulation, 26CFR301.6020-1 which states, in relevant part:

"(a) Preparation of returns -- (1) In general. If any person required by the Code or by the regulations prescribed thereunder to make a return fails to make such return, it may be prepared by the district director or other authorized internal revenue officer or employee provided such person consents to disclose all information necessary for the preparation of such return. The return upon being signed by the person required to make it shall be received by the district director as the return of such person."

That if the Internal Revenue Service wishes to prepare a return on your behalf, it must provide the:

(1) Code or Regulation that requires you to make statements, keep records, or file returns;

(2) Proper notice served upon you by the Secretary or delegated authority requiring you to make statements, keep records, or file returns;

(3) Code and Regulation that makes you liable for a tax; and

(4) Specific sources of gross income upon which a tax is imposed.

(5) Did you consent to the filing of the return and did you sign it? If not and the IRS filed a return for you the IRS has committed a criminal act.

Have you ever received any of those notices from the IRS as required by the Internal Revenue Code? I bet you haven't.

Now you know. You cannot use the IRS propaganda that is printed on the Form 1040 to justify filing because the fraud is exposed above. You have read it. You are smart and you will check out all of my cites to insure that I have not lied, and I assure you that I have not. In any event you can no longer play the fool. Will you stop filing and paying the income tax or will you bow to tyranny and become a coward?.

The Attack of the Teenage Ninja Owls

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service - Exclusive, March 14, 2001 -- Ever have an experience that defies description? A happening that is a story you know will be with you for the rest of your life? Something that is beyond funny, that is absolutely histerically hilarious. I'm talking way down deep so gut funny that it really hurts bad, but you just can't stop laughing? I had one of those... last night.

Before I can tell you what happened you need a little background. It all started in 1988 when I discovered that there is no law passed by Congress requiring me to file or pay the income tax. I couldn't believe it. I called the IRS and asked them to quote me the law passed by Congress that required me to file and pay the income tax. Imagine my surprise when the IRS couldn't do it.

I did a lot of research in law libraries in southern California but could not find any law requiring me to file or pay income tax. I asked a couple of CPA's who specialized in income tax for their clients but they couldn't tell me either. I called my Senator's and Representative's offices but they couldn't tell me. I talked to lawyers, judges, and even made a few more calls to the IRS... no one knew the answer, or at least if they did they sure were not going to tell me.

I made up my mind that unless the government could show me a law that required me to file and pay the income tax I wasn't going to do it. My stand was, and still is, solidly upon the law. If there is a law that requires me to do it why can't anyone produce it? Over the years I have found that the answer is very simple... there is no such law.

I am not a tax protestor, and I have never made any attempt to cheat on any tax that I am Constitutionally and lawfully required to pay. I have never run, never hid, never ever made any secret about what I am doing. I have challenged the IRS in letters, on the phone, and over the airwaves to simply produce the proof that I am required to file and pay the income tax. I have submitted reams of FOIA requests in an attempt to force them to produce any documentation that would, or could, legitimize their position.

I began broadcasting the results of the FOIA's on my international radio broadcast, The Hour Of The Time, in conjunction with other research that proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that the federal government has gone way beyond its limitations and, indeed, has become despotic. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building added a lot of fuel to this fire.

Trampling on Parents' Rights:
Everyday Life in Massachusetts

By Brian Camenker

President, Parents' Rights Coalition

Veritas News Service -- March 25, 2001-- Parents across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are demanding protection. Protection from whom? From their governor, their public schools and the "progressive" agenda of radical political groups! What follows is just the tip of an iceberg:

In Brookline, a transsexual adult came into a first-grade class and described to the children how sex changes take place. Parents had not been notified and had to counsel their frightened, confused children.

In many high schools across Massachusetts, entire days have been devoted to "Gay/Lesbian and Transgender" programs. Academic classes are cancelled and students are led to the activities, including panels, speakers, etc.

In Natick, high school students in the "gay-straight alliance" club were shown an R-rated movie about a graphic "love story" between two boys.

In Newton, school officials announced in the local newspapers that masturbation would be covered in the required courses for ninth graders.

At a required school assembly in Chelmsford, an instructor used four-letter words to describe the joys of oral and anal sex. Children participated in licking condoms.

