THANKS PAT!!!!! $800 donation – new server! Only $450 + $300 left!

Hello everyone,

Doyel and I would like to thank Pat from Canada for donating a “gently-used” Macbook PRO laptop which will be used as our new streaming server! We needed to purchase some extra software and have purchased another high speed connection to ensure the stream can be more consistently delivered. If you enjoy our stream and would like to ensure it is on the air 24/7 for all to hear we’d like you to put your money where your heart is! We need $450 to cover the software purchases we’ve made to make this happen, and we need ONLY $300 more to keep the stream feed DSL connection for a full year. Of course, this doesn’t cover all of the bandwidth and extra hosting costs of the website etc., but it’ll make for a great start. Please, if you can, consider donating to help us keep this cause for truth alive and healthy! And if you decide to donate for a DVD or some of our archive audio content – all the better – be sure to send us an e-mail to let us know it’s for this project.

Once again, thank you Pat, you are a great friend and we truly appreciate your kindness!

Rob and Doyel


  1. I’m so glad for you guys that there are people out there who can afford to donate, because those of us who are too poor truly benefit from their actions. I listen to the program whenever I can live and download all of the podcasts. I know I am benefitting from the donations of others, and while I hate socialism, I do appreciate the kindness of strangers who help me with their donations to your guys. I will do beter in the future. You probably hear this kind of thing all of the time, but I truly am poor and can’t donate right now. If I ever sit down to a steak dinner I’ll know I am rich enough… For now, it’s food bank donations and whatever else gets me by… Welcome to Obamica!