Subversive Organizations

If you believe that we have ommitted any organization that should rightfully be included on this page, or if you believe an organization was included that should not be included, please e-mail the name of the organization along with your factual reasons why it should or should not be on this subversive list to:


All Secret Societies

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Aryan nations (Christian Identity) (NAZI)

Anti Defamation League (ADL)

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

Communist Party

Council of State Governments

Council on Foreign Relations

Democratic Socialists of America DSA, USA

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Individuals Supporting the Communist Party

Internal Revenue Service

International Federation of the Socialist and Democratic Press, IFSDP

International League of Religious Socialists (ILRS)

International Union of Socialist Democratic Teachers, IUSDT

Jewish Labour Bund, ILB

"John Doe Times"

Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

Labour Sports International, CSIT


National Alliance

Nation of Islam

Organizations Supporting the Communist Party


Socialist International

Socialist Union of Central and Eastern Europe, SUCEE

Socialists in Congress

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Militia Watchdog


World Labour Zionist Movement, WLZM


We support Liberty, and Freedom for all people regardless of race, religion, or place of ancestral origin. Agendas and activities which would restrict or eliminate the Free Speech, Liberty, or Freedom of others is subversive. It is these agendas and activities which brings an organization to this list.

Research has produced a solid chain of evidence that the organizations listed above are subversive in nature. By subversive we mean that their agendas and activities are not conducive to the preservation or furtherance of Liberty and Freedom as guaranteed by our constitutional republican government. In many cases these organizations openly advocate revamping the Constitution with the argument, "...was written over two hundred years ago by dottering old men who did not understand the complexities of the modern age."

Most advocate a parliamentary, socialist, communist, racist, or theocratic type of government. Some, such as the ACLU with their refusal to even recognize the Second Article in Amendment, reject portions of the Constitution which is the supreme Law of the land. Others, like the ADL, create hatred, destroy individuals, families, and businesses by labeling anyone who criticizes anything connected with Jewish or Israeli interests as anti-Semitic no matter how well meaning the criticism. The ADL also wages a war of propaganda and lies against the lawful Militia, free speech, and the Right to keep and bear arms. The ADL has been caught stealing police records and spying on American Citizens. The ADL promotes and fuels racial discord. The ADL manipulates politicians, the domestic and foreign policy of the united States of America and destroys the Rights of all Americans including Jewish Citizens.

Still others such as the KKK, the NSWPP, the National Alliance, and Christian Identity want to split up the nation into different racial countries... the northwest reserved for them exclusively. The Black "Nation of Islam," led by Minister Louis Farrakhan, wants its own exclusively black country. Farrakhan claims he has been abducted by space aliens and communicates with past NOI leader Elijah Muhammad who is orbiting the earth in a giant spaceship. They are all racist.

The Vatican wishes to establish a theocratic world government under the rule of the Pope. If it ever happened it would bring "one world religion" as well as "one world government". Read the history of the terror, tortures, and burnings at the stake, which were ordered by the Vatican when it ruled the known world to discover why this is definitely not a good idea.

The Communist Party advocates open revolution and the violent overthrow of the United States of America. The CP wishes to make this country a carbon copy of what used to be the Soviet Union.

Secret Societies have been the conduit for subversive and revolutionary movement throughout the history of humanity. The French Revolution, the English Pauper's Revolt, and Hitler's NAZI Party all had their roots in secret societies. Secrecy by its very nature is anathemic to a Free society and no society need be secret were they not subversive in nature.

Some are federal organizations operating unconstitutionally under the color of law. These government organizations have ignored constitutional limitations, trampled the Rights of the People, murdered, destroyed individuals, ruined families, and confiscated property without due process or just compensation as required by law.

Some of these organizations do some good for their members... but the overall effect upon the united States of America is detrimental to the Liberty, Freedom and security of all of the rest of us. Most of these listed practice deceit, manipulation, and sometimes violence to achieve their goals.


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