A 14-year-old girl came home from Beverly High School and told her father that he was a "homophobe". She had just returned from "Homophobia Week" sessions at the school.
In schools across the state, students were told to answer surveys on their use of drugs and about personal feelings on suicide, death, homosexual activity and similar subjects. The wording was very intrusive. Parents were outraged when they found out.

In several towns, ninth grade girls in the health classes were assigned to go to a drug store, buy condoms, and practice putting them on a banana.

At Lexington High School, a parent discovered that her thirteen-year-olds could borrow a book (bought with state health funds) telling how gay men at the opera can socialize with "the backs of their trousers discreetly parted so they could experience a little extra pleasure while viewing the spectacle on stage."

In Newton, a high-school principal told a group of parents that they may not remove their children from the condom distribution program because "it is too important."

At Silver Lake High School, the ninth-grade health text teaches: "Testing your ability to function sexually and to give pleasure to another person may be less threatening in the early teens with people of your own sex." Also, "You may come to the conclusion that growing-up means rejecting the values of your parents." Students were told to keep the book in their lockers and not take it home.

In Ashland, children were assigned to play "gays" in a school skit. One boy's line was, "It's natural to be attracted to the same sex." Two girls were told to hold hands and pretend they were lesbians. Parents were not informed.

In Manomet, an eight-grade health class was given material which one boy said was against his parents' beliefs. He was told by the instructor, "If you have any trouble with your parents, tell me and I'll handle them."

In Nutting Lake, "counselors" conducted a group session where a girl was asked to share the details about her parents' divorce and her father's affair with the class. The sessions were to be kept confidential from parents.

The Parents' Rights Coalition can be reached at,
e-mail: | telephone: 781-899-4905.

Market Crash Worse than 1929

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service -- Exclusive, March 21, 2001 -- This stock market crash is worse than that which occurred in 1929. Already the amount of money lost since October, 2000 makes the 29 crash look like a Girl Scout picnic. And it has just started.

This is the first time in my lifetime that I have ever seen the markets fall after a lowering of the prime interest rate by the Fed. It indicates to me that whatever confidence Americans may have had in the Federal Reserve and its worthless paper has evaporated. Do you think Americans have finally caught on to the fact that paper backed by nothing is worthless? If they have it may be too late.

This crash is so bad that Mom and Pop may not ever be able to retire. Their money has vanished.

The irresponsibility and greed that motivated people to buy stock overpriced beyond comprehension is the best indicator of how far down the moral and ethical scale we as a nation have fallen. We have lost our direction, our sense of purpose, and our goodness. But worst of all we have lost our spiritual identity. When we threw God out the window we pulled the plug on America.

If this crash continues it will kick in draconian measures. You should watch and listen for any indication that the administration considers the crash to be an economic emergency. If that happens what I have been warning you about for many years may actually and finally occur.

Stock Market Warning!

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service -- Exclusive, March 19, 2001 -- The Market might show a little optimism today in anticipation of an interest rate drop. If there is no optimism today investors are rooted in reality. If the drop occurs you can expect a false rebound for a week or two before the markets begin to fall again slowly over a long period of time. If there is little or no rebound upon announcement of an interest rate drop you had better get ready for a swift and terrible collapse that will last over several years. It will be followed by an economic collapse worldwide.

Stock Markets in Full Blown CRASH!
Happening exactly as I predicted...

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service -- Exclusive, March 16, 2001 -- This is going to be a very good year for pawnbrokers. Just this week the NASDAQ lost 7.9% of its value existing last Friday and for the DJI it was 7.7%. For the 2rd day in a row every index on all exchanges are down with the exception of 30 Year Treasury Bonds exactly as I predicted. And it isn't over.

.Market (as of March 16, 2001)
. Close .
. Change .
Amex Composite
Dow Jones Industrials
Dow Jones Transportation
Dow Jones Utilities
S&P Global 100
Nasdaq Composite
NYSE Composite
Pacific Exchange Technologies
Russell 2000
S&P 500
S&P 100
S&P 400 Midcap
Wilshire Smallcap
Nikkei 225 as of closing, Mar. 16
. . .
13-Week T-Bill as of closing, Mar. 15
30-year Treasury Bond as of closing, Mar. 15

I said yesterday that this crash would be blamed upon the republican party. That prediction was verified this morning. According to an eyewitness quoted in today's Washington Post, Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein said: "If you had a recount today, Al Gore would get 90 percent of the vote and Bush would get 10 percent, and Bill Clinton would be the honorary Treasury secretary, and we wouldn't have this economic crisis, because the way the stock market is going we're all going to be wiped out."

