Behold A Pale Horse DVD



Over 4 and a half hours long. Filmed in the early 90’s at a speaking engagement.

Covers many of the topics Bill wrote about in his book “Behold a Pale Horse”.


Theses are just some of the topics covered:
1 – personal and family background
2 – Kennedy assasination and Zapruder film with much other footage of the day, with narration!
3 – UFO’s and the agenda to use an alien threat to get rid of nation states, our constitution and to bring in a New World Order
4 – Implants
5 – Explains provokers and reasons for Desert Storm
6 – There are occasional date and time subtitles to prove originality
7 – Second amendment issues
8 – Footage of UFO’s
9 – Slide show on all of the subjects and reads the documents aloud
10 – Majesty 12 and it’s members
11 – Population control
12 – Club of Rome
13 – New regions of world government and why the free trade agreements were made between
Canada and the USA, because we are to be one of the regions
14 – The new Constitution of the U.S., who wrote it and the cost
15 – 10 regions of the planned world gevernment
16 – Colonization of other planets (moon and mars)
17 – NASA
18 – Massive amounts of moon annomalies
19 – Report from Iron Mountain
20 – Star Wars Satellite System and reasons for control of connecting all money transactions
Internationally and transportation to lock down people where you want them and when.

A Bill Cooper epic, The Secret Gov’t,
UFO’s and his book: Behold A Pale Horse
Among other things he covers: personal and family history; Kennedy assasination with NARRATED footage from Zapruder and other rare footage;UFO’s and the agenda to use the alien threat to rid the world of individual nation states, the U.S. constitution, and bring about a one world government with an already written constitution;Implants;Explains reasons for desert
shield/storm;occasional date and time subtitles; 2nd amendament issues;shows footage of UFO’s; Bill does an excellent slide show and reads the documents aloud;covers Majesty 12 and it’s members;population control;Club of Rome;
new regions of the world and the resons for free trade between the U.S. and Canada; New Constitution of the U.S. already written;
ten regions of world government;Colonization of other planets (moon & Mars) and a massive amount of photo anomalies;report from Iron Mountain;Star Wars defense system and its use
to monitor and control international and money transfers.

Released 02/23/91
4hr. 38min. 30sec.