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02/14/05 World Economic Forum

2/15/05 Guest Sandy Cohen - Xango

2/16/05 War is a Racket Part One

2/17/05 War is a Racket Part two (conclusion) + World Economic Forum Part 2 (conclusion)

Monday 21 Feb 05 - Dr. Wally Heath and Dr. Rima Leibo - Discussing Codex and the WTO.

Tuesday 22 Feb 05 - Politics and the Economy

Wednesday 23 Feb 05 - Sandy Cohen - Xanthones and the Mangosteen fruit.

Thursday 24 Feb 05 We will be issuing a challenge to the listening and web audience and the Government. Watch out Socialists!

Friday 25 Feb 05 - Dr. Joel Wallach - General health, history of supplements, dietary needs, tools to become self sufficient with your health.

Date Title Price
22-Nov-05 Debut, New studio $10
29-Nov-04 Updates, Carols and Customs Pt.1 $10
30-Nov-04 Updates, new products, Long range rifle $10
01-Dec-04 Wisconsin shooting, tool of the anti gunners $10
06-Dec-05 Dawn Marie Clark - Precious metals $10
07-Dec-04 Paul Walter - The Coming Battle $10
08 Dec 04 Michael Cremo - Human Devolution pt.1 $10
09 Dec 04 Craig Praderelli - Bill's Autopsy report pt.1 $8
15 Dec 04 Living Constitution $10
11 Jan 05 Michael Cremo - Human Devolution pt.2 $10
12 Jan 05 Home Made Diesel - Special show w/diagrams $15
13 Jan 05 Home made water filter and generator - special show w/diagrams $15
18 Jan 05 Rob and Doyel - New programs - Loss of Privacy $10
19 Jan 05 Canada - How the Communists took control pt.1 $10
20 Jan 05 Canada - How the Communists took control pt.2 $10
24 Jan 05 Re-run: Autopsy report pt.1 $8

01/06/05 (RESCHEDULED TO 01/11/05) Call-in show with Doyel Shamley and guest Dr. Michael Cremo

12/15/04 Doyel Shamley and Robert Houghton discuss the latest improvements on the website and in the Eagar and Ottawa studios at the Hour of the Time

12/09/04 Doyel will be interviewing Craig M. Pradarelli from the Medical Univeristy of The Americas who will be analysing William Cooper's autopsy

12/08/04 Doyel Shamley discusses the book "Human Devolution" with Dr. Michael Cremo

12/07/04 Doyel Shamley discusses the book "The Coming Battle" with Paul and Lorraine Walters

12/06/04 Precious Metals and Numismatics with Dawn Marie Clark - E-mail her at :, or check out her website

Dawn Marie Clark
Precious Metals Broker
Coastal Coins
118 Congress St
Belfast Me 04915


12/01/04 OPEN PHONES With your host Doyel Shamley 1-928-333-2942

11/30/04 Long Range Rifle

11/29/04 Doyel Shamley introduces new products and repeats Part one of the four part series "Carols and Customs"

11/22/04 Doyel Shamley debut broadcast from the new studio in Eagar! Call in - 1-928-333-2942

11/18/04 Student Socialist UPRISING!

11/16/04 Conclusion of War letters

11/15/04 Doyel Shamley reads soldier's letters from the battlefields exerpted from "Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars"

September 22nd and 23rd - with your host Doyel Shamley

09/21/04 - Classic Repeat - Bill Cooper exposes "Promise Keepers"

09/20/2004 Your host Doyel Shamley concludes the series : "The Symbolic Prophesy of the Great Pyramid"

9-14-2004 TUES. = need help;general udates;coming battle;documentery;Cua Viet;part 3 of "The Symbolic Prophesy of the Pyramid";plates 1 and 2.

9-13-2004 MON. = need help;general udates;coming battle;documentery;Cua Viet;part 2 of "The Symbolic Prophesy of the Pyramid".

9/9/04 Doyel Shamley : Need help; request for replacement tape #957; Coming battle book; Conference; started new live series - "The Symbolic Prophesy of the Great Pyramid".

9/8/04 Doyel Shamley : Need help; items for auction;Coming battle book;no web updates for week; announced work on documentary; work on publishing Bill's books; conference; non-lethal weapons;websites to look at:

9/7/04 Need help; May 2003 Popular Science on chemical pills given to soldiers and non-lethal weapons.

08/24/04 : Live program with your host Robert Houghton and special guest Joe Bullard.

Our Topic : The Coral Castle

08/26/04 : Live program with your host Robert Houghton and special guest Opthamologist Dr. Banker discussing natural eye health.


With your host Robert Houghton and guest Dennis Lee of Better World Technologies - Free Energies/Tesla Technologies

Contact INFO for Dennis Lee : Call Jeff at 1-845-691-7522 for their FREE info kit including videos of these technologies in action and many hours of their conferences. Free 300 page book! This kit is considered on loan and must be returned to them after 6 weeks.

The website for Innovative Technologies

Dennis Lee professes Christianity and supports Kings and Priests

His message hotline for pastors is 1-212-461-8738

07/20/04 Cooper Material being pirated! With your host Doyel Shamley

07/13/04 History of Freemasonry by Albert MacKay Part 2 / Rosicrucians in Ottawa celebrate 50 years. With your host Robert Houghton

07/08/04 Your host Doyel Shamley discusses the article "Buried beneath an avalanche of lies" by John Kaminski and the aerial drones over Arizona being used by "Homeland Security"; The fraud in the EU Parliament; And the recent debacle by the Reverand Moon. Also some announcements about the online catalog and the new videos, plus the upcoming research pieces.

07/07/04 Classic Repeat William Cooper Independance Day 2000 Ending the show with Another Fine Mess and their original "Ron" followed by Monte Montgomery - Blackbird

07/06/04 Robert Houghton Hosts : The History of Freemasonry by Albert MacKay 33rd Degree Freemason Part 1

03/09/04 Cooper Hill - Swimming - Complete reading of the autopsy of Milton William Cooper

03/09/04 Why is France so afraid of religion? Musical piece 'Kiss from a Rose'

03/01/04 Bill speaks from Lansing Michigan Part 2

03/01/04 Bill speaks from Lansing Michigan opening with the song 'Trickledown' live from the Hintonburg Cafe with Bill Cooper Quotes

02/24/04 "HOTT THEME SONG" 'Aint't No Straw can break this Camel's back' with Doublespeak in advertising

02/17/04 Corporate Symbology Part 3

02/12/04 Corporate Symbology Part 2

02/10/04 Corporate Symbology Part 1

01/07/04 CRUSHER - Cooper Hill / Readings from BAPH

12/18/03 Christmas Symbology Part 2

October 27th, 2003 - Part 2 Behold a Pale Horse Readings

October 23rd, 2003 -Think about what YOU are doing/ Part 1 Behold a Pale Horse Readings

David Christopher from The School of Natural Healing

Visit their website here!

Michael Cremo - Forbidden Archeology

His website is :

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Vaccine specialist

Her website is :

Gary Zerman, attorney, from Jail For Judges

Check their website here!

The Walters, publishers of 'The Coming Battle'

Their website is :

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