Well Harvey... if you haven't pulled out of the market yet you will be wiped out. Stocks are going to continue to drop whether you like it or not and it doesn't have a thing to do with George W. Bush or republicans. What is happening reflects the great awakening that is moving across America to the real damage wreaked by the subversion and the lies of the Clinton administration.

For 8 years Greenspan, Wall Street, and the Clinton administration lied about the true state of the nation's economy. Remember the litany tossed out every year, and every year it was exactly the same, that Clinton had created 8 million new jobs? Well it was pure bull$h!t. If 8 million jobs were created they went to illegal aliens and not to anybody else. People kept calling me wanting to know who was getting the benefit of that wonderful economy because it sure wasn't them.

The state of the economy that was touted was just more of what had always come out of the White House during those years... hot air. And it was all that hot air that pumped up the bubble that was carrying the stock exchanges to the moon. I never thought I would see people tripping over each other to throw their money into stock that cost from 5 to 25 times what the companies were actually worth.

Americans were repeating exactly what they had done in the 20's that precipitated the crash of 1929. It had to come tumbling down.

This is your New World Odor where emotions reign in symbol over substance, no one has to worry, no need to save money, nothing is anyones fault, there are no consequences, credit is easy to get, someone will bail you out, and tomorrow never comes. I guess I must have missed that second star to the right... cause I never got there, and I never will.

Stock Markets Continue to Plunge as Predicted!

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service - Exclusive, March 14, 2001 -- After a spurt of bargain hunting on the 13th the markets continued to fall Wednesday exactly as predicted. The NASDAQ is still below 2000. And despite assurances that it would not, the Dow has fallen below 10,000. At the closing bell every stock index was down except 30 year Treasury Bonds up .23 cents.

Thus far the NASDAQ has lost a full 61% of its value from its high in 2000 causing several trillions of dollars to disappear into thin air. Combined with all indexes the losses are staggering. The S&P 500, for example, has lost 23% of its value. This is a crash of monumental proportions... and still, fools rush in, "...whistling past the graveyard thinking nothing can go wrong." - Don Henley

It's all over. NYSE DOW Going DOWN!
NASDAQ to continue DOWN!
Foreign Markets will FALL!

by William Cooper

Veritas News Service - Exclusive, March 13, 2001 -- The NASDAQ closed below the 2000 magic number yesterday triggering a 400 point drop in the Dow Jones Index. You can expect a few remaining optimists will try to pick up what may look like bargains today... then the markets will continue to fall.

Your E tickets have expired, Mr. Toad's ride has come to a grinding halt, Fantasyland has closed its gates, the Hooker's are out in force. And the bad news is the long anticipated adjustment to reality has just begun... and it's about time.

The days that any fast talking whizkid with 2 computers, an Internet terminal, and a drooling Wallstreet investment partner could float 100 million dollars in stock as a new tech startup on the NASDAQ are over. The bubble has burst. And there isn't any more soap in the jar.

Unfortunately that same bubble is responsible for the wave of optimism that boosted the NYSE to dizzying heights over the last several years. The DOW is going to have to face reality. The markets will have to come down farther before anything even approaching reality is realized.

I predicted this would happen if the Democratic Party lost the election. Greenspan engineered this fall right under the noses of those who should have known better. In 4 years Republicans will take the blame. Bet on it... you will make a fortune.

Old Flag Forever

She's up there, -- Old Glory, -- where lightnings are sped;
She dazzles the nations with ripples of red;
And she'll wave for us living, or droop o'er us dead, --
The flag of our country forever!

She's up there, -- Old Glory, -- how bright the stars stream!
And the stripes like red signals of liberty gleam!
And we dare for her, living, or dream the last dream,
'Neath the flag of our country forever!

She's up there, -- Old Glory, -- no tyrant dealt scars,
No blur on her brightness, no stain on her stars!
The brave blood of heroes hath crimsoned her bars,
She's the flag of our country forever!

