Vietnam, Now: A Reporter Returns

David Lamb

Hardcover, May 2002

"Jane Fonda and other activists who visited Hanoi to denounce the war are remembered with fondness in Vietnam, but many Vietnamese admit privately they had a difficult time respecting the activists: To the ultranationalistic Vietnamese it was unfathonable that anyone who campained against his or her government in a time of crisis was worthy of esteem." !!!!!!!!!!! pg 44
"Although revisionists believe JFK would have extracted the US from Vietnam, he said just weeks before his assasination: "I don't agree with those who say we should withdraw. that would be a great mistake. I know people don't like americans to be engaged in this kind of an effort. Forty-seven americans have been killed in combat with the enemy, but this is a very important struggle." pg 45
" 97% of Americans who served in Vietnam between 1965 and 1975 recieved honorable discharges - exactly the same percentage as for the ten year peroid before the war. The use of drugs was no greater in Vietnam than it was amoung the same age group in the U.S." pg 80
" Only 249 men deserted in Vietnam. No platoon ever surrendered as a unit to the VC or NVA; in WW2 several thousand Americans not only surrendered, they ended up fighting for Germany" !!!!!! pg 80
" 80% of the GI's had completed high school and 14% had attended college. In WW2, 35% had not gone beyond grammer school. Blacks made up 12.5% of the combat deaths in Vietnam at a time when blacks of draft age reprsented 13.5% of the population." pg 81
" 86% of the men killed in action were Caucasion." pg 81


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