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Video footage of GW uncensored (be prepared to be given the finger)


This letter has been confirmed as being valid and accurate by three sources including a direct verification by us here at the Hour of the Time.

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At the request of our listeners we have posted some pictures of Bill and his family for you to download on our new PICTURES page. We will be posting more pictures as time permits.



The mailing to our guest list has been rescheduled for Friday, October 22nd, so that all relevant updates we're working on can be included.

Check out this mailing I received in with my bank statement this week - if this doesn't send chills up your spine - NOTHING WILL...

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Interview with William Cooper in Realaudio format.


Our friend and listener Tony requested that we post some pics of the women and men in Iraq.

Comments from Tony : To the HOUR OF THE TIME, please post pics of Marines.  (post my editorial too if desired,... Tony) 
Doyel & Robert...   The below pictures are taken in the god-forsaken country of Iraq by Our Fighting Men & Women in the U.S. Marine Corps. 

 The 'below'... " Sleep Last Night ?".... is a very good, "2x4  up-side the head" ...as a wake-up call to what our American Brothers & Sisters are engaged in, and how they are living from day to day...week to week...month to month...and year to year. Fighting & Dieing... for what they sincerely believe.... is for AMERICA, AS WELL AS OUR & THEIR FAMILIES LIBERTY &  FREEDOM.  How sad this is, to know the real truth about this orchestrated war on terror and actually see the conditions, the deaths and know the deceptions which are perpetrated upon "We The People" as a ruse to get America further into the new world order. Wave the Flag !...Rattle the Sabers of War !....for "We The People" will not tolerate terrorism...we will avenge the murdered and truly innocent lives lost on September 11, 2001...We will stand behind and support our Leaders in, and of... the Corporate United States.... We will sacrifice our children to the 'gods of war'...  just as mankind practiced sacrifices to the 'gods'  oh so long ago like unto the god Moloch to appease him ...  We will be victorious !... no matter how many of our sacrificed children it requires, whether it be on foreign soil or on the abortionists table in America!

 Oh America ! Can you not understand what is actually happening right before your eye's?
 Has the 'mind control'.... the "Silent Weapons For Quite Wars" numbed your thinking process this quick?  " America...where are you now?!  ... Don't you care about your sons and daughters?"  How is it that a nation of people could be so apathetic when it comes to their own flesh and blood? And how is it, that it is an honorable thing, to send your children off to a war, a war which is to pave the way for the antichrist who is now waiting in the wings for the right time to announce that he...and he alone, can stop all this madness and bring to fruitition the peace mankind has sought for so long since the time 'man' was taught to make war against himself by the 'fallen angels'?  We practice what is called, "to Divide and Conquer" ...and yet  ....yet we do not see this Hegelian Dialectic being practiced and played-out everyday in all our lives. What happened to you America? Are you that willing to give up your own flesh and blood as fodder for the new world order? ... to send our 'future'...our children, off to die in a strange land, for a handful of 'elite' who are not only sacrificing our young but also robbing us of our wealth, our homes, our jobs, families and the very security of the Constitution by 'their' subjugation of it???... What does it take for "We The People" to finally ALL STAND UP AND BE COUNTED and say to these alleged leaders of ours, that enough is enough and "We The People" will not tolerate the treason and sedition that they do everyday in Washington, the State Houses and the cities, towns and villages of this Great Land which our Forefathers sacrificed for and conquered...for their prosperity ....for US ?!?   Go now and do your shopping at Walmart...Kmart, and the rest who sell their wares made by the slaves of communist governments. And when you shop for food...if you can afford it... look at the labels to see where the produce and the products come from. Just the other day in "Tops" Supermarket I took a bag of frozen fish,..perch, from the freezer shelf. A nice label with a New England fishing boat was pictured, and upon further inspection of the label read in disgust that this bag of frozen fish is a "PRODUCT OF CHINA". And I live no more than 5 miles from the shores of Lake Erie ! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Clinton...and all the rest of you TRAITORS.  And so it appears that we are truely on the way to globalism...the new world order...slavery...where every nation now, will be a 'nation state' of the United Nations...with the antichrist as its supreme leader. And remember this...you WILL have to pay him homage....and you WILL have to profess openly that he is god. And YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE HIS "MARK".  And the 'elite' are using YOUR CHILDREN to bring this about.  And the terrorism we fight is not overseas...but right here on and in OUR HOMELAND.... AMERICA !  ....Home of the,... FREE? .... Home of the BRAVE?
May God Have Mercy On Us All....  And May GOD SAVE THIS REPUBLIC !
Tony  Szabo
" A nation or world of people who do not use their intelligence are no better than animals who have no intelligence, such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent " 



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