-- Frank L. Stanton

The Manchurian Candidate
Comes out of the Closet

Veritas News Service - March 11, 2001 -- Irked by nettlesome groups such as GOA which threaten to expose their anti-gun activities, Arizona Senator John McCain (R) and Wisconsin Democrat Senator Russ Feingold (D) are pushing legislation which would eliminate the ability of groups like GOA to keep gun owners informed on how their legislators are voting.

In the name of reforming campaign finance laws, this Incumbent Protection legislation would allow the government to seize the membership lists of groups such as ours -- and potentially outlaw our organization. The issue is scheduled to come before the Senate between March 19th and 26th.

The Incumbent Protection bill, S. 27, would require legislative advocacy groups -- including Second Amendment organizations such as GOA -- to report to the government if they spend more than $10,000 preparing for and participating in TV and radio broadcasts which mention officeholder-candidates within two months of an election. If they wished, government bureaucrats could define virtually all of an organization's activities as "preparation" for TV and radio interviews.

With GOA employees regularly appearing on TV shows such as Fox News, Crossfire, and other programs to discuss gun-related legislation, there can be little doubt that S. 27 would apply to this organization. If it did, GOA would be required to provide the government with its donor list. For the time being, this disclosure would be limited to contributors of $1,000 or more, but no one should assume this threshold would not be reduced or eliminated once the government's foot was in our membership door.

It goes without saying that an activist who sends a check to GOA to help protect his Second Amendment rights doesn't want his name being registered with the government as a gun owner. And for that reason, GOA will fight this bill "tooth and nail." And if this bill were to become law, GOA would not comply. We would fight it in court, and exhaust every possible resource, because we are not going to turn over our members' names to the government.

This underscores why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT that we defeat this bill in the Congress! GOA would rather spend its members' dollars defending 2nd Amendment freedoms, as opposed to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting 1st Amendment battles in court.

Finally, because the Incumbent Protection bill would define GOA's battles against anti-gun legislation as "electioneering" if they occurred during election season, these legislative activities could affect our tax-exempt status -- and ultimately, our existence. Urge your Senators to keep their distance from John McCain and Russ
Feingold, and to respect the free speech rights of all Americans.


1. Please call, fax or email your two Senators and ask them to
filibuster and vote against the anti-gun McCain-Feingold bill,
S. 27. You can call the Senate at 202-224-3121, or toll-free at
1-877-762-8762. See the GOA Legislative Action Center at for complete Senate contact
information, and to send pre-written messages.

2. Forward this alert to as many gun owners as possible and ask
them to contact their Senators in opposition to S. 27.

Gun Owner's of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102,
Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

The Volunteer

"At dawn," he said, "I bid them all farewell,
To go where bugles call and rifles gleam."
And with the restless thought asleep he fell,
And glided into dream.

A great hot plain from sea to mountain spread,...
Through it a level river slowly drawn;
He moved with a vast crowd, and at its head
Streamed banners like the dawn.

There came a blinding flash, a deafening roar,
And dissonant cries of triumph and dismay;
Blood trickled down the river's reedy shore,
And with the dead he lay.

The morn broke in upon his solemn dreams,
And still with steady pulse and deepening eye,
"Where bugles call," he said, "and rifles gleam,
I follow, though I die!"

Wise youth! By few is glory's wreath attained;
But death, for late or soon, awaiteth all,
To fight in Freedom's cause is something gained,...
And nothing lost to fall.

-- Elbridge Jefferson Cutler.

Hollywood, Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Dishonor Submarine Dead!

Shame on Hollywood. Shame on Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson! No sailor on any submarine of any nation is allowed alcohol. No sailor on any submarine of any nation sits playing cards while alarms sound. No Executive Officer, or any officer for that matter, on any naval vessel ever challenges his Captain in front of any crew member under any circumstances, except in a most diplomatic and helpful manner. No submarine could ever survive such breach of discipline... and it is simply and absolutely not allowed. Someone owes those Russian submariners an apology... and whoever owes it should be forever shamed at how they have dishonored those Russian submariner dead. How do I know? I was a submariner on the United States Navy's USS Tiru (SS 416). There is an empathy, a respect, among all submariners, for all submariners, of all navys and all nations. I hope other US submariners have the guts to stand up and condemn Hollywood for this most serious breach of honor between nations concerning their submarine veterans and their dead submariners. The official record of both nations does not support, and in fact contradicts, this blatant lie called "K-19: The Widowmaker". - William Cooper


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