Emergency First-Aid with Doyel Shamley


A professionally produced 2-hour dvd featuring 22 different emergency first-aid treatments. These are the same courses as taught to the U.S. Military for saving lives in combat environments. A must have, with chapters and indexes for each individual course.

To lower costs on this DVD we are now just providing a fully printed DVD in a clear CD case. Dispensing of the full color DVD cover and DVD case saves on overhead and besides, we expect you to watch, learn and use the DVD material, not stare at the pretty cover.

Topics included on the DVD are :

1. Evaluate a Casualty

2. Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

3. Apply a field and Pressure Dressing

4. Dress an Abdominal Wound

5. Dress Open Chest Wound

6. Dress Open Head Wound

7. Apply a Tourniquet

8. Prevent and Treat Shock

9. Splinting Fractures and Cravats

10. Treating Burns

11. 1 Person Carry/Transport

12. 2 Person Carry/Transport

13. Recognize and Treat Heat Injuries

14. Recognize and Treat Frostbite

15. Summary of Skills and Cautions